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As Trump Gets 'Excellent Taxpayer-Funded Care,' Analysis Finds Frontline Workers Disproportionately Lack Health Insurance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/05/trump-gets-excellent-taxpayer-funded-care-analysis-finds-frontline-workers

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It has been insinuated here that we are not allowed to pursue M4ALL due to GATS.
What does that mean for a Biden medicare buy-in option?

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Yeah, too bad. We could’ve had a huge landslide; saved our economy & prevented scores-of-thousands of upcoming deaths.



It’s kind of baffling for me, an immigrant, how American born are so keen on destroying this country just for political power. It’s insane and idiotic. As an immigrant i’m so disgusted to see so many here who think in their small minds they know. We the immigrants who left socialist health care, who left a government that didn’t respond to the needs of the people that understand we live in a great country and Pres. Trump is an amazing strong leader so badly needed in the world today.

Both articles are pandering to the Left activists who can’t see past their noses. No truths and all talking points to elicit an emotional response… LOL

By the way, in case those who post these ‘amazing’ posts, are you aware that Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, who want to give you and all Americans a one payer health care which is socialist health care and it is garbage in the meantime they have the very best taxpayers paid health care for themselves. Pres. Trump said he will pass a law that the same health care for Americans should also be the same health care for Congress and other politicians. Of course Pelosi is objecting…

Hi Ivanka a.k.a. RosaVera:

You should probably be working on figuring out how you’re going to avoid paying that $750,000 that was said to have gone to you----is that paid yet? : )

Those RoseVera post indeed reflect the Trump clan’s inability to string a coherent paragraph together, similar to the kind of messages that get scribbled inside toilet stalls.


Daddy’s HOME from winning re-election. Free steroids for EVERYBODY! Lotsa new names, on here, tonight, huh?

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I would hazard to guess that if everyone stricken got the level of care that 45 received, there would be very few COVID deaths, but the oligarchs have no intention of paying what that would cost, and the rest of us can’t afford it.


we immigrants who left socialist health care ,?
And what country are you talking about where this “socialist health care” supposedly existed ?

ObamaCare too expensive for them?

Love to see Progressives true colors and the way they treat immigrants. Such a hack.

Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden all oppose single payer. You either aren’t very bright or are uninformed.

There’s not one Western country where what you call socialized medicine isn’t very popular including Canada. The UK’s health service, which really is socialized medicine, is also very popular. Even conservative politicians support it with few exceptions.

What shithole country are you from?