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As Trump Gives Thumbs Up to 'Illegal Annexation,' Israel Starts Bombing Gaza Again


As Trump Gives Thumbs Up to 'Illegal Annexation,' Israel Starts Bombing Gaza Again

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Israel announced Monday that it began bombing Gaza again.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at a joint press conference at the White House alongside President Donald Trump, announced that his country was "responding forcefully" to a rocket fired earlier in the day from Gaza that injured seven people near Tel Aviv.



Overthrowing governments and condoning the genocide of innocents. The American Way!



I know this might be contentious but what actually is the purpose of the relatively crude Palestinian rocket-fire that provokes the overwhelming and disproportionate retaliation from Israel?

Surely we all know that there can be no military victory for the Palestinian people so there has to be other motives.

If so it is the more or less non-violent protests at the fences that is more effective and is demonstrating who is the real aggressor with the weekly shootings.

Or is it internal politics between different groups in the Palestinian resistance and if so are they not putting Party interests before the well-being of those they claim to represent.

I am minded of Hezbollah in Lebanon. The justification of its independent existence from the Lebanon’s military is that it is a legitimate liberation force to remove Israeli occupation. Is the patch of several sq kilometres of Shebaa Farms sufficient reason to provide the pretext for conflict.

No matter how much we can sympathise with the suffering of the Palestinian people, we shouldn’t be silent on the actions of those who “speak for them.”



sad that CD relentlessly demonizes Israel that is just defending itself from a murdeous and fanatical enemy (Hamas) that openly calls for eliminating Israwl, that fires rockets and firebombs in hopes of killing as many civiloans as possible, celebrates when they do, and uses its limited resources not to improve lives of its people nut to accumulate weapons, dg terror tunnels. What good can that do? And for those on this list that are anti-Jewish, note Hamas has other victims in mind as they say they want to impose shari’a on all Palestine which is the end of rights for all minorities, atheists, women, gays, no free press. That CD supports this agenda is not just anti-Semitism, its turning one’s back on all progressive values.
Those who truly want to help the people of Gaza, stop defending Hamas. Work for reconciliation and compromise between Palestinian and Israeli people, that is the only way to actually imrpove anything.



HI barry: how can you even say that with what Israel has done to the peaceful protestors who were murdered or maimed when the Palestinians had their Friday protests? Everyone in America grew up learning Israel’s cry, " Never Forget" about the holocaust. And yet-----and yet-----I will never forget what Israel is doing to Palestine, every day. I will NEVER FORGET what Israel has done to Palestine and the Palestinians for the last 70 years. : (



There’s no doubt Palestinians are poorly led. Pretty hard, I would argue, to have effective leadership under a brutal 50 year occupation. This is especially the case in the biggest open air prison in the world, Gaza.

With respect to the “rockets”, is it a coincidence that every time an Israeli PM is in the US, the Palestinians are accused of provoking Israel? It happened with great frequency when the war criminal Sharon was in power. It’s theatre in preparation for another “mowing the lawn” operation for the IDF. The US together with their lackeys in Canada, Europe and Australia already have their talking point prepared: Israel has a right to defend itself. This, in spite of the fact that Palestinians pose almost no security threat, let alone an existential one. More Israelis will die in car accidents in week than Hamas will kill in a year.



While the blame game and soap opera goes on domestically in the U.S., the clear picture is that Trump is a stooge of Israel. The investigations for Russia were always off the mark, just look at his cabinet, largest campaign contributors, meetings, ignorance toward mass murders and terrorism (including 911) that Trump conceals for Israel. This country has become a total joke with this baffoon and his loyalties to the worst regimes and terrorists in the world. The post is always scapegoating the kettle(s) for their own filthy, immoral, black hearts. Nothing excuses the irrational, religious fanaticism of the Israelis and their country’s fanatical manipulation of the U.S.A for underhanded hegemony in the Near-Middle East. Propaganda and Excuses abound while the end in mind never changes. The two parties are colluding to this end.



The question seems to be, how many fence line protesters and journalists do you have to have die before you fire a rocket or two at their civilians?

And you are right, The Trump regime play’s footsie with the worst of them. So why wouldn’t every one of them do what they can to get T re-elected. Scary thought.

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Barry, are you suggesting that Israel is not responsible for the situation in the region? You seem to conflate criticism of Israeli politics as anti-Semitism.
I wonder if you know that that the closest talks to a settlement of sorts at Taba, it was the Israeli government that walked away.

“We made progress, substantial progress. We are closer than ever to the possibility of striking a final deal,” said Shlomo Ben-Ami, Israel’s negotiator. Saeb Erekat, Palestinian chief negotiator, said, “My heart aches because I know we were so close. We need six more weeks to conclude the drafting of the agreement.”

As for compromise, do you think the increased authorisations of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories is benign. The more Israeli settlers, the less opportunity for a two-state agreement.

Peace requires all parties to be sincere, but you seem to believe that Israel’s intentions are genuine and not the other Palestinians. Hamas has recognized the 1967 borders as a basis of peace talks.

As for Sharia Law and Hamas, did the fact that previous Palestinian groups were left wing secular organisations make Israel more amenable to talks? In fact it is well-known that Mossad fostered Hamas in its early days to undermine such groups. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) opposes the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

As for religious law having undue legal influence, Israel itself is not immune, if you care to study it. I am old enough to recall when ambulances were stoned for attending emergencies in Orthodox Jewish areas during the Sabbath until a compromise was eventually reached.



Gandolf, I’m sure you know that the rocket attacks pre-dates the fence protests for the right to return by years.

What I am questioning is the value of such token acts of violence and why such tactics are pursued when they are futile gestures…the latest “success” was the death of a dog…and always lead to retaliatory strikes by Israel, as well as reinforcing the Israelis perception that they are the ones under siege and threatened, and not the Gazans. Can it be that it is in the interest of the ruling factions to be in a constant state of war just as the US uses the “war against terror” for repression.

Are you able to offer a positive explanation that supports launching rockets more or less blindly into Israel so that we can have a constructive discussion on the pros and cons.

As Neil says, the Palestinians have been badly served by their leaders both in Gaza by Hamas and in the West Bank by the PA. They should be held to account and in both areas many Palestinians are protesting against the respective authorities. It is the Palestinian people I offer solidarity to, not to their governing elites who should not be above reproach in a false policy of unquestioning loyalty.



When i was a boy and got into numerous fights , my fathers first question to me after he learned of the incident was, " Who started it?"
In this case , it wasnt a punch to the face but theft of ones property and houses.
The israelis are playing the Time game ,as in , if enough time passes the “who started it” issue becomes a non issue for the world ,but not for those that lost their land and homes.



" The Trump regime play’s footsie with the worst of them."

You are so right. And, in the “end”, it will be Saudi Arabia, that nukes Israel.



“Make America Ashamed Again.”



Let’s face it - adults are not running the world. Our world leaders are adult children with juvenile mentalities focused on winning at all costs. Trump is a vastly spoiled child looking for approval from all the wrong people.



That is the politicians dream - people will forget what happened last week let alone 70 years ago. Politicians would also prefer if people don’t really understand History. It doesn’t always fit in the modern perception of things.



I posted yesterday somewhere that it is not the general public that are bad guys. It is the governments of Israel, Palestine, Iran, America and others.
Maybe one world order is a right thing to do, but differently than already prescribed. A world wide revolution against the leaders of our countries. The purveyors of conquest, power and greed.
But instead of the oligarchs, despots, and war mongers ruling, a world president would be elected, and all support staff scrutinized for graft, self or corporate interests, and tossed out on their ear if discovered to not follow the plan.



We think along similar but perhaps not identical lines, gandolf

There is an American political party called the World Socialist Party of the United States that calls for a one world global administration of resources and services.




Liberals started taking the “Progressive” moniker when the right had sufficiently trashed the term “Liberal.”
The right is having a more difficult time trashing the term “Progressive” and so they are picking on the term “Socialist,” counting on the negative tone to carry through.

Perhaps just for optics the term “Progressive Socialist” could be adopted instead of “Democratic Socialist.”