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As Trump Goes 'Full Nixon,' Democrats Vote to Hold Attorney General Barr in Contempt

As Trump Goes 'Full Nixon,' Democrats Vote to Hold Attorney General Barr in Contempt

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The House Judiciary Committee Wednesday voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt over his refusal to turn over the unredacted Mueller report to Congress—the latest escalation in a constitutional crisis between the two theoretically co-equal branches of government.

"We are at a brink of importance between democracy and dictatorship if we ignore checks and balances" — Rep. Pramila Jayapal

The trump thing’s pants are around his ankles - now kick his ass - HARD !


The Dems finally remembered that they are not Republicans and put up their dukes. Is it too early to say that by doing things like this that the Dems will win back the former Dem voters who now never vote? LOL.

Imagine Dems wanting to vote for …um… Dems!!! LOL.


If this goes on

USA democracy is finished

He will go on and on, because he senses weakness…just what his ego needs

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Since when is Democracy and Dictatorship with Trump a surprise? It’s been going on since he took office, and none of Congress, Lawyers or any Oversight Committees did a damned thing except allow the problem to get worse. Time’s up! Our way of life, and all of yours will cease to exist. Either get rid of this Criminal President and all who are supporting him or we will be a Dictatorship! Why should doing your Jobs this be so difficult?


Very Cool Fox trots out the newt

So desperate at the RULE OF LAW, fox news rolled out the newt to let us know how dangerous this is…WOW

What a Genius of the Mind. Maybe we will get that other pillar giuliani
(or should i say pile)

We gotta be doing it right if they resort to the newt

The take is that… the left knows…“Mueller can’t discuss the Report”

Imagine that, We Can’t Talk about the Emperor’s Lack of Clothes

What shall we talk about then? Only Approved Subjects, Obviously.

They shoot horses’ asses, don’t they?


An article on the global demise of the rights of civil society.

“the CIVICUS Monitor, a participatory platform that measures civic freedoms finds that only 4% of the world’s population live in countries where the freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly are adequately protected.” the oosa is not one of the nations where these rights are protected!
see below for reference:

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The newt shares a huge part of the blame for the mess we are in. His ‘genius’ at using cynical advertising techniques and such in order to jamb down an undemocratic agenda have been largely responsible for the current Constitutional crisis (and almost totalitarian government). He can’t save his reputation by simply making a comment on Fox.


What if the dollar is no longer tied to Saudi Petroleum? That China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and others are planning on leaving the dollar and some like Iran and Venezuela already have.

A YouTuber commented that the depression that results from crashing the dollar will be ten times worse than the Great Depression. That our choices are regime changing or ending fossil and going to solar. That could explain a lot. Bringing democracy to “dictatorships”? Or why Trump buddies up to Saudi murderers?


I know a lot of us want instant gratification, I also know that our Republic and it’s democratic institutions move slowly by design. Our government is messy, as Mr. O used to point out quite regularly, this is also by design. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be a Republic w/democratic institutions now would it? Today was a step in the right direction and as the days pass they will be picking up speed. Just watch, listen and contact those that are doing the right sorts of things and tell them so. Everyone likes to hear when they are doing a good job, not just when the stink. It wasn’t that long ago we had an election and got control of the House. 3 cheers for todays developments.


I fear for the people of Iran…


Dems have been appropriately patient and taken the appropriate steps leading up to this impasse. Note that this is NOT both sides ratcheting up pressure. This is one side (Trump and repubs) crossing Constitutional bounds and Dems countering with precedent. Don’t buy the ‘both sides are doing it’ BS the MSM might push.

Time to hold Barr in contempt.


Very true, Nadler deserves praise. He and Cummings appear to understand the gravity of the situation.


Dear Donald Trump: you should probably read more. There’s a wonderful thing to read at avalon.law.yale.edu, or just google GeorgeWashington’s Farewell Address.

Here’s a really good part: I think I got it all, but it reads very clearly so it would be nice for the whole Congress to read it out loud together. And Oh yes, Old George was famous for reminding people to, " beware of entangling alliances ," too. Although that could n=be a message for Michael Cohen too.

" It is important likewise that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in these areas in one entrusted with the administration to confine themselves within their respective Constitutional spheres evading in the extension of powers of one department against the other The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism." This is pretty , clear for you too Mitch McConnell


Every moneyed cult has its fearless leader who often as not is straight out of a Batman movie. The cult also has its apparatchiks who owe their careers and maybe their lives to the cult, so that they suppress 101% of their rationality and go with whatever the leader says. Finally the cult has its utter dupes, stooges to the nth degree, unbelievable in their complete stupidity.

The cult can fall apart in three ways: First, the fearless leader might possibly convert to Islam tomorrow. This happened once before with a Messiah.

Second, the pile of utter dupes could shrink to a certain point of unsustainability. A cynic would say, “Never in a million years” but sometimes it happens. The guy’s up for bank fraud, tax fraud, racketeering conspiracy and these guys are out there thumping Christian bibles for him.

Third, at some point the apparatchiks could all be running for their lives. That’s the good part about putting the United States Attorney General in an orange jumpsuit with a dumb prison job. These apparatchiks may have the courage of meatloaf but they’re not totally stupid. If a mob of zombies comes up the street wanting to eat everybody’s brains, they’re not going to defend the fearless leader, they’re going to run for their own safety.

This is largely payback for Lewinsky.

Live by the partisanship, you know the rest…

And on and on it goes. Tit for tat.

Lewinsky, really?

Attention 'PoopLicken Senators — Are You LISTENING???

Especially the twenty-two or so of you who will be up for re-election a year and a half from now.
(Assuming, of course, that the chicken-shit DamnocRats in the House do THEIR jobs first.. . . )

((BTW, whatever happened to all the brave “never-Trump” RePoopLickens from the Spring of 2016?? ))

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Clinton lied about a blowjob. Once.

Trump lies about virtually everything. Over 10,000 times in the last two years.

There’s no similarity.