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As Trump 'Hysterics' Continue, US Moves to Put Nuclear B-52s on 24-Hour Alert

As Trump 'Hysterics' Continue, US Moves to Put Nuclear B-52s on 24-Hour Alert

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Air Force's steps to prepare nuke-armed bombers to "take off at a moment's notice" are unnecessary and reckless, critics said


Just part of the peace process from the “peace candidate” of 2016, the one who didn’t “want” WWIII.


The MIC investors are impatiently waiting for their returns…


Please stop generalizing your antipathy towards America. America does not want this - Trump wants this! Please recognize the difference ( which you should already know from blogging here on CD ) that the majority of Americans oppose and resist the Trumpian madness overtaking us.

It is dismaying to wage resistance and be lumped together with those that I make great effort to resist.


Not sure if this has actually happened yet, or they’re just preparing it to happen …
but so much for the Nixon-Era ignoring of the CIC’s insanities and delusions.

Maybe Trump has only been acting out the MIC/CIA script?

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But are they going to be alive to enjoy them?

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" North Korea responded to the exercises by claiming that nuclear war can break out any moment."

Unfortunately, the Frankenstein monster that sits in our White House wants nuclear war with North Korea. This nuclear maniac must somehow be stopped before it is too late!

" What good are nuclear weapons if we do not use them." Anyone that would be insane enough to make a statement like that, it seems to me, intends to use them!


Putting hair triggers on more nuclear weapons is the immediate problem. Trump lacks all discipline and surrounds himself with the same.


You know he can’t stick to a script.


Some say Trump is for whatever the last person he saw told him.

Too often, I fear it’s the MIC/CIA/NSA he’s spending the most time with.


Have a feeling that the “USA! USA! USA!” chants are bought and paid for.

America is a liberal nation – 84% or more of us anti-war and anti-MIC – and
internationally numbers are even higher.

Those in power are well aware of that fact which is why so many “false flag”
events are being put in play to create the idea that “terrorism” is real – and
fear among the public.

No other nation’s people want war either – this is about what Elites want and need.


Most of America doesn’t want this, but Hillary did. Except she wanted the target to be Russia.


That was the argument here for Trumps election. You guys are still at it. Don’t forget she ran a child sex ring from a non existent basement.


Holy –

And the military industrial complex is one of the only things keeping the economy afloat in the USA.

That’s seeing the world as the Elite/right wing want you to see it.
The MIC is taking pretty close to 70 cents of ever tax dollar and who knows how much more for
illegal activities and spying and murder - for false flag events?

How would any other part of our economy be able to activate and grow?

National Health Care along would substantially change things in America which is why it is so fiercely
fought by Elites.

Re this …

I think you would be surprised at how many folks actually support the military
and believe the USA has a right and destiny to rule the world.
And they like those jobs that the military industrial complex provides.

Elites/Congress has created a situation where large areas are dependent upon
the MIC. The reality is that people want to be employed; the reality isn’t that
they necessarily want to be employed working for war.

Yes, those involved with the MIC directly will spew that line.
But we can also imagine that given other opportunities – let’s say working to
restore infrastructure and providing clean water for communities, working for
peace in the world – they would also respond to those needs and concepts.

Many of the areas worldwide where there are US military bases would also like
to get rid of them and that’s been made clear many times in many areas.

Americans would also like to stop paying for these bases.

Meanwhile, I do agree with you that by design, fascism always seems to have
been the direction of the US government, while it has lied to and betrayed its citizens.
And that today, the US government purposefully creates “terrorism” and false flag terrorism.
Our government has descended into “madness with no end in sight.”
Also agree that both of our national parties – Dems and Repugs – are owned and controlled
by Elites/corporations/Oligarchs – but they have gained that power illegitimately.

As we continue to make clear, this is a liberal nation which does not support war nor the
current wars nor our MIC/CIA.

As Bernie Sanders made clear, eventually the response will have to be Revolution by citizens.
And it will be against the most powerfully armed and weaponized government in the world.

How do you recommend we begin?

PS: Our electoral system is rigged and gimmicked in every way.
We don’t really know how anyone has gained power anywhere since two years before the
end of WWII. See: Operation Gladio.
and I’m sure you are aware of our hack-able computer voting machines and what happened
in 2000 with the large computers used by MSM.
I feel strongly that there never was a Nixon “Southern Strategy” but only the deception of
hack-able computers.


In some chamber of Hell, Curtis LeMay is laughing his ass off with glee.


I guess the only thing positive to say is that the Earth will continue with or without us.

It really does no good pointing fingers here, there and everywhere. Humans have been destroying each other since before time began. We, you and I just may be the last one’s to do it because our weaponry is so far advanced as opposed to sticks and stones. They were great daze weren’t they?

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All this and so much more from the coward pathological Liar-In-Chief who thru his money and connections got out of serving in any capacity in “his” war, the Vietnam War - the pathetic tiny hands-tiny mind racist focused instead on “business” - ripping-off others to satisfy his ostentatious greed and malignant narcissism!

This president is making decisions and being led by people who do not care about our nation, world peace, honesty or moral compass!

ANY person charged with making such monumental decisions must have some experience and very moral advisers - this hideous trump creature has neither!

“I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower


Keynesianism lives! (but only of the military kind, sadly).

Unfortunately, the author neglected to report on the huge avalanche of Democratic party criticism of these foolish actions, and missed all the “live from the Capitol steps parade” of key national legislators who demanded an end to the threats.