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As Trump Inflames Middle East, Travel Warnings Issued and Third Intifada Looms


As Trump Inflames Middle East, Travel Warnings Issued and Third Intifada Looms

Julia Conley, staff writer

Region faces upheaval as Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas decries U.S. decision on Jerusalem as "deliberate undermining of all peace efforts"


Given the dominance of the right in Israel, and the embrace of right wing militarism by both Democrat and Republican Parties, there is unlikely to be any move to restrain Israel in any actions the government/military takes against Palestinians.

An unprecedented US backed Israeli massacre of Palestinian men, women, and children, seems very likely.


Orange man says he is a great negotiator…why didn’t he ask for an end to the illegal Jewish settlements, require all sides to sit down for peace talks or stopping the embargo?
He’s a puppet


He is a very rich puppet!


Is there any people in the world the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” as not betrayed?
Truman soldout the Palestinians out for the Jewish vote he needed to win an election and it as never stopped.


Shit wake up Abbas, the US has been undermining the Israel Palestine peace effort at least since Bush junior and 70 years before that.


Remember when Bush,Jr. said “Bring em on”? Well this is the Trump version (really his handlers of course). I suppose they are just as clueless as Bush. In the meantime, watch the pro Israeli right wing in Congress, the democrats, make a few garbled noises about Trumps decision while the right wing extremists, the republicans cheer Trump on. As the blood flows try and remember that both are just as guilty when it comes to the creeping genocide of the Palestinian people. And whatever happens the M$M will blame the Palestinians calling them terrorists.



Yes. I’m reminded of Oliver Hardy’s slow burn as he confronts Stan Laurel: “Now see what you made me do!”


Now all those devout followers of Judaism outside Israel will not be able to safely visit the wailing wall. Or, they might be able to at some point after the dead and burned bodies are removed leaving only the bloodstains and bits of burned flesh behind. DJT will single-handedly fire up the repressed seething anti-Semitism worldwide while he, JK, Ivanka, and Bibi sip cognac in a manse on the beach far from the flames.


This, added to the tax cuts for the rich, more than anything should tell us what? That our safety and welfare never were a consideration. Had they been, we would be at peace with the ME and we would have a well educated, housed, adequately compensated labor force, equality, adequately fed population with equal access to medical care, a strong safety net and environmental laws that actually protect the environment.


Bombing babies/families (and destroying their villages/cities/environment) over feeding, housing, and clothing babies/families. Such is the Repugnant way.


The US has been supporting the bully-Israeli government for decades, and we seem terribly entrenched and held captive by our own actions. I guess Netanyahu was too much of a coward to announce that Jerusalem would be the capital of Israel, so he got the Orange Moron to do it for him. By so doing it, he put the Orange Moron up as ruler of the world who can change capital cities whenever he wants. Maybe Trump will move the US government away from Washington to his golf course in New Jersey, now that he’s been successful with Jerusalem.


The tinderbox has been lit.