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As Trump Kills Covid-19 Relief Talks, Census Data Shows Millions of Americans Expecting to Lose Wages, Job, or Home

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/trump-kills-covid-19-relief-talks-census-data-shows-millions-americans-expecting

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Add to the list of the many crimes and horrible policies and actions that Trump and the GOP do that the “both parties are the same” Democrats don’t to is: attempt to sabotage the census for political reasons.
Last I read, Sleepy Wilbur Ross had defied a court order and was closing the census down early.
They don’t want an accurate count of poor, elderly, minority and non-citizen people in our country.

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Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday that “he’s rebounding from a terrible mistake he made yesterday and the Republicans in Congress are going down the drain with him on that.” Urging his advisers to stage an intervention, she reiterated that “it is really important for us to come to this agreement.”

This seems about as skillful as can be expected from Pelosi at this point. The death-cult will try to make it sound like Democrats have obstructed a deal, but you really need a high-distortion lens to forget all about the Heroes Act the House passed quite awhile ago. Republicans can pretend that changing your mind every couple of hours is how a deal-making genius works, if they like that flavor of Kool-Aid. If the rest of USA admires Orangeman’s inscrutable (recently manic, drug-addled) ways, we’re just plain done for.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/04/2020          11          11
>  10.  03/10/2020         926         937
>  15.  04/14/2020     604,453     605,390
>  20.  05/19/2020     922,845   1,528,235
>  25.  06/23/2020     808,380   2,336,615
>  30.  07/28/2020   2,003,382   4,339,997
>  35.  09/01/2020   1,707,695   6,047,692
>  40.  10/06/2020   1,427,570   7,475,262
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Here’s the next joke:



The people of the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland are voting on a measure that would see that Canton have a minimum wage of 25 dollars an hour. Just under 60 percent voted for this measure.

Switzerland has a debt to GDP of 51 percent. The unemployment rate is 3.3 percent. The labor force participation rate is 68 percent (8 percent higher then the USA). The GINI index is 33.1. The USA is at 43 and climbing. There are still plenty of rich people in Switzerland.

Any claims that higher minimum wages will bankrupt America and just can not happen without driving an economic depression are just lies. The reason all those millions of Americans fall into poverty is because the system is owned by the 1 percent and they will always act in their own best interests. The Politicians do their bidding.


Why is Trump polling ahead on the economy I will never understand??? Trump has stolen over 7 trillion to pump up the economy and fill his pockets--------and the economy is headed down. Socialism for the rich.

If you’ve heard the recording of Orangeman saying that – and all about how great he feels – you can tell from the tone of his respirations: he sounds like he’s standing on the prow of a boat in choppy water, like he has no idea how out-of-breath he sounds, like he’s high as a kite, I swear.

The megadose of dexamethasone could level off with quick tolerance, leaving him feeling not quite so great, demanding his pitiable medical team crank it up some more. It’s like frigging speed. They actually kick runners out of races (both human and equine) if this stuff is detected in their blood.

…more about dexamethasone:

Dr. Megan Ranney, an emergency physician at Brown University, says that the president’s mental state could be affected by the drugs. “There is certainly a chance that he could experience side effects,” Ranney tells Yahoo Life. “At least one-fourth of people his age develop mania, delirium or even frank psychosis; and the majority of people getting [this type of corticosteroid] develop euphoria and sleeplessness.”