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As Trump Lobs Threats and Deploys Missiles, Iran Demands Halt to 'Warmongering During the Coronavirus Outbreak'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/trump-lobs-threats-and-deploys-missiles-iran-demands-halt-warmongering-during

No surprise here, as Trump and his sycophants have been poking the bear for almost two years now. They have convinced themselves that no president gets voted out of office during wartime. That’s why, when they were unsuccessful in goading Iran into war, they began trying to frame Trump as a wartime president anyway, claiming Covid19 as the (Invisible) enemy instead of one we can see wearing a towel on its head.
The next six months may prove to be the most pivotal in American history. And we have a sociopathic lunatic in the White House, and an opposition party led by equally out of touch old boomers. Not exactly the A team as we face a looming tribulation.
Makes you all feel just warm and fuzzy, don’t it?


A weapon of mass destruction, a loose cannon, an eminent threat to mankind,
a clear and present danger …


I do fear that the tail is about to wag the dog. Conservatives convinced themselves two generations ago that it was WWII and not the New Deal that led America out of the Great Depression.
The business of America is business. Our biggest (and most subsidized) business is war. And business is about to get good again.


Covid-19 provides an opportunity for a global peace dividend.

Leave it to the Game-Show-Host in Chief to screw THAT up.

America’s still open for business. The war business. Gotta get back to work making bullets and missiles.


“as U.S. forces reportedly deployed Patriot missiles to Iraq”

Wait a minute. Didn’t Iraq expel the US a couple months ago? Did I miss something?


And here’s Joe Biden’s “leadership”:

“I don’t have enough information about the situation in Iran right now.”



But with the US deploying a warship off the coast of Venezuela, the question is which country Is the US most likely to attack first.

P.S. I hear Juan GuaidĂł is having his inaugural suit pressed.


Cuba sent a large group of volunteer doctors, nurses, and health professionals to Italy. In this country our “leaders” can’t even take care of our own. Meanwhile we even maintain economic sanctions on Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran. It would be a huge gesture of good will if Trump did nothing more than lift those sanctions, but of course he is not about to do that. Now he is even threatening all-out war with Iran. The capacity he (and this American Empire) has for evil, greed, and arrogance knows no bounds. I get more embarrassed and ashamed to be an American every day


Yeah, down at the money laundry.


Did any of you seriously believe the Zionists were going to let up on Iran? The Trump base are STILL 100% behind him and apparently the plague has increased their support of this monster. And here’s the scary part: No one is blaming Trump for the iminent deaths of 100 to 200K Americans and Biden is vanishing into the background. It looks like Trump will be re-elected. Not only will the Republican Party bring pestilence upon us but war too. I wonder if famine isn’t too far behind.


Go over to Fox News and look at the message boards; Trump’s approval seems to be actually going up. It’s god damned horrifying what’s happening in this country.


Here is my pithy and valuable comment to seemingly every article going forward :
“What the f+*&?..”.
And really what else is there to actually say?
Well I could say a lot …but smarter more articulate people than me here have already said or will say it better…
Stay well…


This all assumes that Corvid19 was a natural occurrence. Considering president dickfat just had to drop the MOAB, would it be surprising to know that he would want to do what no other president has done in a hundred years, and deploy a biological weapon? This would fit with his wanting to hold off on a trade deal with China until 2020 when he earlier stated he would have a better negotiating position.
Unleashing such a weapon would allow him to destabilize his opponents (ie every other country), and possibly provoke an attack he could use to start a war. This would also destabilize America which allows him the benefit of enacting revenge on his political opponents (NYC, MA, CA) but also secure a path towards eternal presidency, and allow for even bigger power/money grabs using disaster capitalism/shock doctrine to push multi trillion dollar bailouts et al.
Starting a war with Iran would simply be the next logical step to consolidating his power base.
Connect the dots and you get a picture of King Rambo Trump dual-wielding AR-15s while riding a velociraptor across the corpses of the lying lamestream fake news outlets. Or as his cleaning staff would call it, that tacky painting he has hanging above his bed in lieu of a mirror.
Well that turned dark fast.

PS edit: Corvid19 being an American-deployed biological weapon might also explain why an enormous germophobe like Trump would have no issues standing shoulder to shoulder with everybody. If he deployed it I guarantee he would have been vaccinated for it beforehand.


We said we won’t go and Trump released Corvid19 so he could get a moratorium on being evicted from Iraq.

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I think it’s a race to which part of old timey German history we hit first. The time when they printed so much money that they devalued their currency to near nothing (I remember seeing pics of Germans carrying wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a load of bread or something) or to when they went straight for nationalistic world dominance.


WTF is right. And there will not be any mass protests. (Anywhere.)


Yup, we’re there. Massive debt, printing money out of their assholes, a fascist in power who did not win the popular vote, concentration camps, overt nationalism and racism. I have spent the morning over at Fox News message boards and their blind loyalty in the face of what has to be the most obviously, lethally corrupt administration in American history is beyond stunning.


We cannot be out in numbers but we can flood the WH with emails and calls;

My note to him in an email:

STOP threatening Iran–you brought on the imagined nuclear crisis by negating the treaty, and now, as the PEOPLE of Iran are suffering many casualties to the COVID-19 you threaten war against them. This is beyond the pale!

Have you NO decency at all? Focus on righting the wrong you created here in the US America: From the current crisis of the virus you claimed initially was a hoax by Democrats (I am NOT a Democrat) and shipped and continue to ship out necessary medical protective gear. Shame on you. You are not doing this in MY name. NO.


and their response…delete,delete,delete…