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As Trump & Pruitt unleash Climate Demons, Scientists Dream of Atlantic Wind Farm


As Trump & Pruitt unleash Climate Demons, Scientists Dream of Atlantic Wind Farm

Juan Cole

"Why would someone deliberately sabotage our air, water and climate?"

A Scott Pruitt puppet seen at the Peoples Climate March in Washington, D.C. in April 2017


I appreciate the fact that Juan Cole calls out the bad actors in this current Administration, and gives background for his calling-out. He also gives us descriptions/news about positive developments amongst those working to save us from carbon ruin. Floating wind farms! Sounds like Kim Stanley Robinson in New York: 2140. Sometimes things new can help us survive, and thrive. Thanks Juan.


Our day WILL come and just as it is going to take massive amounts of activism, a good song or two doesn’t hurt.


Trump and most of his appointees are serious traitors to the country of their birth.


“hurricanes wrecked the Caribbean”, and within a month, look at the hellish inferno that northern California has become, overnight, and getting diastrously worse even now, 2:20 pm Wednesday. Doubled in scale overnight. Thousands of homes and businesses burned to ash. 150 people missing and 15 known dead. Extremely high winds and extremely dry conditions. 25,000 evacuated because of wildfires. The scale of this is unheard of.


Have lived with outdoors all my life and never saw or heard an environmental demon; seen quite a few dust devils tho.
While alternatives to carbon sourced energy could in foreseeable future replace today’s usage by Euro Centric nations it is not an unlimited resource.
Where did the transmission lines mineral and carbon coverings stem from?
Where did the metals for blades, floats, and especially the rare earth minerals for computer controls, and construction of ships of maintenance for 24/7 they require.
How much electricity to mine and form those power generation plants are you willing to go partially without say 4 days a month?
Wonder at word scientist, are they some altruistic demons on public payroll or do they in actuality work for whomever will gain control over power generation, that you will pay for to construct.
According to a large body of climatologist the winds of the future could hit well over 250 mph? No wind turbine today can run full time at over 85 effeciency, and winds over 34-40 cause them to
free wheel. WINDS IN N. ATlantic have already been clocked at over 160.
It is unlikely that all of Scotland uses monthly what NY city uses daily.
Best get used to living underground as solar and wind generation for such a large land mass as just US will use up a heck of a lot of space.
What is life of wind turbines, how about blades and trans.issions, or today’s best solar panels?
Are you willing to downsize to suitable 2-3 living concrete caves?
There needs be a lot of cultural destruction and then rebuilding before survivability of all overrides the human propensity for more and more valuable accumulations is restrained.


We are living in a world where probably 90% of world’s population do not know just how bad the condition of earth really is, and the ones who understand what is ahead , and even they most likely do not fully know, are fast accumulating control of earth resources and trade routes, while preparing their own future survivability.
Want a good indicator; then look up Services provided for by private security services for wealth come day SHTF.
BUSH AND OTHER RELIGIOUS CULTS AND US POLITICOS OWNING HUGE Tracts of land in Paraguay and other southern hemisphere nations including Euro elites into Central African nations? All with nearby Euro Centric military bases.
Note recent Euro nations picking up radiation spikes.
Even with new cover on Chernobyl the radiation emissions coming from it are higher than hellfires.
Japan is truing to prepare for masses of human deaths in future due to Fukushimas continuing radiation of lan and Pacific Ocean
YOUR WORRYING ABOUT HAVING ENOUGH ELECTRICITY FOR whatevers, while world’s elite and their paid 28%ers are getting ready to save just their own ass.


What article(s) have you read that form your statements here? I think that a long time ago, I read something akin to what you’re both alluding to and referring to, but I don’t remember where I saw that article. Thx.