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As Trump Pursues Strategy of Chaos and Confusion, Biden Urged to 'Go Big and Fast' to Fix 'Broken' Government

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/19/trump-pursues-strategy-chaos-and-confusion-biden-urged-go-big-and-fast-fix-broken


The Trump team’s goal, according to one unnamed official, “is to set so many fires that it will be hard for the Biden administration to put them all out.”

And nearly half of us voted for continued arson. Even before we have a good idea of the ever-doubling scale of this historic pandemic catastrophe, Biden is already downplaying prosecution. USA’s case-fatality has probably just bottomed out at 2.2%. At the same time, our per-capita mortality is 13th worst in the world (76.6 deaths per 100K), according to Johns Hopkins: worse than France, slightly better than Italy (and rising, watch it).


All over the country we see ominous signs of immediate hospital shortages, including critical shortages of nurses and doctors – all over the country. I keep repeating that because it means no state can afford to send aid to any other this time around – “the cavalry is not coming” as they say. There’s already a noticeable bend upward in USA’s death-curve from denial of care.

Many of my posts wind up drowning in charts and numbers. These are numbers of human lives destroyed, and a vast undercount. Vast swathes of USA are dying of COVID despite insisting it’s all just a hoax, and they keep doing it, too! Family relations are ripped to the breaking point, all over the country, as the voices on one end of the line insist it would be terribly inconsiderate of you to skip an in-person reunion this Thanksgiving. The massive emotional, interpersonal toll is imponderable.

One day, those of us who manage to make it through alive will need to figure out how to forgive each other enough to keep living on the same planet together. It’s an extended misanthropist’s holiday today!


Let us remember in our Progressive frustration with Bill Clinton and Obama that they provided for smooth transitions. Bush and Trump, No. There is, in fact, a tangible difference between the parties, whether we Progressives get everything we want or not. It is a system of compromise and no one gets to go home happy all of the time. If you ain’t crying, you ain’t trying.

Georgia’s hand recount is now complete. Biden won the state by 12,000+ votes.


Trump is the manifestation of what the US Authoritarian Empire would look like and act like if it were human. And now like the Great American Empire, like Trump is collapsing and leaving the world stage.


A throng of bloated pasty beady-eyed tweekers chanting USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! waving little plastic flags


Now, Now, Jessica — Biden is an old man.  Don’t push him into having a heart attack before he even takes office!

Right On — the walking, talking (well, sort of) eee-pitomization of Korporate Greed.   But Tweetle-Dumb himself
is NOT ‘The Problem’, he is merely a symptom, a pustule on the surface of a deep-seated infection.

As the great American humorist James Thurber once wrote, “Don’t count your Boobies until they are Hatched.”

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Given this country’s thuggish, imperialist behavior since the end of WWII, our collapse might not be an altogether bad thing.


Go Big and Fast?

Saw Biden on TV today grasping for semi coherent words.

His family, the DNC and every voter for Biden should be charged
with elder abuse.

Biden does not have the mental capacity to Fix Broken
Government. Wall Street will do the fixing …


Chaos & Confusion

Hmm ?

  1. I’m reading “Dereliction of Duty” - about the Vietnam disaster - chaos & confusion.

  2. Also reading “Team of Rivals” - about the Civil War - chaos & confusion.

  3. Reading the news last few decades - chaos & confusion.

I can find no significant difference in the depravity of back room politics in 1, 2 and 3, and now we face a manageable global pandemic which is not being managed, but only endured, a climate meltdown, ditto, and the Sixth Mass Extinction gathering speed, which most people think we can also endure.

The Age of Stupid seems an appropriate name - I just don’t know how far back it extends.


Nope. Just a temporary reprieve, at best.

Gee, you noticed.  The thuggishness may have increased following WWII, but it certainly didn’t start there.
Think ‘Sand Creek Massacre’, the annexation of Hawai’i, the Philippines, etc., etc, . . .


LOL!! Someone needs prank them by changing their MAGA signs to read, “Make America Gay Again.” Seriously, I would prefer that any day over the typical frothing-at-the-mouth hatred and racism MAGA really represents. I hope the Trump defeat shuts their hateful sick mouths up for a long time.


The reality is, don’t ever again allow the GOP to reach government power –
if you’re not voting against them directly, then it will be a vote for them.

Trump has always been about Chaos and Confusion – now he is trying to add
fire/violence to the equation which will ensure that he can in fact knock out democracy
here for the Elites they work for – Koch Family the most prominent trying to do just
that for more than 100 years.

When we look at the record – and I imagine that Trump and the Team and GOP are trying
to hide a whole lot of them – you see a record on the VIRUS which looks more like Trump
has been trying to kill Americans. On the other hand, there is little evidence that he was
trying to save any lives taken by the VIRUS.

If you heard BIDEN tonight – you heard the concerns – that this likely will NOT be the only
virus to come our way, created by Global Warming and destruction of animal-habitat –
which is 75% of the viruses. POLLUTION is its causeway.

NATURE is in rebellion against all of the POLLUTION, FILTH, WARS, POISONING OF OUR



I’m aware of the potential candidates being discussed, but as far as I know nothing’s set in stone yet.

It is impressive how delusional things can get when metaphors break down severely.

If there is anything at all that we should have learned from the Trump administration, if it had not occurred to us before, it is that we do not want these presidential types to “‘Go big and fast.’”

It really is not chaos and confusion that we need fear here. It is the imposition of hostile and draconian order by either set of monsters.


Well, the whole idea of empire was kind of stupid in the first place.

Take one for the species?

Great idea, put a little santorum on those hats!

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it would be nice if the Democrats were actually doing something to address this instead of standing around like a bunch of useless tools with their thumbs in their mouths–but hey pandering to Republicans is what the Democratic establishment knows how to do with their eyes shut from years of experience --including the last 4 years where they left us out in the cold–again and again while they enabled Trump and his minions-

if it wasn’t for the disgust of Trump the Democrats would have lost everything–as the election results clearly show–it is clearly going to take more than a corporate toady war monger and a do nothing strategy to effect any real change–but that is what the Democrats forced on us --so that is what we will get–and if the Dems do not change their do nothing ways for the American people --a more competent Republican fascist in 2024

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