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As Trump Pursues Strategy of Chaos and Confusion, Biden Urged to 'Go Big and Fast' to Fix 'Broken' Government

Some good news, but if you think Biden is a savior, my Progressive friend, in my view…you are sadly mistaken.,


Almost as bad as:
Did we kill 1 million or two million in this theater?
Should we leave billions of dollars worth of equipment behind.
I would like to go big too, but I think we we’ll have to settle for repair and replace for now.

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I keep waiting for WaPo, NYT & both “sides” of 30 Rock to promote Biden simply retaining what’s left of Trump’s swell Cabinet, just to “smoothe transition” & “stop Trump’s coup?”

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/trump-holds-coup-meeting-with-devos (new reality infomercial in 5… 4… 3…)




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Another reason why progressives need to leave the democrat party. Make it obvious that we are not one of them.


Dec 8 - votes in I believe,
Dec 14 - Electoral College, right?

Until then - just breathe.

Heh - saw Mercury again this morning lower left of unmistakable Venus - there is some order in the universe, after all.

Chaos and confusion - traits of a complex system capable of quick and profound reaction gandolf.

We’re gonna be OK - it just won’t look like it for awhile.

Superb! You know the Proud Boys memes have already been taken over by, you know, Proud Boys…

JoanRobinson, just look at where we are and what’s going on. Biden, not drumpf. drumpf, not Biden. Record votes for both. If ever Americans had the opportunity for real change and to demonstrate that they really get it, it’s been in the last two elections. And now, both times, it’s been a resoundingly no, they just don’t get it.

I don’t think so.

I’ve thought a great deal about whether and how to respond to your post. First, I’ll acknowledge the obvious: my post made you angry. More, it provoked your hatred not only for what I wrote, but for me personally.

I find that interesting. Why did my post elicit such a highly emotional response? Clearly, you feel you’re responding to a deeply personal attack. Being a Democrat is core to your identity. It’s who you are. It matters.

Here you’ve made a dangerous decision to define yourself through political partisanship. Your perception of reality is thereby distorted. You’ve forced yourself to disregard facts inconsistent with your beliefs.

Which brings me to my second and last point. If you were confident of your beliefs, you would have had no need to respond so angrily. You would have responded more calmly. But you have doubts. You’re trying to convince yourself, not me. (In fact you made no effort at all to persuade me.)

You need to listen to your doubts. The picture you want to believe – that you need to believe – is dangerously wrong. Democrats are not who you want to think they are. Deep down, you know that. That’s the source of your anger. I don’t threaten you. Reality does. You know Democrats are on the wrong side of many vital issues.

The idea that Democrats are on the side of the people, of workers, and that they are defending us from the powerful and evil, is unsustainable. It cannot be maintained. Let it go.


Democrats USED TO feel obliged to take some minor effort, LYING about the corruption Republicans took great pride in (it fear & racism being their redeeming selling points to their inbred, cranked-up, inebriate hordes?) Since Bill Clinton, I’m guessing it’s more a matter of original or extra crispy? Coke or Meth? Steak or caviar? Daimler AMG or Maybach? They all loathe and discount US, since we’ve ceeded any power? Baggers want to be Country Club Republicans, Delusional Democrats want to be Learjet Liberals… I’m sorry, but they simply view our indentiture as a commodity they can sell? Marx, Sam Clemens, Mother Jones, Frederick Douglass, Tecumseh… it ain’t NEW! Being politicians makes it LEGAL!


Huh? The last two presidential elections consisted of Trump vs Clinton and Trump vs. Biden. Who represented the type of change we are talking about? Is Clinton and Biden “the left” in your argument? Biden is a corrupt, right wing Democrat that promised donors he wouldn’t change anything. He doesn’t represent change in any way. If you are talking about primaries, surely you realize how utterly problematic Democratic Party primaries are, yes?

Beyond that, again, the candidates on the left and candidates that support policies of the left (single payer, GND) did well. The left’s policy positions did well when put on the ballot, generally. Besides, how many open socialists are now winning at multiple levels of government? City councils, state reps, city attorneys, judges, backed by socialists and the DSA, etc.? Are you trying to argue that there are not more open socialists being elected now than 20 years ago? If so, where exactly are you going for your information? The victories for open socialists in the US has not happened for many decades, certainly a radical change since the onset of neoliberalism.

I don’t really even what exactly you are referring to, and you aren’t addressing my point about you treating the country and voters as a monolith. On age alone, there are huge differences in ideology, voting patterns and for that matter economic standing. You keep on making claims and aren’t really backing anything up with particulars, facts, or any supporting logic. Think what you want, I don’t care to spend more time trying to convince you otherwise.


EB-… not to worry, but the collapse is underway.

Democrats’ eye makeup used to be less abysmally garish & wanton but, since a post Powell Memo, neoConfederate DNC took over, they’re having a harder time euphemizing epithets (like “essential workers”) & reading teleprompter platitudes at 80, just gotta be ROUGH? Catch poor ol’ Joe running to the “Rocky” theme & not fondling Kamala… yet. We’re about to go from BernieBros, to Antifa, to deplorables, to super-preditors, to terrorists, to… with extreme prejudice?


Krishnamurti was great. He was “born as an avatar of God” and raised to be that, but rejected his given “identity” in favor of the truth.

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Thanks for the heads up, i’ll look it up.

I worship nothing and no one.


Neither do I.