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As Trump Pushes for Overthrow in Venezuela, Sanders Warns Against Repeating History's Mistake

As Trump Pushes for Overthrow in Venezuela, Sanders Warns Against Repeating History's Mistake

Jon Queally, staff writer

Progressive voices opposed to war, meddling in the complex political conflicts of foreign nations, and concerned about the very likely negative results of yet another U.S. foreign intervention are siding with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) after he drew fire from pro-interventionist forces within the Democratic Party for his stance against regime change in Venezuela.

Shalala says “I’ll make it clear, Senator Sanders does not reflect the majority of the Democratic Party…”.
That’s why I like the old guy.


Shalala is full of shit. Bernie DOES represent the majority of the Democratic Party on THIS.



Any politician who supports this illegal intervention in Venezuela is absolutely on my shit list.


#HandOffVenezuela Bernie needs to be stronger in his denunciation of this regime change BS.

“Of the 92 elections that we’ve monitored,” said former President Jimmy Carter, whose Carter Centre is a respected monitor of elections around the world, “I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world.” By way of contrast, said Carter, the US election system, with its emphasis on campaign money, “is one of the worst”.

In 2018, Maduro was re-elected President. A section of the opposition boycotted the election, a tactic tried against Chavez. The boycott failed: 9,389,056 people voted; sixteen parties participated and six candidates stood for the presidency. Maduro won 6,248,864 votes, or 67.84 per cent.

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Guaido cannot win a fair and open election in Venezuela. The only way Guaido can beat Maduro is to hold the election in America… where it can easily be rigged.


It is the US that is attempting to overthrow democracy in Venezuela. Shame on Sanders for supporting CIA propaganda as he refused to agree to the actions the propaganda exists to support. It’s liking being on a jury and calling an innocent man guilty while if he’s found guilty he’ll be hung yet saying you’re against the death penalty.

Shame on you, Bernie.


Its not surprising the mass media is so one-sided (CNN is especially horrible) in promoting interfering to establish a US puppet government in Venezuela (Remember the Maine, Tonkin Gulf, weapons of mass destruction) but what is disappointing is so much of the western world is going along with that instead of standing up to US bullying. The world should be demanding US out of Venezuela (and also stand up to US bullying of and threatening Iran. Venezuela’s government seems to suck but humanitarian aid should be run by respected non-profits and leave the governing of Venezuela up to Venezuelans.


“He is not going to be the nominee of the Democratic Party.” - Donna Shalala.
The DNC rigged the last primary and a judge ruled that it was OK because the DNC is a corporation.
I have no doubts the DNC will do it again, unless there is an overwhelming majority of voters that say otherwise.


Why can’t Bernie run as an Independent. It seems that he now has media presence so why would he need to participate in a phoney debate? Let Tulsi do the debate, she is so cool under pressure.
You know when you use the internet service to send contributions and etc they charge a fee off the top.(Ralph Nader) I always mail in my little contributions and this time I’m writing to ask Mr Sanders to stand on his own with the help of the communities which will write him in if needed.

This is an excellent article that you have provided. I hope everyone will take the time to read it.

Thank you.

“I think the United States has got to work with the international community to make sure that there is a free and fair election in Venezuela,” Sanders said.

I understand that Sanders faces pressure from the Democrat right wing and establishment (overlapping, of course). But a principled position would be to advocate doing nothing – if there’s one country that should NOT “work with the international community” to tell Venezuela what to do, it’s the U.S.


Ben Rhodes sez:
“It is possible to think that a) Venezuelans would be much better off without Maduro, and b) Trump’s policy (and bluster) is creating the impression of U.S.-imposed regime change …”

How about ‘It is possible to think that Venezuelans would be much better off without U.S.-imposed economic sanctions.’?
Is that possible?

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You make a good point Mary. He has the exposure now, and is the most popular politician in the country. So why does he stay within the confines of the D-party, where rule changes inside the DNC last summer will almost certainly derail his campaign and divide progressives once again?

Shalala is another corporate tool. She drained out of the Clinton regime, that stangled Iraq until it was dead enough for Bush to finish off.


Sure, we see the disaster ridden consequences of foreign intervention. But these are considered successes by the right-wing money hounds. Death of all kinds is their partner and an acceptable casualty to profiteering.
What seems evil to most, is an ally to the obtaining of oil.

Thank you Zimin Seattle. Bernie is weak as p!ss on Venezuela. NO MORE WAR. His pussy footing just destroyed his credibility. It is one thing to want to steer a middle course but it should never include mealy mouthed responses in the face of USA interference in other nations.

Show some spine Bernie and denounce these frauds.

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Gand I assume you’re referring to the right wing neocons. They are the main force on the right (both parties) that like to push for regime change be it Grenada or Russia and China. These are the looney tunes who think we can simultaneously fight Russia and China and still come out on top when they couldn’t even handle Iraq. The neocons should rename themselves King Caca (as in King Midas) with the main difference being everything they touch turns to shit and I do mean everything. Just another bunch of greedy wingnuts that don’t have the sense of a red brick. Next thing you know their insatiable greed will be costing the U.S. taxpayers another five or six trillion as we get bogged down in yet another welfare scheme that benefits the MIC only. Oh but wait! With all that oil money the Venezuelans will be ru$hing into the streets showering us with ca$h out of gratitude for our bringing them democracy.
I almost forgot.

The song remains the same with only a different nation’s name.

Et tu Bernie?

Jimmy Dore and Abbie Martin think Bernie may be on the side of the Venezuelan warmongers because he said that Maduro should allow the “aid” to come in. And he implied that Maduro should step down.

To be fair Bernie must win Florida and Shalala is going along with Rubio and the rest of the gangsters. She’s already said that she won’t support Bernie if he doesn’t call for regime change in Venezuela.

The godamocrat neoliberals know that having an odious pig as President gives them the chance to elect one of their own. That no matter how unpopular their Wall Street candidate may be voters will have no alternative but to vote for him or her to oust Trump.

I’m doubling down on voting for Bernie and I hope others will too.