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As Trump Pushes Massive Deregulatory Agenda, One Key Beneficiary: Donald Trump

As Trump Pushes Massive Deregulatory Agenda, One Key Beneficiary: Donald Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Trump's refusal to cede ownership of his businesses means the president can personally profit from gutting environmental, worker, health, and financial protections."

Donald Trump

And it is even more important to understand is that that this behavior - what would be called “criminal corruption” to you or me or most people in the civilized world, is wildly admired and supported by Trump’s followers - and the overarching USAn psychopathic culture. Trump kicks ass! He is a go-getter who knows what he wants! He is an Ayn Randian superman!


That’s what amazes - and scares - me the most. How absolutely ignorant his worshippers are. He can fuck them, and fuck them, and fuck them - blatantly, obviously - and they not only don’t care, they fervently believe with all of their souls that he is doing the exact opposite. That is a true demagogue. To be able to stick it to your followers in broad daylight and still maintain their undying loyalty to the death. Trump’s followers have the potential to be the very first American Brownshirts. I know that many of them would not need much prodding to take up arms and begin rounding up “un-American traitors” for internment camps. Don’t think it can happen here? Go talk to a Trump acolyte for 5 minutes. It will change your outlook quickly.


I’m a foreigner from an ex-socialistic country, living in America since 1989 (I’m married to an American), and I am scared how much Trump’s America reminds me of my country and even the Soviet Union. People here don’t realize how easily democracy can be taken away.


And, tragically, many seem willing to give it away.


All of this is nothing new. Law suits have been piling up. The big problem, as I see it is, Chief Justice Roberts knew all this and swore him into office anyway. The burden of that inaction is his and his alone. We bare the burden of a ruined country but he bares the burden of a ruined Republic. He was the one that could have prevent all this by say he would NOT swear him in until he was in compliance with the Constitution but he didn’t and trump has never been in compliance. What do we have a Constitution for???


It feels like we’re trapped in an episode of Rod serling’s Twilight Zone or worse. This happens when people vote for either one of the major parties that already sold out decades ago. As long as citizens choose to remain ignorant about their choices come election time, these two wholly corrupt and criminal parties will continue to make life worse for the vast majority too dazed, distracted and confused to see the truth staring them right in their collective face. Sad. Also true.


Keri, as someone whose bloodlines also come from Eastern Europe, I’ve found that it’s more than a little important to realize that once the Bolsheviks came to power in October of 1917, what true socialist formations existed in Russia, and then for mere months or weeks, were destroyed. The Soviet Union called itself socialist to mask itself behind the good name of true socialism that was understood by many worldwide. The West was only too happy to call the Soviets socialist to associate socialism with a totalitarian state. It was something the two great global propaganda sources agreed on.

No matter how one defines socialism it most definitely is NOT about centralized control. Governmental, corporate/neoliberal, or any type. The present crisis in Catalonia was preceded eight decades ago by a revolution that sought to eliminate the restrictive and oppressive sources of orthodox and institutional power. All of the so called ‘socialist’ countries and all of the western countries, and many in Europe were under a growing fascist control, all of them, including the US, were against the revolutionaries in Spain. All of them. They were all governments with centralized control. Capable of being bought and controlled by the wealthy and powerful or by totalitarian means. Or both. That’s why virtually the whole planet is run that way.

Like microbes that permeate throughout the world, fascistic impulses can grow to be a dominate power. Anywhere. It’s almost always facilitated by powerful stresses on a society. There’s no safe haven but there is a preventative called functioning democracy. We just haven’t gotten there yet.

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“If Trump’s net worth is $3.5 billion, as has been reported, Trump’s heirs would benefit from an estate tax repeal by at least $857 million,” the analysis notes.

Sentence the menace to be hanged by the neck by an $857 million gold rope. The irony? It’s recyclable.


I suspect that the differences are greater. In the United States, the main principle is the solipsism of the “libertarians” and Ayn Rand - nothing exists or is of any importance except one’s self. I’ll take failed project at achieving a Homo sovieticus, the selfless man dedicated to his working class brothers and sisters, over that any time.

We need more socialism here in the US. (Like Scandinavia) Trump is the opposite of that.

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Well, lets be clear here, most of them are not being screwed. Contrary to the meme on the left, Trump’s base is not white low-wage earners, it is the comfortable, suburban to rural middle to upper middle class who have at least modest stock portfolios which have been growing stupendously under the unprecedented Trump bull market.

And they admire Trump because they are small-time Trump’s themselves.

Very good points. The analogy of fascism as an microbial infection that takes advantage of a stressed body is a good one.

Thanks for the response. Do you have any resource I can go to look that up? I am not gainsaying you, just curious. Because I have heard both too - that his “base” is poor or lower/lower-middle class white wage earners and also that it is upper income people. Wish to know which one it is. Or is it both? I personally know quite a few lower income white people that worship the ground he walks on, and I also know several well-off people (my immediate family) who also worship the ground he walks on.

There was research on this after the election - voting by income level. Clinton won in the 0-50K income range while Trump won biggest in the 50K-100K range, and also, by a small margin, the 100K on up range.

Trump won among whites in all income classes - including the poor ones - with the exception of college-educated poor whites a majority of which did not vote for Trump.

Also, correlation studies show that a much greater predictor of whether someone would vote for Trump was racism and hostility toward other cultures, rather than economic insecurity.

Related to this, is the belief on the left that a substantial, election-determining number of Trump voters would have instead voted for Bernie Sanders had he been in the general election. There are insurmountable difficulties of such a what-if scenario - namely, Sanders wasn’t in the general election and it would be very difficult to predict how the voters would have reacted to the withering attacks on Sanders (recall McGovern or Dukakis). I live in work in the central Appalachian region, and I know of no Trump voter - including most of my well-paid federal government employee co-workers, who would have instead voted for Sanders.

Mainly, elections are won by turnout, not people “changing their minds”. Sanders would have improved turnout among the discouraged young left, but then again, the turnout of the right may have been higher too as they would be very motivated to “stop a socialist”.

I will never blame the victims of those who control the edifices of power for failed legislation and for creating economic conditions that take necessities from the many to create wealth and war profits for the few. I will never accept the idea that we must degrade our environment, our living space, in order to have a vibrant economy. I will never accept that in order to live securely we must ban and punish people who worship different gods or have the misfortune of living under bad governments. I will never accept that we need to deregulate, placing people in unsafe working or living situations in order to have a vibrant economy. I will never accept that market values are greater than humane, social or environmental values.

Thanks, Yunzer, very much appreciated.

If anyone wants to impeach Trump, I’ll furnish the rotten peaches!

Smiles and grins to you mountainmike…