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As Trump Pushes Massive Saudi Weapons Deal, Yemenis Suffer from Cholera, War, and Famine


As Trump Pushes Massive Saudi Weapons Deal, Yemenis Suffer from Cholera, War, and Famine

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Donald Trump will arrive in Saudi Arabia on Friday bearing a major arms deal for the Gulf kingdom, which observers warn will swiftly then be used against the people of Yemen, who are currently facing a deadly cholera outbreak, devastating famine, and two years of war that shows no sign of abating.


The American, war profiteers must be salivating over this potential multi-billion $$$$$$$$ sale of death and destruction!


War crimes by Obama and Trump. In this, there is no difference.


Where’s the ‘Resistance’ when it comes to war profiteering???


Shame on US!
Yes we are collectively at fault for all the misery our forces are causing abroad as well as for the terrorist acts like 9/11 which we are suffering here.
For too long have we, as a people, not cared enough to inform ourselves, smug in the mistaken belief, that the US is the “greatest country on earth”.
Oblivious to the real world and the suffering of others, we have let our military/industrial complex wreak death and destruction for profit in distant places, which are but blurry images in our collective minds.


It is our nature as a selfish nation, not to care about wars, which happen elsewhere.


It is an American tradition.


“War crimes by Obama and Trump. In this there is no difference.”

True, and that goes for all previous presidents like: Bush, the elder; Bush the younger; Clinton and all the rest, because when it comes to war crimes, they are all culpable, because they have been, and are, nothing but stooges for the war industries.


The goal is Iran. An attack on Iran will come within the next twelve months.


“Trump should not use this trip to support Saudi Arabia’s aggressive agenda, aggravate Sunni-Shia tensions, and further enrich U.S. weapons makers,” she added. “Instead, he should put a halt to weapons sales and press the Saudis to sit down with Iran and other regional players to find a political solution to the devastating regional conflicts, starting with Yemen.”

And the US/Trump would do this - why? Media is talking morality to those who have none? There’s a total disconnect between the actors she/we wants stopped and those doing exactly what they want and these disastrous consequences for the people of Yemen are part of their calculation.

There’s a certain segment of the human race that is giving all mammals a bad name.


“Who can sum up the horrors and woes accumulated in a single war? … War comes with its bloody hand into our very dwellings. It takes from ten thousand homes those who live there in peace and comfort, held by the tender ties of family and kindred. It drags them away, to die untended, of fever or exposure, in infectious climes; or to be hacked, torn, and mangled in the fierce fight; to fall on the gory field, to rise no more, or to be born away, in awful agony, to noisome and horrid hospitals. The groans of the battle-field are echoed in sighs of bereavement from thousands of desolated hearths. There is a skeleton in every house, a vacant chair at every table. Returning, the soldier brings more sorrow to his home, by the infection which he has caught of camp-vices. The country is demoralized. The national mind is brought down, from the noble exchange of kind offices with another people, to wrath and revenge, and base pride, and the habit of measuring brute strength against brute strength, in battle. Treasures are expended, that would suffice to build ten thousand churches, hospitals, and universities, or rib and tie together a continent with rails of iron. If that treasure were sunk in the sea it would be calamity enough; but it is put to worse use; for it is expended in cutting into the veins and arteries of human life, until the earth is deluged with a sea of blood.”

  • The above was written well over 100 years ago, but still pertains today; we just seem to do it wholesale nowadays. In essence we simply will slaughter or facilitate slaughter in any country whose government does not do what we tell it to, or whose resources it will not give to the Oilagarchy.
  • Until we relearn the ability to sit down and discuss, not dictate, solutions to problems; when we relearn the ability to listen, to compromise, and to have empathy and compassion for our fellow man wherever he may be, we will be nothing more to the world than a barbaric dictatorship to be despised and shunned by the civilized portions of the world.
    I am reminded of what Gandhi said when asked by a reporter what he thought of Western civilization. His answer? “I think it would be a good idea.”


I cannot put a heart on that, but I fear you are correct.

  • The US Fourth Reich will not rest until every nation, every people is subservient to it.
  • Persia is peaceful, non-aggressive, but is supportive of its neighbors in travail, therefore, to the Juggernaut, it must be destroyed, for nobody must be allowed to help those we have marked for destruction or conquest, whether by the Reich or by its instruments.


Bush, Obama and Trump. :slight_smile:


Do not forget every American president, I believe the count is 45 now.


Gosh, I thought Trump was hated by the MIC. Oh, but supposedly, according to some, I am “mentally unstable” in having recalled scores of such arguments from such contrived “leftist” perspectives during the campaign and even still.



Memory is a curse.