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As Trump Pushes New Tax Cuts for Wealthy, Analysis Shows US Billionaires $800 Billion Richer Since Pandemic Hit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/trump-pushes-new-tax-cuts-wealthy-analysis-shows-us-billionaires-800-billion-richer

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Wow, sickness and death seems extremely profitable for the few.


How in the demented world of the Trumpians do they justify more tax breaks for people wealthier than King Midas? While people are suffering job loss, evictions, foreclosures, lack of medical care, and bankruptcy by the millions. Heartless, soulless, greedy, bloodsucking monsters is all they are, lead by the Trumpian Three Ring Circus of Hate, Fear, and Ignorance.


“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.”
― Cree Indian Prophecy
The billionaire class will never understand such a simple thing as this.


They have their congressional entourage in tow at all times.

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Trust me…I know we told you this 23212 times before and it never really panned out but that was all because the tax cuts we implemented then did not go far enough.

It will work this time. If we give these people more money they will invest it in creating new high paying jobs and wealth will flow down to the people!! Really for sure this time . Honest to god cross my heart!

Sure Bezos closes in on 200 billion net worth but that 200 billion is hardly enough to allow him to truly invest in the economy. he really wants whats best for all of you but his hands are tied with only 200 billion dollars. Really for sure it will work! Once he hits a trillion watch your opportunities grow! We need all your help in getting him there!

kudlows speechwriter hard at work


Larry Kudlow was heard saying, “let them eat cake.”

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I want to live long enough to see “us” come for “them.” I do. I want to run the guillotine. It would be an honor.

Doesn’t hurt when the doors of the Treasury are opened up for them either. I would like to know how much of the 1%'s wealth gains during this pandemic, came from the US Treasury.


This is reaganonmics on steroids!

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These greedy pigs don’t need another dime, but are willing to see people suffer so they can make another killing or two.

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Just the picture at the top of the article says it all. Creepy as hell, with Trumph and those two grinning ghouls, laughing all the way to their bank with OUR money. A true classic in the darkest sense. We are bad off as it is, let alone if this disaster gets yet another four years. Please go vote him out, everyone.

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Indeed; I’d be honored to take a turn with you, just once. Let that blade go to work

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Well, they need pretty much to overturn all taxation on wealthy –

Iow’s, total destruction of our government and any regulation over them –

They know what’s coming with Global Warming – but they don’t want to take any
chances that it might not work out the way they think it will –

IMO, this is PANIC –

but somehow, NOT by the public – !!

Let’s remember that Larry and his ilk affect voters. Castrate them on November 3rd!

You’re leaving out the fact that this faker than f pandemic was created by the so-called ‘left’, which is nowadays nothing more than a puppet show of the Billionaires Club.

To quote Peter Hughes from Jalopnick:

“At the core of this mixture of phony cheerleading and cruelty lies a pathos that is the United States circa 2020, distilled to its very essence.”

Kudlow’s got a seriously CREEPY SMILE! As in “clown in bloody horror flicks” kind of smile. Creepy, creepy – makes my skin crawl, kind of creepy!
What is it with Trump’s people (& him too)…they’ve all got sinister, fake &/or creepiest smiles, or none at all!?!