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As Trump Raged in Phoenix, Sanders and Conyers Offered Vision for a Better Nation


As Trump Raged in Phoenix, Sanders and Conyers Offered Vision for a Better Nation

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While much of the nation looked on in horror as President Donald Trump delivered a speech ripped "out of a psychopathology textbook" on Tuesday night in Arizona, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep.


“Sanders-----who according to a new poll, would handily defeat Trump in a hypothetical 2020 match-up.”

Bernie would no doubt have beaten the hell out of Trump in 2016 if not for the corruption of the DNC. And the sad thing, Bernie may be too old in 2020.


It is a rare thing to find a politician who has not been corrupted by Big Money bribes. Thanks to Bernie’s example, it is more common now.

Money out of politics.

Direct Grassroots Democracy


I guess Bernie did not mention Afghanistan. This reminds of a debate with Hillary Clinton when a reporter asked Bernie point blank about what he would do about Afghanistan and Bernie completely avoided the question and started talking about the economic problems in the US. It appears he still trying duck the Afghanistan issue. He voted for intervention but that was 16 years ago. If he is going to run for president again he needs to address the problem of the Afghanistan war. He needs to show some leadership on foreign policy. Just talking about the 1% isn’t going to cut it with all voters.


Bernie will be 79 in 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down.
Konrad Adenauer served very effectively until age 87.
I am hoping to get at least one term out of him, before he steps aside in favor of Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard or Ro Khanna. And by that time there will probably some very capable black women step into the forefront.


Thanks again to Bernie for all that he has done to unite the nation and
to stand up against the fascism that Trump represents.

Still think he has it and he can lead a movement for National Health Care for All
or a movement to unite LABOR and very much hope that he will do so.

But, for me, it is still impossible to trust the Dem Party which fails to move on its
own in the direction of Bernie and the needs of the nation.

Too many of them are beholden or chained to Elites by dirty deeds and too many
of them will ignore the needs of the nation in order to keep their jobs no matter
how filthy the work for Elites may be.


It took Bernie’s surge to show other candidates, that elections may be won without the support of corporate money. That encouraged many worthwhile candidates to give it a shot as we speak.


Yes! Lets all hope Bernie stays healthy for a run for POTUS in 2020. But lets also hope that Trump does not initiate a WW111 before 2020.


He’s unofficially come out in Indianapolis running for 2020 . All he needs is a young female vp progressive


If Bernie plans on running in 2020, this is a good start.

But he needs to do much more. He’s already the preferred choice of the vast majority of progressive Democrats. But he needs to reach out to the Black community much more than he did in 2016.

My advice to him would be to join every march he can, visit every Black church he can, campaign for every Black Democrat he can, and get on ever Black radio program he can. This should be his priority, to take his message to the Black community.

He’s got to do more now than he would have needed to do in 2016, because the Clinton campaign convinced a lot of people in the Black campaign that he wasn’t on their side with all the Bernie Bro stuff.

If Warren is going to run, she needs to do the exact same thing too.

Identity Politics as a way to be Neo-Liberal is a dead end. But Identity Politics as part of a radical, progressive vision is necessary and good. He preached this message in 2016, but really only in the rallies he had to a mostly White audience. He needs to make sure he is going to where Black people are and identifying with them the way he did in the early 1960s.

I say this only as an observer.


I doubt that Bernie would be a viable candidate in 2020 . He probably would not even want this- but he continues to be the same great man he always was. When I say not viable I mean old . I hope that there are others who can follow in his shoes. At any rate before we look so far into the future- let’s concentrate on today. What matters is educating the people, having clean and safe environment, and stamping out corruption.


He came out in Indianapolis the other day and was endorsed by chuck jones for 2020 he was with him and he didn’t deny he was running or say he was waiting to answer he just smiled and looked out into the crowd


The Dem party consists of its elected representatives and they can be and will be exchanged one by one in 2018/19 and again in 2020/21
A united front of progressive organizations will make that happen!


Bernie came out in Indianapolis the other day was endorsed by chuck jones for 2020 he was with him and didn’t deny he was running he just smiled and waved to the crowd . He’s gunna run. That said I agree with you he needs to do more in terms of social justice and outreach . I wouldn’t say it’s hopeless polling has him at 74 percent African American support and 68 percent Latino he’s also gaining with women at 55 percent .


Yes, that is of course the fly, nay, - the huge UFO in the ointment.


Brilliant rays of hope shining through the darkest clouds our nation has encountered since its inception. GO, BERNIE, GO! (And thank you, Senator Conyers for your relentless advocacy for your constituents and all Americans!)



Nina Turner is a very capable black woman, and we have her fighting for us right now.


Sanders did a lot better with black and latino voters than the media had you believe. That was their mantra, but it wasn’t true. After those initial southern state votes, when no one had had time to learn about Sanders, his popularity among minorities picked up. By the time 2020 rolls around, he will be well known. He’s been endorsed by black leaders from Cornell West, to Tim Black, to Killer Mike to Nina Turner.
Warren will have a lot of trouble with Progressive voters.


Thanks for your update…great news!