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As Trump Rails Against 'Bullsh*t' Impeachment, Progressives Demand Pelosi Treat Probe With 'Urgency It Deserves'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/02/trump-rails-against-bullsht-impeachment-progressives-demand-pelosi-treat-probe

“If you haven’t done anything wrong, you’re not a suspect.”
–former US Attorney General Edwin Meese

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" If you haven’t done anything wrong, you’re Jesus Christ. " If you’re Ed Meese, you probably had Jesus Christ flown to a black site, tortured and terminated with extreme prejudice.


For the record, I’ll say that my faith in Adam Schiff(T) is minimal at best.

If is mis-statements are made on purpose, they’re clumsy as hell.
If they aren’t made on purpose, he simply has difficulty grasping facts.

Outside of Rachel Maddow, no one came out of the Russiagate nothing burger looking like a bigger dufus than Schiff(T). If anyone can blow this impeachment, it’s him.


I am no fan of Schiff’s either.

From that perspective, I hope that you will identify the “misstatements” you attribute to him.

For starters, there’s his now infamous “parody” reading of the call transcript during a televised hearing.

So unnecessary. So clumsy.

And the twenty times he announced that the latest Russiagate rumor was a “bombshell.”

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This has already backfired against the neoliberal Democrats. Now that Biden’s corruption in Ukraine is exposed, he will have to drop out of the presidential race, again.

It was the bombshell that bombed.

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Where is the proof of any Biden corruption in the Ukraine?

Do we blame the committee chairs, Cummings, Nadler, and Shiff, or is it all on Pelosi who seems to have the last word on how these committees move forward.

Here is the proof:




We blame the entire corrupt neoliberal status quo establishment.