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As Trump Ramps Up War on Terror, US Bombings Kill 170+ Civilians This Week


As Trump Ramps Up War on Terror, US Bombings Kill 170+ Civilians This Week

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As President Donald Trump expands the war in Afghanistan, which Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday is partly inspired by "successful" tactics used in the war against the Islamic State (ISIS), Reuters reports that in the past week alone, more than 170 civilians were killed by U.S.-led airstrikes in Raqqa, a Syrian city ISIS considers its capitol.


The world is littered with the graves of those who believed they could control the world, buried right next to their collateral damage


Trump, Murderer Extraordinaire!

Donald, now you have something new to add to your list of accomplishments.

May you Burn in Hell, MF!


To consider such destruction of so many lives as ‘success’ is a monstrous notion. We need to spare no effort in doing what we can to stop the crime of war: Total, Gandhian non cooperation.


Right along with Obama, Bush, and the Clintons.


Why are we intent on destroying most of the Middle East? How can we justify our actions? Please don’t say that we’re fighting terrorism! If anything, we are creating more terrorists!

Twenty years ago, Iraq and Syria were two of the most stable and prosperous nations in the Middle East, with governments that were among the most secular in the region. Libya also shared these characteristics in North Africa. Granted, our government didn’t like their strong-man leaders, but we have certainly tolerated many others across the globe who were just as bad if not worse.

All of this “regime change” and “fighting terror” nonsense, is just that! It should be obvious by now, even to geographically and historically-challenged Americans, that there is more going on here. But most of our “consumers” don’t seem to really care very much as we year after year after year continue to destroy lives, homes and infrastructure, while at the same time creating a refugee nightmare, as well as inspiring more, not less, Terrorism.

Yeah, the U.S. is exceptional, all right! Exceptionally greedy. Exceptionally stupid. Exceptionally cruel.


Both Clinton’s but only one Bush? Getting sloppy, callme.


Not really. I considered including Poppy…cause I really have no love for him, nor for his pseudo-Gestapo-esque wife, Barbara. He’s an elitist dickhead,who has been seen to badly mistreat waitpeople here in southern Maine… But, other than likely having a hand in JFK’s demise, I’m not up to date on countries where he was responsible for many deaths.

But, if you like, may he have a burning wheelchair butt-rash for the rest of his miserable existence…


Ham fisted foreign policy.
Not just more war in Afghanistan.
Threatening Pakistan.
Inviting India, Pakistan’s enemy in Afghanistan, to assist.
btw … they both have nukes and have threatened to use them on each other…
Senate authorizing supplying lethal weapons to Kiev.
Saber rattling with DPRK (despite Seoul’s attempts to conciliate)
(while the navy appears to be its own worst enemy & a hazard to commercial shipping in the region)
Halting visas for Russian citizens to visit the US.
Starting a trade war with China.
… and that’s just what comes to mind at the moment …


Just out:
The Guardian:
US navy to relieve 7th Fleet commander of duty after series of collisions

See: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/23/us-navy-7th-fleet-commander-relieved-of-duty-uss-john-mccain-collision

That reminds me of that incident of a bullying American aircraft carrier in front of the coast of Spain:



Panama 1989
Iraq 1991


Panama…okay, thanks. But, in 1991, didn’t Iraq invade Kuwait; and, that’s why he went in. But, he drew the line of kicking them out of Kuwait, saying that going into Iraq would create a quagmire for us…something that his unintelligent son later conveniently chose to ignore?


Tyrannosaurus Rex calls murdering 170 civilians last week in Syria " a success"? Enough said!


I’d never heard or heard of the lighthouse incident.
… and utterly typical …


George H.W. Bush, according to former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark’s book: (War Crimes: A Report on U.S. War Crimes Against Iraq) bombed Bagdad unmerciful, and many other places in Irag in 1991. As far as Iraq going into Kuwait read Mr. Clark’s book. By the way, Mr. Clark travelled through out Iraq with a videographer in 1991 covering the U.S. Militaries atrocities against the Iraqi people, with full permission given by Saddam Hussein.


Read Che’s comment on George H.W. Bush!


You slept through Bush Jr?


Holygeezer for President in 2020!


Much of the First World war economy profits mightily.


The main reason that I included Iraq is the inhuman act of slaughter carried out by our pilot “heroes”, who mercilessly bombed and strafed, for the entertainment of the American cable news watchers
as the Iraqis were retreating on the road to Baghdad, inside Iraq. The fighting was over, yet our “heroes” refused to let thousands of Iraqi soldiers surrender. It was an absolutely unnecessary slaughter of people who never tried to harm us, just because we could. We just had to show the world that we had, and were, the biggest dicks!