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As Trump Readies Pick, 70% of Democrats—and 67% of Republicans—Want Supreme Court to Overturn Citizens United


As Trump Readies Pick, 70% of Democrats—and 67% of Republicans—Want Supreme Court to Overturn Citizens United

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While much of the attention of advocacy groups, lawmakers, and the media has rightly centered on grave concerns that President Donald Trump's next Supreme Court pick could vote to eliminate abortion rights, a Daily Beast/Ipsos poll published Tuesday found that "the most galvanizing issue" for Americans of both parties is wheth


It doesn’t matter what the citizens want. This is plutocracy!


How about overturning the Janus case that was just decided ( in favor of corporations rather than union workers)


Like Mafia Don, make the “Supreme Court” an offer they can’t refuse.

Listen to the People, or, …listen to the fishes.


70 percent of Democrats, 67 percent of Republicans, and 60 percent of independents oppose the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling

NOW WE’RE BEGINNING TO HAVE A REAL CONVERSATION. We have been comatose under paternalization … speaking of which, seeing the guise (as opposed to the guys) of Timothy Geithner in his true colors is timing that cannot be accidental.

Are you listening ALEC, US Chamber of Commerce and others suffering from the nation’s Koch problems?

Scalia and Kennedy Big Daddies to Big Daddies and Daddy Warbucks. … we are comatose no more.


yo…wanna pair a concrete booties? days great fer visitin wid da fishies.


Yet 7% of Senate Democrats will vote to confirm whoever Trump nominates for SCOTUS, no matter how right wing the nominee is.


Doubt it will ever happen. Lets get real.


60-70% want Citizens Blighted overturned.
25% (the fetus worshipers) want Roe overturned.
Guess which one will be overturned.


One will, another will be expanded.


It’s important to note that this sentiment is broadly shared. Which is why i shake my head at a recently received email from “End Citizens United (.org)” , which cited “Rachel Maddow” and which said it is opposed to the right wing’s monetary influence.

Seems rather obvious to me that when you have an issue that is effectively non-partisan and crosses the political spectrum, the last thing one would want to do is to make that issue partisan - thereby automatically leaving out a significant part of the affected electorate.

Sadly, this trend - of so-called “resistance” groups to merely reflect partisan ends - is all too common. This reflects unbearable naïveté and possibly, cynical co-opting by the establishment.

For those many of us who believe that this is the fundamentally important issue of modern governance, the movement must not be so tainted by partisan allegiances, and must hold ALL officials accountable.


You are to funny!


I try to be, sometimes.


One way to do that would be to get rid of the loathsome concept of “mandatory spending/discretionary spending”.
Every dime spent by the government should have to be debated and publicly voted for each year or it lapses.
Same with laws. Any law not passed every year individually sunsets.
That might help keep the bastards busy enough to leave us alone, at least a little.


The courts have consistently ruled in favor of corporations and their supposed constitutional rights for over 100 years now. Why should we expect anybody on the Supreme Court, no matter which President nominated them, to reverse all that precedent? We need a constitutional amendment. HJR 48 is already in congress and has 58 co-sponsors. A bunch of unelected, pro-corporate judges are not going to help us.