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As Trump Reaffirms Support for Saudis, Group Denounces 'Entirely Preventable' Deaths of 85,000 Yemeni Children

As Trump Reaffirms Support for Saudis, Group Denounces 'Entirely Preventable' Deaths of 85,000 Yemeni Children

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As President Donald Trump faces criticism for issuing a "dangerous" and "imbecilic" statement in which he vowed to stand by Saudi Arabia despite the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a London-based organization is estimating that some 85,000 children under age five have starved to death in Yemen since the U.S.-backed, Saudi- and UAE-led coalition launched military action there three years ago.

Please gentlemen and ladies, would you stop wearing those flag lapel pins in public.


Monstrous inhumanity.


This right here folks, is why the United States of America can never again claim to be, the Greatest Country on Earth.

Best example, our resident of the White House, says he values the 100’s of Billions of Dollars that Saudi Arabia spends here, more than human life.

I don’t know about you, but if anyone deserves an early grave, it’s that waste of human flesh.

He has lost any humanity he ever had.


We can always count on Jessica Corbett to whitewash the Democrats (The CLINTONS) decades-long problems with All-Purpose Trump Cleanser.

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You are so right on. I have referred to depraved human beings that voted for Trump as the “Deplorables” since the first day I heard them described that way. But we have reached a point where we have to not only do something about Trump, but also about the “Deplorables.”
We are that collective humanity that allows a segment of our population to lose sight of our moral values. Sometimes as a population we vote in presidents out of ignorance, but we knew what Trump was and let him in our home anyway.

Americans do not have “our moral values”.

You can fool some of the people, some of the time.

Thank the Lord we’re not the fools.

Whether the Amerikan sheeple realize it or not! The United States of terrorism in Yemen and too many other countries ( like at least 90) to name here, has been for a long time a Banana Republic ruled by an oligarchy that is backed by a military with no conscience and no accountability, because we are no longer a nation of laws when it comes to our military, that is “OFF THE RAILS”.

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Is it time to stop, if you haven’t already, worshipping our (voluntary) army? Welcome home individuals as friends and family members and honor the final sacrifice, but to put them up in front of all public events is not healthy.

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You misread my post. I agree and I have many relatives that have been to Iraq and Afghanistan, and we do need to honor their albeit misled, patriotism, bravery, and sacrifice, but I was speaking of the U,S. economic, elite that are using my relatives bravery, patriotism, and sacrifice, not to protect me, but for their own egregious and nefarious ends.


Trump’s statement is beyond despicable. But so is the hypocrisy of those critcizing it who’ve been either silent about or supportive of U.S. torture, killing and enabling of brutal despots thoughout the Middle East and far beyond. Trump is just the most recent manifestation, the dark symptom of U.S. imperialism.

Such is the utter depravity and contempt for others of the head of the most despicable, destructive, regime in US history!.The “leader” of this evil regime casts his lot, and by complicit extension, all Americans, with another regime of extremist murderers and war criminal slaughterer of tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children - a truly evil and soulless pair of monsters who, along with their other depraved extremist ally, the zionist entity of Israel, form as evil a triumvirate of death and destruction as has ever been in recent history; all three entities are responsible for the crimes against humanity being committed in Yemen against some of the poorest people on earth!

The silence of America and our other supposed “leaders” is deafening with few exceptions, to stand-up and clearly and loudly denounce this evil - for that’s exactly what it is, evil - in no uncertain terms!

The so-called “opposition” party “centrist” establishment , has been and continues to be, complicit to, and responsible for, the ascendance of the trump regime, its leader, and its R’Con co-conspirators and uber-wealthy extremist funders.

The entrenched complicit establishment DINO faction must (also) be rooted out and challenged at every turn to replace their complicity and craven “compromise” with people of true moral compass, integrity courage…unless that fledgling movement continues to organize and build in numbers and support, the potential for real change in America will never see victory!

The enormity and frank treason of the support by herr trump for the mass murderer “royal” regime and its head, as well as the zionist entity and its leader, must be eradicated - rubbed-out - and wiped from the pages of history, and American politics!

I get it, and I agree. My comment went adrift. The caravan border stunt another example of abuse.

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We do want to be watch full though. Our police forces in our country already abuse the letter of the constitution when making low level contact with people. Demanding ID from people who have done nothing to warrant a check on them. Papers check. When your on the street soldier starts detaining you for anything at all we are headed down a bad, bad, road.

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Bumpy, isn’t it. By accident of birth, I happen to be white, so I don’t face quite the hair-trigger that my friends of different race or color do, but I long ago decided, if I am ever stopped and ID demanded, if I am in the car, I won’t take my hands off the steering wheel, and if asked, I’ll tell him/her why. If I take my hand off the wheel and reach for my ID, and you suddenly get antsy, I may get a magazine of ammo in my head and body. After the “investigation” (“Jeez, I thought he was going for a gun.”) You will be acquitted as having worked within the standards of the job, and may even get a raise. My ashes will be drifting in the sea.

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85,000 kids? Well honestly it doesn’t stand a candle to the 500,000 kids killed by American sanctions on Iraq (“we think it was worth it”, thank you Ms. Albright)!.