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As Trump Rolls Back Barriers, Big-Game Hunters—Including Rich GOP Donors—Granted Dozens of Permits for Lion "Trophies"


As Trump Rolls Back Barriers, Big-Game Hunters—Including Rich GOP Donors—Granted Dozens of Permits for Lion "Trophies"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the Trump administration has rolled back restrictions on hunting and importing animal "trophies" from Africa, the advocacy group Friends of Animals has found that over the past two years, the federal government has granted more than three dozen permits enabling American hunters to bring back lion parts—and more than half of those hunters have donated to Republican politicians or have ties to the pro-hunting organization Safari Club International.


The disciples of “The Free Market” , oftimes mixing this in with the words “Freedom and Liberty” as espoused by Koch brothers and crew will insist that the Lion and other Wild Animals can not be saved by “Government Regulation” but only by “The Free Market”.

I give you the Punt Gun.

In the early 1800’s there was a huge Market in the USA for wild game. The “Marketing” of wild game earned tremendous profits and as a response to that The Punt Gun was invented. This was a huge Gun which was often mounted in the prow of a small row boat on a swivel. The person using it would row up to a flock of ducks or other waterfowl causing them to fly into the air and then shoot the gun into the flock. One single shot could take out 100 birds at once. The dead birds were then scooped up , packed into wagons and sold to Companies buying them.

By 1860 the Waterfowl population in the USA was in such dire straights due to these “Free Markets” laws had to be passed that prohibited the sale of wildfowl across State lines. The Koch brother types of the day insisted this was interfering with “freedom and liberty”.

Punt Guns were also used on the Passenger Pigeon , flocks of which once filled the skies. Those that harvested Passenger Pigeons found a ready market with the slave owners as the pigeons when harvested were canned and sold to slave owners to feed their slaves.

Here is the thing with this fraud called the “Free Market”. Individuals and Corporations will always be looking for a way to make a buck. For every one of those that come up with something useful and that is beneficial to society , there are 15 and more who come up with ideas that DESTROY and are harmful to every person and every living thing. As the sociopath rises to the top in the Dog eat dog world of Capitalism and as they dictate Policy to satisfy there innate greed , the natural world around us accelerates towards extinction.


It’s the damn poaching for organs, skins and horns that’s decimating many " exotic " animal species. Meat as food is an afterthought.
Tha Chinese have been put on notice but $$$ changes the whole equation. This unnecessary carnage could be rectified, to an extent, by the U.N. coming up with $$$ alternatives. And penalties, which are enforced by property liens, etc.


If the goal is to save endangered species from extinction (including humans), one does not do that by killing them, or coddling depraved soulless killers or profit-exploitation, regardless the supposed rationale. Whether actual killing by gun, long-line or net, by industrial/agricultural poisoning, or habitat destruction critical to the survival of every species - including humans - the radical change from an “every person for themselves” mentality and purpose, including especially corrupt governance, to a society marked by protections, health, and sustainability of all aspects of life on earth; that must be the goal…environmental socialism or whatever one calls it -capitalism lauds and rewards greed, we must begin to laud sustainable society.

There should be strict policy that if people/poachers are caught in areas designated as sanctuaries, they are shot with no appeal - simple; if you are there without leave you die. Often its poor people trying to feed their families that draconian policy would impact, but extinction-events begin with the poacher. The other critical part is the end buyer/consumer, whether for magical medicinal myths or trophies for the depraved, or unsustainable commercial “factory” exploitation, or for food “delicacies”, whatever, they too must pay the highest price - individually, collectively and nationally, regardless of “cultural” beliefs. Universal strict compliance and draconian sanctions must be applied. Easier written than accomplished.

The West and the “free market” right-wing fantasy blather where anyone can do anything to make a buck should be the thing that becomes extinct. Life on earth must change from a predatory “free market” or myth-based model to a universal conservation-based sustainable, educated, and informed society where all life is protected and “profit” is measured not by wealth, but by security and happiness of all people, not only the ultra-wealthy.

Unfortunately we have become an ignorant species, taught not to respect and protect, but to serve and tolerate exploitation to extinction, predatory financial usury, endless war, and pollution/poisoning of Mother earth as the accepted norm, with “religious” prejudices, dogma, and mythology as destructive as any ignorance. George Santayana said “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it”. Our education has forgotten history in favor of teaching people to be wage and interest/debt slaves - modern serfs to the 1%, and to worship fantasy as a savior.

Think I’m too opinionated and extreme?


Perhaps the permits should be issued with the stipulation that said “hunter” could use only a spear no longer than he is tall ? Just a thought


Another cruelly, unnecessary act only sought by primitive Neanderthals.