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As Trump Saber-Rattles, Most of World Vows to Push Total Nuke Ban in New Year

As Trump Saber-Rattles, Most of World Vows to Push Total Nuke Ban in New Year

Jon Queally, staff writer

As U.S. President-elect Donald Trump continues to receive domestic and international rebuke for his comments on the subject, the General Assembly of the United Nations on Friday adopted a resolution which calls for negotiations to begin next year on an international treaty to completely ban the use of nuclear weapons.

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This is a welcome position if it amounts to more than just posturing and talk.

The world tried to implement an international ban on land mines only to be stymied by the usual suspects; the US, Israel, China, India, Russia, Egypt and a few others - their intransigence and arms industry working against the rest of the world.

The world tried to implement and international ban on cluster munitions/bombs, but has been stymied by the usual suspects (the same as land mine supporters) protecting their political/war depravity and arms industries.


So, when the UN claims they will address nuclear weapons and a world-wide ban (?), the usual suspects and arms profiteers will at least attempt and likely succeed in holding-up the entire rest of the worlds nations (although the “nuclear club” is smaller than those protecting land mines and cluster bombs), in this effort, especially given the rise of trump.

The fact that the psychopath idiot trump will have his fingers on the nuclear codes/button, may push this nuke ban effort forward, but the influence of the worlds greatest threat (at least until now - and that is debatable) for using nukes, Israel, will continue to push trumps mindless arrogance and arms-race stupidity…as has long been their MO - see “The Samson Option”.


Formally banning isn’t enough. Countries with nuclear arsenals should be boycotted.


Maybe Trump is smarter than we think.
Maybe Trump orchestrated this “crisis” so that the world will get behind a Nuclear Ban and that would save his administration the One Trillion Dollars that Obama just authorized to spend to create a new and improved US Nuclear Arsenal - money that will have to come out Trump’s future budgets.
Trump is known for taking outrageous stands to force an issue.
Maybe it is all for show… But I doubt it. I think that he is just an unthinking bully.
But one can always hope and pray. Hoping and Praying is about all we have left now.

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The United States government and the capitalist system in props up are global pariahs. That is the way it has been since the nation was founded and it will be a lot worse under Trumpublicons (because we need to realize this is not just Trump). Glad to see it isolated by the rest of the world.


That vote might have just as well been a vote by the sane and insane.

For too long, we have all been controlled by the insane and their weapons.

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The Chimp is going to make that red button great again.

Trump’s backers are just trying for a Big Sale. The push on China is the bait. The switch will be selling it to our alleged allies OR them paying a much higher tribute ( protection money ) to The Empire. The world has seen this form of high-fallutin’ diplomatic blackmail before. It is thoroughly dangerous and deplorable but allows Trump to set up a win-win for himself. He’s a great huckster with a very bad product. How long his horrible sales pitches last, is really the question. I’ll give him 3-6 months before the Republican Congress takes over, for good. Which is actually more dangerous to the real left behinds; you know, the non-millionaires and billionaires. " We been hustled and had ", time to find some new tactics and new alliances, or we’ll.be fooled again. Ya know, the " we won’t get fooled… Bush II, bullshit.

Maybe Trump is even dumber than we think.


Note that some years back, the US had already signed onto a 30-year, trillion dollar plan to “modernize” our nuclear weapons system.

Not sure how this will be financed. The longest, most expensive war in this country’s history has already left the US drained out militarily and economically. Now factor in that since the 1980s, the US had shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s, ensuring that we have no way to rebuild this time.

I wouldn’t recommend pushing back on China very hard. They have focused in recent decades on building up their own economic and military strength. Somehow, people forget that the longest, most expensive war in US history has put us at a historically weak point. When it comes to international relations, the picture is even scarier. The US has remained engaged in wars more often than not, usually by choice, for the past century, earning the distrust/rage of much of the international community. We’ve increasingly come to be regarded by the world community as the greatest potential threat to all life on Earth. This is a very bad position for us to be in.

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The second most distressing thing about nuclear weapons, after the obvious indiscriminate destructive potential, is their cost. Here we are playing about with a weapon system that is literally world threatening and which nobody but a psychotic moron would entertain using. The cost starts with just finding the primary materials. Then the mining and refinement which is environmentally a trumpish disaster. The environmental hazards there are never discussed nor are the threats to the workers who must handle this deadly material. Then there is the storage and maintenance of the weapons and their disposal. All this risk, cost, and insecurity over a thing that will never be used or if used, survived.
Nuclear weapons are proof positive that, as a race, humanity does not exhibit the intelligence to possess such things.

Make that, waste money, and you are spot on.

Is that possible?