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As Trump Says 'Must Have Vote Total' on Nov. 3, Nearly 400 'Protect the Results' Rallies Planned to Fight Election Night Theft

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/27/trump-says-must-have-vote-total-nov-3-nearly-400-protect-results-rallies-planned

Can’t wait to see the Nov 3 election numbers coming up with a Biden victory by midnight. What will the orange clown conman say then? Widdle cwybaby will cwy and cwy and go pouting onto twitter. For the love of all that is decent and good, GET OUT AND VOTE FOR BIDEN! If for no other reason than to see the cwybaby cwy! IT WOULD BE GLORIOUS! lol


I warned you the election would be a fraud?


Just want to encourage everyone to vote their genuine conscience. If you genuinely think that getting Trump out is paramount and are willing to vote for Biden to do so, i will not condemn you. Likewise, if you can’t bring yourself to vote for the Dems, i will not condemn you.

i will say that i think progressives in “safely blue” states like Cali or NY should consider being bold in voting for 3rd party candidates, rather than the LOTE. Whereas, i think that progressives in “hopelessly Republican” states should probably just vote LOTE and hope to flip the state. Again, though, those are just general bits of advice; i would have to know your specific state to try and tell anyone to vote for a specific politician/party.
What matters to me is that all of you be willing to stay committed to winning the world future generations need.

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Lol you ain’t wrong…

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Lol good point: a resounding defeat will only fuel their insistence that Trump is being conspired against.

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“his encouragement of voter intimidation by the U.S. military” = from the article.

total nonsense. The U.S. Army has previously, actually affirmed voters rights.

Well Armed soldiers protected little old black ladies as they marched in protest one beautiful Saturday in May.
The ladies walked from their church to the county courthouse in northern Alabama.
They had never been allowed to vote.
In front of the courthouse at the sidewalk curb, were 13 armed deputies (pistols in holsters) These were KKK and they did not dare flinch.

Quick view of states counting mail in ballots before, on or after election day.


i’ve noticed you bring this particular anecdote up a few times, now, and it got me wondering if you, perhaps, were one of those “well armed soldiers”


Will Trump tell the proud boys and other white racists: " TIME TO STAND UP"?


Yeah…well…you got me there! lol…I was thinking more along the lines of 'MAIL IN BALLOTS, WE GOT TO COUNT ALL THE MAIL IN BALLOTS!

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The president lies, as usual. Military are trained to immediately disobey an illegal order.

I am trying every day to remove fears that any military will interfere with people voting, counting ballots, etc.
There are over 3,300 counties and local elected sheriffs do have the deputies to protect the voting polls from intimidators and the ballot counting room.

If the governor doubts the county capable, he can assign state troopers or national guard unit.

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The arrogance of a dictator – and the idiocy of his supporters putting us
in the hands of a GOP moving us to “third world nation” status –

He lies so much that i have to wonder if his body would suffer withdrawals if he were to try and stop.


What happens when FOX calls it for Trump and MSNBC/CNN calls it for Biden?

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Trump is following the playbook of the worst despots in world history. He has a cult of armed storm troopers ready to wage war if he loses.
He sabotaged the post office so ballots are delayed, then intends to declare a premature end to ballot counting, similar to what happened in 2000, similar to what he did by terminating the census early.
His right-wing buddies bought the federal court system including SCOTUS, along with many state legislatures and governorships, so they have the power to reverse a Trump loss via the electoral college and other tricks.
If you truly believe in progressive values and care about America and yourself, join with direct action movements such as the ones described in this article and others, and fight the good fight.
Otherwise, when ruination crashes down around you, you will regret having done nothing to fight back against the takeover of our country.


There’s no re-hab for that condition as far as i know. He would just disintegrate.

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Neither has a voice in the official count.

But that count lasted for over a month. The orange dump wants to call a halt, I would assume, at midnight of Nov 3.