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As Trump Sells War Ahead of Korea Visit, Groups Demand 'Urgent Pivot Towards Peace'


As Trump Sells War Ahead of Korea Visit, Groups Demand 'Urgent Pivot Towards Peace'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"The people of Japan, South Korea, and United States oppose war."

South Korean protesters take part in an anti-Trump rally in front of the U.S. Embassy on November 4, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. Trump will visit South Korea on November 7 as a part of his Asian tour. (Photo: Woohae Cho/Getty Images)


The oligarchy’s liberal bashing campaign has had its desired effect. Many liberals now define themselves as belonging to the “old” definition of “conservative”. They will vote for the label, hoping to bring their “old” brand back. Unfortunately, its conservatives like Trump who will kill, imprison, torture and go to war in a heartbeat.

The only good conservative is a liberal who thinks he or she is a conservative.


" There are no good military options for North Korea."

True, unless you are war profiteer!


re “The people of Japan, South Korea, and United States oppose war.”

Which should tell us everythiing we need to know about the state of democratic rule in Japan, South Korea and the US.


Please read and share this Open Letter to President Trump:
We can save lives by removing US Troops from Korea. Here’s a link to Facebook Page:

Thanks for reading.


De acuerdo, the relatively peaceful nations Must unite against the #1terrorist nation!
Bring imperialist amerika to its knees should be the intent!


Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!


I hope the people of Japan, China, South Korea take a look at the smoldering ruin that is the Middle east. When I see the photos of devastated cities and destroyed lives from an illegal war, it fills me shame.
I would hope the sensible leaders in those countries would want nothing to do with what will come to them if they go along with war in their countries.


I have never in my fifty years of life EVER been so ASHAMED of being an American! We have become an ill-informed, apathetic, obese, unhealthy, diabetic-ridden, hateful, homophobic (though some gains have been made there), ignorant society. I am very proud that from Day One from the election campaign of 2016, I NEVER endorsed the Orange Anus who is now our Turd-in-Chief. We get what the Donald shovels onto us all…shit!


It would also help if the American people took seriously our responsibility to replace not Tweedledee with Tweedledum, Hitler with Himmler,
but build a NON-CORPORATE party-


The People must unite, and have righteous intent! All actions for Power to the People, and the Planet!