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As Trump Snubs Restrictions to Contain Coronavirus, New Poll Shows 3 in 4 Americans Back a National Lockdown

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/26/trump-snubs-restrictions-contain-coronavirus-new-poll-shows-3-4-americans-back

Oh there go those pollsters again.

Everybody’s gonna “back” a lockdown until they’re subject to it for a few weeks and see how unclearly-defined it is and how arbitrarily it is applied. Gun shops in LA are “essential,” so you can go there w/ impunity. In Chicago, cops are “warning,” ticketing and can fine folks $500 for standing too close together – even though they may live together.

Now how ya gonna separate families or a parent from a young child? But you can walk your dog and nobody is measuring leashes (yet).

Just try to be sane. Got symptoms? Quarantine. Got bad symptoms or are at health risk? Go to a hospital.

Anything else? You’re on your own in the Land of the (Un)Free and Kabuki.

No matter what the goddamned Tweets, polls or pols say.

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