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As Trump Sows Chaos, Democrats Urged to Increase Push for In-Person Voting—Early If Possible

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/trump-sows-chaos-democrats-urged-increase-push-person-voting-early-if-possible

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One thing I don’t like about voting in person (although I do it exclusively) is getting through the throng of people waving signs in my face from all parties as if they were going to persuade me at that point in time. Politics does strange things to people, myself included. I just prefer to share my foibles with my fellow CD readers and not random voters. Lucky you.


It seems to me that Trump’s threats to interfere in a U.S. election along with others in the GOP, conspiring with Republican Governors ahead of the election, are reasons enough to warrant their arrests.

The time may be coming for masses of patriotic citizens to show up and make citizen’s arrests of these conspiritors.


Indeed which is why more and more states should be opting for mail-in voting as that will severely lessen the chances that you will be harassed by Trump supporters and come in contact with anyone who has the coronavirus.

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Power to the people, power to the people right on. Vote early , vote Dem., vote as your life depends on it. Peace Peace Peace


Right On, Senior!

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Hmm, 1/2 million mail in votes were rejected in the '20 primaries - which ones, I wonder …


They certainly got an early start to their election interference, didn’t they?

Normally, that would warrant an investigation.

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My name is Frank and I came up with the solution to the mail ballot problems and it is at the “documentthevote” website.

The solution is for the you voters to get a ballot tracking number and write it on your ballots and vote in a way that your votes are documented.

Therefore if your ballot does not get to the election judges and its tracking number marked off as counted for any reason be it lost or delayed postal delivery or burned in a fire or destroyed in a hurricane or rejected for an invalid signature or rejected for a missing inner envelope or thrown away by a corrupt secretary of state, then you can join the lawsuit the day after Election day with all the other voters in the same boat.

The maximum way to document your vote is by voting in the presence of notaries (which some states require anyway!) and have notarized photocopies of your ballot in wax sealed envelopes embossed with notary’s stamp.

The minimum way to document your vote is by voting in the presence of a witnesses (which some states require anyway!) and have witnessed photocopies of your ballot in wax sealed envelopes that the witness saw you seal.

In either case you have evidence to use in court that you sent your ballot off in time and therefore sue that the documented and witnessed photocopy in the sealed envelope should be counted since the original was lost like what happens in civil court all the time when original documents are lost.

Please help us spread the word by making the hashtag #documentthevote start trending!

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Yes sir, treason is what they call it in America.


Your ideas do seem interesting but it should be pointed out that, despite Trump’s claim, mail-in voter fraud is very, very low. One study found that over a fifteen year period voter fraud came to an infinitesimal 0.000025 % of the entire vote total. In Washington state, for example, it was discovered that there about 143 cases of mail-in voter fraud over a ten or fifteen year period. If Trump is going to claim that mail-in voting is a problem then he is going to have a rather difficult time backing up that false allegation. And mail-in voting also happens to be a heck of lot safer than voting in person during a pandemic.

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Another way might be to send your ballot back via certified mail with return receipt. Afew bucks to assure your ballot got to where it should, and it’s signed for.

FBI Director Christopher Ray said yesterday in front of a panel that there is no evidence that any fraud exists with mail-in ballots which many states have used extensively for years.

Trump is doing what he’s done every day for going on 4 years.


He may break 30,000 lies before he’s evicted from his White Supremacist House.


In states with Early In Person Voting do it. Walk your Early Mail-In Ballot into your Board of Elections. Don’t use the US Postal System unless you absolutely have to. Make a copy of your ballot and have it notarized. Mail it in as early and as fast as you can and have it hand cancelled at the Post Office if you can. Make a copy of the Mailing and inside security envelopes. But vote by any legal and safe means, but vote. “Vote “Ruthlessly” for Democrats.” Vote Biden-Harris!

:grin: at you for sharing foibles with us “lucky folks”… & indeed, we are!

While you’re correct about the lack of fraud with mail-in voting… Since when does Trump ever hafta’ show evidence/proof of any of the shit that flows constantly from below his nose???
Crazy statements made without any offer of evidence to back it up, are the only kind Trump makes. Evidence of stuff is hard to find when is NOT the truth! A very common dilemma for Trump ~ but it seems one that he & his cult followers have adjusted to pretty well. They no longer ask for any kind of proof & choose to just believe Trump & GOP cohorts + sheeple.
After all, what’s 20,000+ lies between Trump & friends, right?!? They accepted being lied to by him a long time ago & do not see the problems caused by a lying liar’s lies.
He lies constantly.
They believe him.
When called out on the lying, he just lies some more.
And they believe whatever he says next, to cover his butt.
Thing is, I wonder…Would those Trump-thumpers be so ‘okay’ with their spouse LYING to them like Trump does? Do they have liar friends & are just used to it? If their kids were always lying to them about everything, would that be alright, or would they get angry & STOP believing their lies?? Insist on proof?
If it were my kids…my hand & their butt would be in frequent close contact! At some point, I’d send them for mental health eval. & to counseling, cuz’ something’s seriously wrong with them!
Or, maybe they often lie too, so Ttump’s lying is “no big deal” to them?! I can’t stand liars & lies! Sure CAN’T TRUST a liar! I kick those kind of people to the curb ~ got no use for liars & their stinkin’ lies in my life! But, maybe it’s just me & I’m too harsh about being lied to??!! There are times that lying would be much easier than the truth & “facing the music”, but I still don’t do it. I do hope to not be asked about something, at times! (Rarely works tho.)
Trump lies SO MUCH – big & small stuff – I could NEVER TRUST HIM, or anything he says! Luckily, he’s such a lousy liar most of the time that it’s EZ to see right thru it. IF liars telling the truth on rare occasions, they’d offer some proof.
Leaders of other nations, especially our allies, are smart enough ~ not so easily fooled as Trump’s cult followers are!
Trump IS the biggest fhreat to our Nat’l. Security! And the only people who believe his lies, trust him at all, are ppl who live here & identify as GOP!