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As Trump Sows Chaos, Sanders and Schumer Call on McConnell to Hold Public Hearings, Help Restore Confidence in Election Integrity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/trump-sows-chaos-sanders-and-schumer-call-mcconnell-hold-public-hearings-help

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From my perspective, hearings are a waste and a joke. If Trump loses he will contest the election as a fraud; and if Trump wins, it will not be contested by the dems,and even if it is, the Supreme Court will probably rule in the favor of Trump.

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Asking the main enabler of chaos to suddenly think of calm deliberate action is unbelievable.

The “resistance” to the GOP raping and pillaging of our country needs a new plan.


If the system wants the confidence, it must supply the integrity. System needs a big flush.

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The GOP has been the party of “by any means necessary” to win elections for a very, very long time now.

The democrats continue to be more and more impotent with each “push back” against republican rule.

Says a lot about human nature that a bunch of death-cult plutocrats haven’t been culled as they seem to want to do to the rest of us.

We’ve been totally screwed my entire adult life, but it was 2000 when it really went into the latrine.


Yes, let the ineffectual bleating begin in earnest. The earnestness is the key element. How else are they to convince us that they are on the case? “We’re doing everything we can,” to quote Ronald Reagan, as prompted by Nancy Reagan.


What happened in 2000? You mean the new millenium?

The Supreme Court intervened and installed Dubya. With that it was as if the the government tills were deemed fair game for full scale pillaging.

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Creating a bipartisan committee and consulting with state and local officials might have some benefit in at least publicizing accountability and giving local and regional concerns media coverage.

I would believe the Democrats except they have spent the last 50 plus years ignoring the Republican election rigging, voter suppression,and other election manipulations–it is like they went to sleep after passing the VRA-couldn’t even mount a decent defense of it and are just now realizing their peril–many years too late–if they truly wanted election integrity they would propose that EVERY citizen has a positive right to vote–the reality --they do not want everyone to vote anymore than than the Republicans(see what they are doing right now to suppress the votes by stopping the inclusion of the Green party on many ballots)–why the people -if given a chance–might vote for a socialist or some damn thing

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