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As Trump Sows Division, Poor People's Campaign Ignites 'Transformative Action' to Address Interwoven Injustices

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/21/trump-sows-division-poor-peoples-campaign-ignites-transformative-action-address


Just another Common Dreams headline that will be forgotten tomorrow.

Where were all the “woke” people when they could have put the Sanders campaign over the top (perhaps in spite of Bernie himself)? Where were LeBron and Malcolm Jenkins? Where was Bubba Wallace? Where was Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, and Hollywood generally? Our trade union “leaders?”

We need targeted boycotts of major corporations. Pick 'em off. That’s transformative action.


This country has long mistaken greeders to be leaders. The pigeonholing of Bernie is Exhibit A.


Be it too little too late…this country needs all these factions to come together to eliminate the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy developed by the elites. After the freedom of slaves,their thought process was and is to fragment society to fight within itself and therefore maintain the elitist control of all citizens. As we can see the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy worked beautifully for them. All citizens must come to the realization that they have been conned by the elites for centuries and decide that coming together- and by some miracle getting the military to agree -is the only way to put an end to it.


Everybody needs to see this, teens across America out-witted Trumps campaign staff, and is the reason for the failure and low turn-out for his rally.


These teens rock.


I watched the presentation yesterday. It was very professional and informative. And yes they covered many, many topics. I learned a lot. I commend them for their effort and hope they can succeed in reversing the “evil and intolerable injustices” they are fighting.


Love to see these trump rallies where no one is wearing a mask. Darwin would be proud.


I have read of multiple shootings occurring in the USA that are linked to these protests. One in Texas, Seattle and now Minnesota all come to mind.

That divide and conquer strategy has led to a whole lot of hate between peoples depending on where they sit on the Political spectrum and through this all , as people are out of work, go ever more into debt and see future prospects diminish , the one percent are seeing massive increases in personal wealth.

The 1 percent is the enemy. It always has been. The system called Capitalism which they use to gain control of everything divides people against one another where everyone BUT the 1 percent is seen as the enemy and people believe that all that keeps them from becoming one of the 1 percent is some poor person next door.

Capitalism is the great swindle. The people are all trapped in a great lie.


In my opinion, it would not have made any difference because the egregious and corrupt DNC picked Biden about a year ago.

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Bernie, has been used to collect millions of $$$ and tell progressives what they wanted to hear in both 2016 and 2020. I recognized the DNC con in 2016 but was excoriated by some of Bernie’s acolytes for saying it then.


There’s no alternative to marching on the streets physically. There has to be precautions taken to avoid covid-19 but if we want revolutionary changes we must accept casualties.


Interwoven systemic problem…sort of right. It’s a complex global system not only affective homo sapiens but all beings. And it’s so far out of balance that the very planet we depend on to exist is in danger of losing her ability to support life.
We must join, globally, with all the beings at risk from the few. With Indigenous Peoples(Happy Indigenous People’s Day!), with those who know how to live in balance. Elders and children are now most at risk from the latest wealth-made peril. What about having Elders teach out children the basics of life. Like cooking and cleaning, all the while telling the stories of the culture.
Those who are in positions of power in an organization allegedly meant to eliminate the power of others are still in a power-over position. Circles of affected people, each having power within to help heal the self-hate that’s taught globally are much more effective. Consensus, not one majority view.
As long as we group think using positions of power as leaders, nothing will be solved. We’ll go along shambling over the Extinction cliff. Yes, even the billionaires will go…


Well said,
Thank you!

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A great way to show disdain for “divider-in-chief” -2.
Bush being trump’s forerunner.

Protesting is great, but alone it won’t change leadership.
You have to have access to a spend copious amounts of money to achieve that.
And then only if the voting system is fair.

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And this is how it needs to be done - on the sidewalk in front of their homes. this should include all Corporate CEO’s who need to get the message also.

’No Justice, No Sleep!’: Dawn Protest Over Police Killing of Breonna Taylor Outside McConnell’s Kentucky Home


I wanted to respond to the framing of this article with the assertion that it is Trump who sows division.

I considered quoting some of the stuff I see constantly on Facebook and Twitter that is all about attacking, demeaning, ridiculing, and/or hating Trump and his base.

Thank you, Barton, for saving me that trouble.

Sowing division runs both ways from both teams.

Worth noting that in addition to the issues mentioned in the article, the Poor People’s Campaign also recognizes as one of its main demands addressing the Ecological Crisis we face - a crisis that has at its roots the same systemic problems as the other issues, but with apparently much more widespread consequences…

As stated on the PPC website:

The truth is that our policies have not fundamentally valued human life or the ecological systems in which we live. Instead, it has prioritized private, corporate and financial interests over our precious natural resources.

The truth is that the poor live on the frontlines of climate change and bear the brunt of costs and impacts of climate volatility.

We have a fundamental right to clean water, air and a healthy environment and public resources to monitor, penalize and reverse the polluting impacts of fossil fuel industries.


You persist in your fantasy that there was some democratic option to be exercised to get the Democrat Party to offer the people their own selection.

Don’t be fooled your whole life. Once we get enough citizens over their fantasy that their corporate party is in any way affected by their preferences, we all can free ourselves.


“United we stand. Divided we fall.” This is so true & we see proof of that all around us today. We are divided, as a people. Attacking each other. Trump preaching & nurturing hatred & intolerance. And yes, that is beneficial to the1%, the wealthy elite, the ruling minority. Alas, our"

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There’s a reason we fight each other instead of the one percent–they own us, as well as the police and military. It’s the Stockholm Syndrome–we know that if we try to fight them we’re going to lose big time, so we fight each other as there’s an even chance of winning. I’m looking for a leader now who will fight for all of us. It would have been Bernie, but now, I don’t know. Perhaps those ultra-smart young people who tricked Trump will be just the ticket.