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As Trump Spikes Fear of Nuclear War, Hawaii to Bring Back Cold War Air Raid Sirens

As Trump Spikes Fear of Nuclear War, Hawaii to Bring Back Cold War Air Raid Sirens

Julia Conley, staff writer

"As we track the news and see tests, both missile launches and nuclear tests, it’s the elephant in the room."

Trump spikes fear of nuclear war in Hawaii? Somebody please stop our insane, presidents frenzy of bellicosity… before it is too late and this lunatic murders millions by provoking North Korea into a nuclear war! The mere fact that Hawaii is taking these precautions tells me we could be on the eve of nuclear destruction.

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Un-effing-believable. Carry the demented dimwit and his host of flying monkeys in the WH and cabinet and dump them into the erupting volcano in Bali under the guise that there will be a retreat for same held by the emperor at his expense… At least the gods of the underworld will be appreciative for the human sacrifices.

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Would it be illegal to assassinate the president of the United States if that is the only way to stop him from launching a totally illegal insane war that would kill millions of innocent people? I mean, if the war is completely unprovoked, therefore completely illegal, it would be hard to prosecute the son of a bitch when we’re all dead. Just asking.

This may seem like a little thing but as a person of Hawaiian ancestry, people who live in Hawai’i are not called Hawaiians. They are residents of Hawai’i. Only those with Hawaiian blood are called Hawaiian.

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And here we are with the media obsession of dirty old men hitting on women. The age-old child-rearing problem of boys in men’s bodies playing out their childhood fantasies in real life and believing they are attractive to women no matter how ugly and every woman, working at being as attractive as she can be every day. It is part of the American male-female culture. It is part of the American DNA. Meanwhile old grab them by the pussy is marching us into a nuclear war that will incinerate all of us sexually depraved or not. I wonder what the cockroaches will be obsessed with?

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My wife, who is the biggest pacifist I know, said recently: Why doesn’t someone shoot him?". My thoughtless response was: “Because those that would shoot him voted for him and still support him”. On thinking that over I had not realized how true that was. We need to let democracy try to work, no matter how feeble it seems right now. Listen to Tom Steyer, democracy does have a few supporters. Remember 10.6 million more people voted for other. 3 million for Clinton and 8.6 million for Stein and Johnson and other. We need to fix our election system. It is a global joke.

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Yes, I agree. I’m a pacifist too. I totally oppose all violence.

"A missile launched from North Korea could take just 20 minutes to reach Hawaii, according to the Defense Department, but officials say that if all 1.4 million residents of the state’s eight islands follow precautions, at least 80 percent of Hawaiians could survive a nuclear attack."

Insanity. These discussions are the new normal.

According to the military planners, IF everyone follows precautions, ONLY 280,000 people will be vaporized, burn to death, die of radiation poisoning etc.

A small sacrifice in Trump’s mind to maintain his ego supremacy.


“… and have enough food and water to last at least 48 hours.”

Uuhh, you might want to check with the people of Puerto Rico on that one. You know Hawaii is a system of islands surrounded by water, lots and lots of water, big water.

My guess is that residents there should expect to have to survive on their own for several months at least while the broken bankrupt former empire tries to pull its head out of its ass.

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Another perspective


On a technical note, Honolulu is about 4600 great-circle miles from North Korea, while Seattle is about 5000 miles from N Korea. Not a big difference. Of course, Anchorage is a lot closer to N. Korea than either- only about 3600 miles.

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Why is the focus on North Korea? These launches wouldn’t occur if the stuff wasn’t made in China and assembled and launched in NK with Russian engineers. We are being played like fiddles with missing strings and our cretin leader is marching us right into the swamp.