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As Trump Spouts Last-Minute Lies, Top Pennsylvania Officials Make Clear: 'Election Will Not End' Until All Ballots Are Counted

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/trump-spouts-last-minute-lies-top-pennsylvania-officials-make-clear-election-will

If we could ‘deduce the will of the people’, these two candidates
would not be on the ballot. We would be electing the President of The
United States not the President of The Empire.and Corporate Warmongers.


But,alas, they are on the ballot. So suck it up and vote the obvious choice, Biden /Harris. Once this Orange Nightmare, our would be dictator is gone, we the people must remain involved in order to get the type of governance we need so desperately.


Top Pennsylvania Officials Make Clear: ‘Election Will Not End’ Until All Ballots Are Counted

Obviously these top PA officials are Democrats. What really matters is what Trump’s SC judges have to say when the inevitable 3rd appeal to stop the counting is made to them. I don’t feel really good about that…

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It’s not obvious the PA officials are Democrats. There are some GOP who are still making an effort to appear in favor of the republic. The Texas Supreme Court and a far right wing federal judge have already upheld drive-in voting in Texas thereby saving 120K + mostly Democratic votes from the trash bin.


The dogmatic Republican will always bunker down in his delusions.

On the plus side, today is also going to bring the independent voter to the polling place.(ENTER a bit of PRAGMATISM.)


I’m from Western PA, we “sucked it up” when OUR party, (some of these same neoConfederate Dixiecrats) helped install Reagan, then followed by supporting Poppy Bush, then his imbeciel son (one wet-brained racist in particular, who backed ALL their wars, mass incarceration, privatized destruction of our Social Security, parting-out Medicare, installing their authoritarian Randian idealogues into OUR Judiciary, offshoring our jobs, red-lining folks into hopless, carcinogenic slums, only to gentrify them out to flip poor workers’ homes, tear down competing business districts…) When right-wing mostly union Democrats voted in Reagan and our city lost 130K decent paying jobs in a couple years, the party’s only answer was to become crooked Libertarians (without all the anti-war/authoritarian/liberty pretense). We had no Mafia, between Youngstown & Greensburg, since a few kleptocratic BOSS cartels took their place. We’ve ALL watched dead-eyed 4th-5th generation criminals frack a giant reservoir, simply water-down radium-flavored fracking brine to gavage our kids, turn blue collar heaven into opioid Cancer Valley hell, smugly throw one election after another. Chuck Schumer sneeringly threw us REAL, life-long LOYAL JK Galbraith-ian DEMOCRATS away… their silly bad-cop vs psychotic-nazi-cop protection scheme simply gets more grotesquely blatant each time! DNC’s reinstalling Trump. (But, YES, they’re doing it in a pragmatic, hardball way!)

~https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/11/mckinsey-deloitte-charge-big-bucks-to-states-for-botched-covid-projects.html (LOTE, and the choice is invariably THEIRS)





The Green Party will draw votes from both Republicans and Democrats. And it may draw the most votes from those who choose not to vote for the Dems or the Repubs. Vote Green… visit their website; great vision.

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We the people will need every vote due to the blatant machinations, cheating and theft of our right to vote and have those votes counted honestly.
I truly believe this moment in America is more like the thirties in Germany than I feel comfortable with.


I think it a shame you fail to understand the importance of this election and the damage Trump and his band of brown shirts would inflict upon this nation and the world with another four years.
I say this as a long term registered Green who has worked to build that party since its arrival on these shores.


Maybe you misread RazedAwareness’ post. They are not voting for Trump, which equals zero votes for Trump.


Clearly. Today the die is cast, with the last of our ballots, on what’s looking likely to be the largest USA voter turnout in 150 years (according to Amy Goodman this morning). I’ve said before that I can’t believe so many US Americans are making a special effort to vote this time because they want to make sure child-torture continues. I’m having trouble tamping down expectations of huge changes emerging today – changes for the better, in solidarity with fellow human beings. My basis for this expectation is that so many voters I see look like human beings. Take heart, have courage: We’re getting something we need, today. It can be a grave offense against the jinx-god to celebrate prematurely… I can’t help it: my perception of overwhelmingly human motivations might be difficult to refute.

Powerful efforts might go into stealing the franchise anyhow, but at that point the oppressors would be so overtly treading on a whole lot of toes – potentially prepared to hit the streets as necessary.


Fuck the Federal Government until the States have enshrined it. That is how the Constitution is worded.

I deeply regret my Green Party vote in 2016. I hope CD’ers don’t shame me for admitting this. State of life on this earth/ecosystems is in free fall now and trump et al have shoved the ship over the cliff.

And yes, I know the Dems helped get us to this point.

My hatred of the DNC and HRC got in the way of thinking things through in 2016.

I was warned by many that we could face a catastrophe on the Supreme Court should trump get in. I was irritated when I heard that----I thought: “same old, same old tactics to get progressives to be herded over to the dems like ‘sheep’.” I was pissed that people were pushing me to vote for evil again with LOTE vote.

So in my swing state of Wisconsin I helped trump get in by voting green. It’s difficult to come to terms with that.

While I despise HRC I believe she would not have demolished the (meager) environmental laws in place as trump has. We would not have science denying, fact denying SCOTUS appointments.

We would have gotten a much better grip on covid and our country would not be in dire straights right now with this virus.

While I knew how bad trump would be I never imagined just how over the top malignant he and his enablers are.

I never imagined the malignancy of trump would be like the most aggressive form of cancer spreading throughout the u.s. at lightning speed.

As a fellow Green Party supporter, I feel the same way. In my opinion, Trump is so evil that this year we are left with the LOTE.


“when the Supreme Court gave [Pennsylvania] an extension, they made a very dangerous situation. And I mean dangerous, physically dangerous.”

That quote by Trump tells me this election is going to get very ugly before it is over. The fact that a POTUS would make such an egregious and blatant violent, acerbic statement means one thing: the only way Trump will leave the Oval office is kicking and screaming in an orange jump suit!


Caroline- thank you for your vote in 2016.
The Mass Media really puts out the idea that a vote for the Greens is a vote not for the Democrats,etc… By having the Greens, one provides a choice for the disenheartend Dems & Repubs, a choice for the ones who would not vote… I encourage all to view the website of the Greens to see their platform… this is visionary… A Biden presidency will really not be that much of a change from the status quo… Have the Courage to vote your conscience.

Conscience: the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action: to follow the dictates of conscience . the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.

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First time in decades i’ve voted for a duopoly candidate, but i did.


Just because he babbles does not mean he has gangs ready to roll. Trump’s voters are in no way the kind of mass organization that Hitler for example had in Germany. Not to say they’re not dangerous! But there’s also lots of room for Trump’s bluster to fizzle out.

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Yes, not yet. Trump is reported to have an estimated 85 million acolytes on twitter and if that fact does not scare the hell out of you…nothing will!