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As Trump Spreads 'Division' and 'Denial' in SOTU Address, Sunrise Movement Will Present Plan to Achieve Green New Deal


As Trump Spreads 'Division' and 'Denial' in SOTU Address, Sunrise Movement Will Present Plan to Achieve Green New Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While much of the nation's attention will be fixed on President Donald Trump's State of the Union address and the numerous rebuttals, the Sunrise Movement is kicking off its Green New Deal week of action Tuesday night with a livestreamed webinar that will lay out a game plan to radically

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"Dispel all the Lies, join the Sunrise Movement."

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What #SOTU⁠ ⁠under the @realDonaldTrump regime?

The one that should be sanctioned by the rest of humanity because of #ClimateChangeDenial?

The one that should be militarily opposed for violating the #UNCharter because of threats against the existing #Venezuela government?

The one that should result in a national, indefinite #generalstrike because of increasing inequality exacerbated by #taxcuts for the #oligarchs?

The one where millions of people still have to choose between #shelter, #food and #healthcare because there is no #MedicareForAll?

The one where #peopleofcolor are under constant threat from #lawenforcement, the #poor under threat of food insecurity and the #homeless and #unhoused under threat from both as well as freezing to death?

The one where #refugees and #asylumseekers are murdered and abused by government officials and private contractors as well as denied #dueprocess under #internationallaw?

I refuse to watch the charade of the #SOTU2019⁠ ⁠by this wannabe dictator. #MAGA my ass.



Yes, Emperor Trump deals in ‘dividing’ America —- as Kamala Harris strongly stated in her campaign announcement:

“The wealthy seek to divide America” — and Americans.

Which is why I commented this truth on the NY “Times”:



Across the evening sky, all the birds are leaving.
But how can they know it’s time for them to go?
Before the winter fire, I will still be dreaming.
I have no thought of time.
Sad, deserted shore, your fickle friends are leaving.
Ah, but then you know it’s time for them to go.
But I will still be here, I have no thought of leaving.
I do not count the time.
And I am not alone while my love is near me.
I know it will be so, until it’s time to go.
So come the storms of winter
and then the birds in spring again,
I have no fear of time,
For who knows how my love grows?
And who knows where the time goes?



The one that should have his head on a Spike in Town Square…And the Rich will All say OK, and pay the new tax proposed for them. The Green Deal will not get off the ground unless they plan a Resistance with Force if needed… Not brave enuf yet and planning another pacifist blunder? don’t bother.



Full of platitude and trite. Written by a committee of two Conway and Miller. Missing; substance and how. At least the idiot stayed on script and read the teleprompter Abrams ruled the night…



Great song. I could hear Judy Collins in my head as I read the lyrics. Thank you for a reminder of the Beauty in the World.

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Tomorrow the State of the Union will be given by President Trump. You should anticipate a platform of propaganda. President Trump will strive for chaos, strife and false allegations under the guise of unity. There will be periodic disruptions. This will be Trump’s greatest moment for himself.



Yesterday’s excuse for a SOTUS was simply the latest in a perennial series of Trump campaign rallies.

Trump never stopped campaigning. His sole role in governing has been to provide distraction while the GOP mobves forward their forty year backlog of fascist appointments and legislation.



The Sunrise Movement needs to take stock of just how much support their proposals get from the rank and file d-party members of Congress. Because if it’s the usual paltry handful of A-OCs, Rashidas, and Bernies, it’ll be time to reckon with the reality of abandoning the Ds in favor of becoming the youth movement that created a truly liberal and committed alternative.

And I’ll be frank: If the Sunrise Movement is content to bother with the d-party even when it’s obvious the Ds will offer nothing more than half measures to deal with the greatest crisis of our lives, then I’ll question whether I want to bother with the Sunrise Movement.

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Keep speaking the truth to power Jake!

I hope Common Dreams understands your value and doesn’t get purchased and neutered as propaganda for neolibs in the DNC. I remember great sites that have fallen to the lure of $$$…Crooks and liars, Democratic Underground, Raw Story, Alternet, etc…

When progressive sites speak truth to power, those sites become popular and are often sold to become tools of propaganda.



Exactly what I hoped to convey.

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Trump says we can’t have war and investigation at the same time. Well I don’t know about you’all but that’s a no brainer for me. “NO MORE WAR.”
Does Trump say that, thinking he has the people of America convinced we need to be at war somewhere, anywhere? I say he is wrong on that subject.
One of our great mathematicians on this site should try to give an estimate of how many freedom seekers it would take to storm the castle without weapons.



Trump showed his lack of character, integrity, and intelligence. Remember when Clinton or Obama, and even W once in a while, when asked a question, would take 5 seconds to digest and then give a thoughtful answer. Trump just blurts out his innate betrayal to everything but himself.
I’m talking about Trump disgustingly referring to Adam Schiff as a hack after pretending he didn’t even know who he was shitting on.
Wish that write-in candidate Alfred E. Neuman would have won.