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As Trump Stalls, Observers Warn Business Empire Could Cause 'Unprecedented Threat'

Here’s another point to watch for emoluments concerns:

an office building on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, of which Mr. Trump is part owner, carries a $950 million loan. Among the lenders: the Bank of China, one of the largest banks in a country that Mr. Trump has railed against as an economic foe of the United States, and Goldman Sachs

I was pointed to this August NYT piece by citations in MotherJones.

I think the idea is plausible, except for the fact that impeachment for that offense requires the action of congress who is like a pack of hyenas waiting for the lions to finish eating on the carcass of the United States so they can get their fill too.

My wife agrees, but what can we do about it? she cries! So, what can we do, short of a general strike, which seems to be the only non-violent (I have no illusions that it won’t turn violent really quickly) way to send a message that we won’t work for DJT or anyone else, so that man can enrich himself. Stock up now on food for yourself and a neighbor who is living paycheck to paycheck, and prepare to stop working for one common day first. I propose if he hasn’t sold off, or truly blind trusted his company not to his kids, by this date, that it be January 21st.

It’s an idea, I suppose, but I think it has to be proposed somewhere more general than CD. And, I’m afraid, it reveals speaking from a certain place of privilege. What about those of us living check to SS check?

I will try not to take offense, but I paid for my privileges by going to school and paying attention and learning as much as I could. Did I need remedial work to get fully college educated? Absolutely. But I got a job went to night school and applied myself. Like I said, those of us who are better off, not making any judgements on privilege, who care enough to be on a site like CD, might step up and be willing and make yourselves able to help out the others. Look, I t’s going to get a lot worse before things get better, and it’ll be a whole lot worse for them before it gets that bad for me, so raising awareness of the hardships ahead can only help folks prepare. I’m willing to go up to the front lines and do battle now before it gets worse. The alternative is like Clinton wanted us to keep sedately heading towards, which is having our economy take us workers and professionals into wage-slavery, which is still slavery. Then all they need do is stop giving cola raises and after 10-20 years of that you too won’t make enough to live anywhere except under some bridge, malnourished and unable to fight for your rights. They’re only rights if we can make good our claim on them…= fight for them.

There are plenty more than 2 alternatives. But here’s what it comes to, fighting among ourselves and veering clear off the topic of the DJT business empire.

I’m also afraid you sound more and more like those with the privilege of focusing on wealth rather than income, and I don’t care how hard you had to work for it. Some of us on the income side also worked very hard, even reached places where we might have been socking away wealth. But circumstances and life choices don’t always go that way. Thank goodness for Social Security and enough of a stake in the Trust Fund for early retirement to provide an option while disability remains unresolved. And btw, since the economy is doing so well, my COLA raise for 2017 comes to $5 a month.

And yet I’m saying I’m willing to stand up and help fight against DJT.

I have suggested a general strike as a potentially significant response to the election outcome. You believe this is a bad idea? Do you have a better one? This idea of his that he’ll get to do whatever he wants to enrich himself because of his position completely without being called on the conflict of interest and without impact to the wheels of commerce should be challenged as early as we can muster. I would see an army of “human resources” standing in the roads on the day after, or the very day of his inauguration, blocking all progress, to show him otherwise.

And yes I would do this now despite the pain and hardship I know it will cause, for delaying the pain and hardship only compounds the interest.

I am looking forward to SSI being there for me when I retire, and am aware of the shenanigans pulled by Reagan to deliver a disgusting tax break to those who truly are focusing on wealth at the expense of the rest of us. They want to reneg on paying back the loan they used to create their wealth. I wish I had some of that myself. However even if one did have the “privilege” of focusing on wealth, whatever that means, if they are willing join the fight for justice and equal access to opportunity, then I’d welcome them with open arms.

Never said anything against the idea of a general strike, or of opposing DJT’s accession in general. We’re getting sidetracked into details of your choice of how to present your proposal. I’d like to get back to his business empire and the threat it poses, or to just let things drop.

Your idea was to have a republican congress impeach him and a republican senate convict him, which I will grant is probably every bit as in-credible as wage slaves amassing in the streets. At least I can imagine the latter happening.