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As Trump Surges, New Polls Underscore 'Bernie Blackout'



Anyone that has followed Bernie's campaign doesn't need polls to know that the corporate MSM has blacked out Bernie and give a plethora of coverage to the Trump campaign. So that even what little chance Bernie may have is marginalized because his message is not being heard.


"his campaign is an affront to the corporate-dominated system"...Thank You Bernie.

Media Lap Dogs are well trained.

I'd call this the Primary National Security Issue of the last 20 yrs.


I think the fear that Donald Trump could actually be elected president is driving the news. The Republican establishment is afraid he can wreck the party and don't seem to have an answer. Average people are afraid because of his verbal attacks on Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, Muslims, and women. Reporters who have actually seen Trump's speeches say that he does devote a significant portion to economics such as the TPP but that stuff doesn't get on news shows. Other than Trump and Cruz, who seems to have replaced Carson as the number two person, not much attention seems to be paid to any candidates including Hillary Clinton. I think Bernie Sanders like the other candidates simply cannot compete for news time with Trump and his outlandish statements. Much of the time on the news shows is devote to just trying to figure out who Trump's supporters are. And more recently, how are his statements being taken the rest of the world. When it comes to Trump there is a lot to discuss. I guess he will continue to take up time in the media unless he drops in the polls.


I think the strategy is to give Trump enough rope to hang himself so that repub voters will think him too flakey to be a serious republican candidate (eventually).

I think the media oligarchs fear Sanders and the strategy is literally to blackball - blacklist - blackout the guy completely. They know that any coverage of Bernie will sound like he is very popular with people so they have simply kept his name off the air.

Not seen not heard not voted for.

Did you think oligarchy would always remain behind the scenes and not thrust their power right in your face? We do not have a free press in the mainstream media... we have an owned press and employees follow orders.

Bernie is getting a very overt and undisguised blackout treatment... and that is because he really does scare them. He isn't owned and is too old to be bought.

Yay Bernie. You scare the big boys. Go Bernie... shake em up ... for all of us.


Hillary has been deemed the next President by the establishment. End of story.


In your comment. you are assuming that the corporate media is "reactive" in their coverage and actually allocates coverage of news based on the spontaneous ascendance of a person or issue with attention given to to the more sensational, "squirm-in-seat" or "tear-jerking" appeal of the issue. That is not how the media works. The US corporate media (and this includes NPR/PBS) covers what it covers and ignores what it ignores based on the economic interests of its big-business advertisers and their wealthy owners and investors. The "business community" regards Bernie as nothing but bad news. So, even if he were as colorful and outrageous (on the left) as Trump in on the extreme right, you would still see him totally memory-holed in the US media.

If you have not done so already, please read "Manufacturing Consent - The Political Economy of the Mass Media by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky. Almost any work by the media analyst and scholar Robert McChesney is very good too.


Wow. 81 minutes versus 20 seconds - for primary candidates who poll equally in their parties. Does the US corporate media continue to amaze and disgust or what?


I don't believe there is any conspiracy by so-called oligarchs to keep Bernie Sanders out of the news media. If you actually follow the news media you must know he as has had plenty of exposure. Excerpts from many of his speeches in front of large crowds have been shown. He has had many long interviews on major news media. Of course he has appeared in two debates with plenty of exposure. I think he has been getting less exposure recently because events outside his control which have brought attention in the news to things which are not his issues such as gun control and terrorism. I don't see where the oligarch conspiracy theory stands up to the facts. Sanders has had plenty of coverage and would probably receive a lot more except for the unusual circumstances regarding Trump. Sanders was even on Ellen and did a little dance. What more do want the major media to do?


The MSM covers Donald Trump for the same reason lots of people watch their neighbor's house burn down and don't offer to help. They just stand there, slack mouthed, and later say to themselves, " we'll I'm sure glad it isn't my house. I wonder what those people were doing wrong? " Bernie Sander's supporters, meanwhile, volunteer to help in any way they can and take note of the people watching their neighbor's house burn down; remarking later, " the old neighborhood has really gone to hell, lately. And, why does it now take an hour for the fire trucks to get here? " There are only 2 types of people in the MSM's political universe in 2016, it appears. The people who swallow their manufactured, bullshit bait hook, line and sinker and those not biting. Since the sole role of the MSM is to sell bait 24/7; why, oh why, would they waste their time with people who simply won't fall for it? And, who also know that " bait and switch " is the only thing those who support the overbearing status quo, as the MSM owners do, really are promoting, yet again. That, or much worse, in the case of Trump and now Cruz. ( Passive acceptance of overripe spoon fed bait, as well. ) Senator Sanders has said numerous times, " the revolution is about you being personally involved in America's rescue, growth and success and not you as merely spectator. " Bernie is more than holding his own in states that matter in Election 2016 despite the MSM snubs. And, that's something no other candidate of either party can say with a straight face, btw. Go Bernie, Go!!!


Compare that scare mongering loudmouth with the guy, they just voted in north of here: https://twitter.com/JustinTrudeau/status/675314389541629952/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Bernie Sanders may not be quite as good looking, but he too could make us great and compassionate again


Might be a conspiracy but most likely not. It's probably the same reason the media ignores, Cruz. He's second best in the republican field. Sanders is second in the democratic field. Shrillary is polling more then 20% above Sanders. Trump has only about 15% on Cruz. We heard a lot about Carson when he was nose to nose with Trump until his campaign cratered.

It's the usual thing. Nobody cares about second best.


Lets hope some of Bernie"s "great and compassionate" character rubs off on TPP and CETA-promoting Justin Trudeau.


Sanders is 2nd in polls that exclude younger voters. He dominates online polls.


Elections in this country are a farce. They are only held in an attempt to give legitimacy to a corporate and banking industry - family owned government.


Elections are reality shows on steroids.


who needs conspiracy in a money-market economy where everything is about ensuring the capstones elite's dominance and maximizing profit at the expense of humanity. the corruption is inherent in the very system itself.


Well, he's polling first if you only ask his base. Kinda like walking into a baptist church and asking who believes in Jesus.


a Fox News survey released on Sunday found Clinton beats Sanders in Iowa 50 to 36 percent.<

I'll believe that when they discover Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Don't ever trust the lame stream media's so-called "surveys", whether they're saying Sanders and Trump share the same percentage support, or when they report that Sanders is "second in the Democratic field" or even when Sanders is leading Hillary by 3 percent. My feeling is that Sanders is already beating Hillary and all other politicians, Repugs and Dems, by a very wide margin, and that he almost certainly has more than double the support Trump has. The mass media like to keep it close so that when their favorites "win" - as they've been anointed to win - the "result" would be more convincing.


Actually you got iy right with your other post

"Elections are reality shows on steroids."

Sander's "hate the rich, get more free stuff" message is a horse that has been beaten to death since OWS pitched its first tent in Zucotti Park. Trump, however, comes up with some new outrageous quote every other week.