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As Trump Threatens Postal Service Amid Pandemic, #SaveUSPS Urges Bulk Stamp Purchases and Congressional Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/13/trump-threatens-postal-service-amid-pandemic-saveusps-urges-bulk-stamp-purchases-and


USPS should tell Trump that if they don’t get financial help they will be forced to stop work on the Donald Trump stamp.

Just don’t tell Trump that stamps cannot be issued until the subject is deceased, although it would be no surprise if the best Congress money can buy revised that rule.


In Alaska, many people only get mail once a week or even less in the winter months, there is no alternative in many remote areas. Many do not even have Post Offices. One town, used the local bar to distribute the mail once a week. No Postal Service in Alaska would just be devastating for people living in the bush.


“There is no vote-by-mail if there is no postal service,” said one historian.

Isn’t that the whole idea!


Personally, I think we need USPS a lot more than we need nuclear weapons upgrades; or F-35’s. It is very revealing to see what the priorities are for Trump and his Party. In
the middle of the greatest pandemic since 1918, they are using it as an opportunity to
fulfill their wish list. They have long lusted after the destruction and privatization of the
Postal Service, not to save money, but to make more money for-----you got it, the 1 percent.


rump’s ignorance knows no bounds, since he believes the USPS is subject to free-market powers. Republicans just can’t resist attacking a gov’t service that they think they can turn into a cash cow.


In 2006, a Republican (of course) Rep. (Tom Davis) introduced “The Postal Accountability & Enhancement Act.” While buying stamps is a good idea, the following provision of said Act has more to do with the USPS’s willfully-created deficit:
“…Establishes in the Treasury the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund, to be administered by OPM. Requires the Postal Service, beginning in 2007, to compute the net present value of the future payments required and attributable to the service of Postal Service employees during the most recently ended fiscal year, along with a schedule if annual installments which provides for the liquidation of any liability or surplus by 2056.…”
What this means is that the USPS is required to pre-fund retirement benefits for its employees seventy-five years in advance - i.e., for employees yet to be born. The Act’s passage took all of thirteen days to become law.


Why can’t we force the Pentagon to pay its own freight, make a profit sometimes, hold a bake sale if necessary, loot countries that they have overrun to show a better bottom line, never conquer countries that have less than five trillion dollars worth of easy oil under their soil…

Anybody willing to pledge a pan of brownies?

How about a General Custer commemorative stamp?


Probably a good thing you are not POTUS, because if you tried to implement that sane policy you would probably have a contract on your life!


God bless you all. My partner is 20 years with the USPS, and we have watched the Republican Party trying for years to destroy it and privatize it. If Trump succeeds we will lose our home!! HOW CAN AMERICANS BELIEVE THAT THE INVESTOR CLASS WANTS SOMETHING THAT IS BANKRUPT? OBVIOUSLY THEY KNOW THE USPS IS MASSIVELY PROFITABLE IF ONLY THEY ELIMINATE THE RETIREE BENEFITS AND PRE-FUNDING MANDATE AND UNION CONTRACTS. It’s the same with Social Security, the bastards tell you it has to be privatized to save it because they drool over all that free cash they will pocket once they get their greedy hands on it.


The Chilean version of Social Security was privatized under Pinochet. It was lauded as a great success but they were cherry picking numbers. Not only were the people managing the funds raking in the cash as a management fee , but they used the deceptive practice of publishing “average” payouts to make things look better then they were. The problem with average payouts as we all know is that if 1 guy is getting 100000 a year from Social security and 9 others get 1000 then it looks like the “average yearly benefit” is 11000$ which of course is rubbish.

As it turns out the vast majority of Chileans were getting less then the old system and the “privatized” system was making the highest payments to the already rich.

Privatizing always results in the rich getting richer and more poor people sleeping under bridges.


Now the right wing wants to destroy the Postal Service. A few years ago, privatizing the National Weather Service was all the rage. That dope Rick Santorum was behind that. Getting mail delivered to rural, exurban, or unique addresses apparently is not a priority, especially not if vote-by-mail ever could happen. The hard right can always monetize goods and/or services they want, but anything for the regular people is too much to ask, or socialism.


Yes and me and my partner, who works for the USPS are about to find out what getting f–ked by a fascist is really like. Trump has personally intervened in the plague bailout to BLOCK ANY emergency aid to the postal service. It will be bankrupt by September without Congressional funding.
I am at this moment listing stuff on Craigslist for sale. My heavy tools. then the bicycles. But selling in a depression is almost impossible. Jesus f–king Christ.


They can go ahead and put out the Trumpy the clown stamp.
He’s been brain dead for many years.


And go back to payng your bills by mail, and do the census by mail.


Giving money to people who need it also creates a “moral hazard,” but giving money to people who don’t need it—and I include the corporate “people” who crashed the economy in 2008 most especially—somehow does not.

I wish I understood.


I was thinking about whether reduced days a week for delivery made sense. Vote by mail could work with 1 day a week delivery if ballots are mailed enough in advance (mine for CA come many weeks before election day). But I would be unhappy to go that low. I don’t see any problem with going to M-Th instead of M-Sat (in fact I think the whole country should go to a M-Th work week (obviously some workers would run shifted schedules as they do now, but all normal business and schools would be M-Th).

And I definiely agree we need USPS more than we need a ton of stuff we pay for that is for the military.


It already takes a first class letter five days to get across the country. I could live with deliveries happening every second day.

There’s still the issue of the United States Postal Service subsidizing the New York Yankees professional baseball team. It sounds corrupt. Also, quite a bit of every public post office is now given over at enormously subsidized rates to private products that are being sold. Next, letter carriers are forced to carry mostly junk mail advertisements at an incredibly cheap rate. Somebody isn’t calculating what it’s actually costing the USPS. Let UPS or Fedex carry the junk mail at their rates.

I hate junk mail, and I want it done away with, but according to @dpearl in this post (~https://commons.commondreams.org/t/postal-service-will-not-survive-the-summer-without-immediate-support-from-congress-say-house-dems/75555/43), and stuff I’ve read elsewhere, it is a money maker not a money loser (I don’t care - I still want to kill it).

I’d be interested on hearing if @1EdBenti has anything to say about that topic given his partner’s job. Likewise with a 6 -> 4 day a week proposal.

So why don’t they require the same pre-funding of retirement benefits for workers at, for example, Wal-Mart or Amazon…Oh silly me…those workers have none.
Never Mind.