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As Trump Threatens Postal Service Amid Pandemic, #SaveUSPS Urges Bulk Stamp Purchases and Congressional Action

The PO should issue a special limited-run $50 stamp honoring the Postal service.

Issue a Commemorstive stamp with Trump’s ugly mug on it & see how fast his cult worshippers would buy them out! Raise much needed money for USPS & feed Trump’s bloated ego.

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Could be far wrong, but it looks like we are being taken down.



Which means that even if the VIRUS has moved on by November, the elderly,
handicapped, and those who are ill will be unable to vote by mail – and their
votes likely will be lost.

All win/win for fascism –

And the FATES seem to be working overtime for them –


That is why they created the ‘agreement’ to privatize everything’. The old public services were/are too efficient and they promote professionalism. In medicine, and many other services, like education, IT, and engineering, in particular, as well as in postal services, (think about the implications for privacy of corporations delivering mail, they are likely to sell information on what people receive, just like cable providers sell information on customers Internet activity, oftentimes really important information, which can alter peoples lives)

this is extremely important. Corporations are inherently unaccountable. Thats their reason for existence.

It could mean big differences in both quality and accountability. Don’t let them steal it.

The Postal Service is extremely important because of its universal services guarantee.

Privatized services can and often do dump the unprofitable activities that public utilities did.

At some point when we weren’t looking a whole new set of values based on “efficiency” (whatever is most profitable, period) got switched for the values we all share and made into the law we’re supposed to follow. This means that all promises can be broken now, if its more profitable to do so. (Read up on the Law and Economics Movement, which is the underlying ideology of neoliberal thought.) Even human lives can and are devalued if they earn lower wages. Providing a legal justification to pollute and destroy nature or god knows what else, it could become really bad, based on the agenda of what IMHO is a twisted cult of “efficiency”.

So, watch out!

We have to get our country and democracy and planet back.

Also, we should better protect the right to unionize, all unions are under attack because they stand in the way of a long planned globalization and outsourcing of public jobs. (Which is supposed to become irreversible) Skilled jobs of all kinds that currently sustain communities could become precarious labor that pays barely minimum wage, if that. A bargaining chip used in trade negotiations.

Europeans are fairly well protected but Americans, not so much. What this means is that we may be impacted very heaviliy by services liberalization.

Policyalternatives.ca has some very good material on how this is expected to impact Canada’s postal services. It applies to the US too, as does most of their very well written literature. (under Trade and Investment Research Project)


An international agreement is involved, its called the General Agreement on Trade in Services and its part of the WTO. It changes everything thats public, putting all but “services supplied as an exercise of governmental authority”* on a one way street to eventual privatization and international bidding thats rigged to be next to impossible for domestic firms to win (unless they dropped their wages - even for professionals- to Third World levels)
This is bad news for people who depend on public sector jobs of all kinds, (especially ones where the public contribution is only partial, which are particularly endangered, because they also often have commercial competition, creating a situation that Member governments, especially ones that have made Specific Committments in, are suppoosed to step out of, bit by bit, turning them over completely to the market forces. When involvement is required to prevent a disaster it has to be the most minimual and limited involvement possible, limited in scope, time, and everything else it can be limited in, or its subject to challenge in a court where we the people dont even exist, we have no standing. Also this process is totally removed from voters and even national governments, except indirectly. (Basically a new government to handle economic issues of importance in these areas where business and public interest issues collide has been created and its rigged to exclude the public interest and reduce everything to a set of issues that most of us would reject.

Its a system much like ISDS, but it is technically different because in this particular case its opt-in at least in theory, The US, decades ago committed a bunch of services, dozens of important services, so we technically decided to put these jobs on the table, we’re not being forced to - at least our government isnt, although they may try to portray that as being the case, See Ellen Gould’s excellent “Talking Stick” video explaining how this works on youtube. Its really a must see.
So, this WTO process, although in spirit it is much like ISDS, it is
not ISDS because in the WTO countries sue other countries on behalf of their corporations, instead of the US style agreements which have corporations directly suing governments, i.e. ISDS, and negative list which means countries are automatically committing to privatize and globalise everything unless they exclude it in writing at the beginning. That is simply insane because it will drive an incredible amount of politician dishonesty. No politician is going to admit that they have done this. Its already a very bad situation in that respect, infantilizing politics and making it a parody or theatrical performance with little resemblance to the truth.

And its aready on a sort of autopilot, even under positive listing, (at least for us here in the hyper-neoliberal USA)

negative list makes it much much worse. WTO has a publication that described the difference between positive and negative list, entitled something like “how to write trade agreements in services” Read it, it describes some of the common clauses like standstill, rollback, ratchet too.

This particular court is in Geneva and its closed to the public. One day a year they let people in to walk around and admire the building while its staff are away on vacation.

There are some excellent publications the Council of Canadians policy arm on the effect this has on the Candian postal services. The same issues definitely apply to US postal services, with the caveat that the US - because US firms are big players in delivery services, (a similar situation applies to health care and health insurance) is pushing hard for privatization of postal services everywhere.

Many other countries are trying to preserve their postal services against this push - mostly driven by the US, it seems to me, to privatize them.

Here are two examples of good writing on what this means for Canada that also applies to the US… (with the caveat above)

“The GATS and Canadian Postal Services” By Scott Sinclair and “Return to Sender: The impact of GATS “pro-competitive regulation” on postal and other public services”
by Jim Grieshaber-Otto and Scott Sinclair, both of which are available for download at policyalternatives dot ca under trade and investment research project.

They have tons of excellent publications there, its probably the single best source of info on these back room deals in a form readable by laypeople, as opposed to experts, that I know of.


Your writing reminds me of a lawyer acquaintance of mine who does immigration law up in the Bay Area. Thanks for the tip, although there is a sinking feeling that while expanding my knowledge about GATS this information will further demoralize me with a dreadful feeling of creeping helplessness.

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Its not hopeless because what they are doing is so outrageous that literally almost everybody in the country when iinformed of it thinks its the most outrageous crime, and it is. Thats easy to show. We cant count on the insider politicians to do anything other than continue the performance. the outsider politicians I suspect know nothing about this and indeed genuinely want to fix things. They will see plain as day as will almost everybody else in te country that this is a theft. Its a crime thats supposed to take everything people have left of value. They see us as a burden of dull care around their necks. they want to replace us with newly gullible high spenders from elsewhere in the world. Even they see through it. Narcissists may be incredibly good liars (they have extra brain cells in a certain area none of the rest of us have that seems to be devoted to lying) but they are also incredibly delusional and ultimately, make the very worst leaders, time has proven. They are so bad that they should test for it and prevent them from running for office.

They have a mental illness and they know it. Otherwise they wouldn’t devote so much energy to appearing to be like us, when they aren’t.

Watch that old movie “the Bad Seed” they are kind of like that… (but loving parents would not create a little girl like that, they invariably have stressful, anxious childhoods)

What does your lawyer friend think about WTO dispute DS 503? Does he know its actually about quotas, not fees? He probably does.

Are most of his clients “techies” from Hyderabad?

Thats a preview of whats going to happen to all the good jobs soon. GATS has no mercy, its all economics, if others work for less, they will get the jobs. They are entitled to them. People will have to train their replacements. That means they wont be eligible for any kind of benefit because they will know 9 months in advance that they are losing a job and wont be able to find another one because of this huge sea change. Want to see how far back this goes?

See UN document:

A/RES/44/232. Trends in the transfer of resources to and from the developing countries and their impact on the economic growth and sustained development of those countries.

There it mentions a meeting in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, 15-20 September 1986

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They want to get rid of the postal service because of a trade agreement, every other country knows this, its called “GATS”

I think that what Trump is really after is all of the real estate the Post Office owns.

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No, he wants to get rid of all public services. they employ too many Americans.

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Some of the blogs are controlled by the DNC, they use them to keep tabs on the riffraff.

(speculative humor) Maybe they infect them with a fungus that eats their bloggy-brain from ths inside and then grows a giant spike where their noses used to be, making them look like pinnochio.

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Hi chapdrum:
Hmmm, maybe , since the Post Office has to prepay aII that heath care—maybe the CONGRESS peopIe should have to do the same. WHY stop at only one part of government having to do this? Besides–is it even Eagans to demand from one government area what none of he other government areas have to do?

It appears to be: whatever makes members of Congress richer. They don’t have to take double-standards (as here) seriously.

Is it possible to start a GoFundMe page for the USPS? Give the orange wonder a poke in the eye?

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An international agreement is involved, its called the General Agreement on Trade in Services and its part of the WTO. It changes everything thats public, putting all but “services supplied as an exercise of governmental authority” on a one way street to eventual privatization and international bidding thats rigged to be next to impossible for domestic firms to win (unless they dropped their wages - even for professionals- to Third World levels)

Obviously not generally known by the public – and certainly MSM not discussing this –
as long as these “agreements” can be working more or less secretly they will succeed.
For a government “of, by and for the people” privatization makes no sense – because
there is no privatization without adding a PROFIT MARGIN – and certainly corporations
are only responsible to themselves and those invested in them.

We are controlled by SYSTEMS even when they are not secret – like Patriarchy, for
instance though you will find little discussion of it by MSM.

Americans are not as aware or openly political as other nations – and we remain very
susceptible it seems to “trusting” government which may be a legacy of the FDR years.

If Global Warming isn’t putting enough pressure on us – certainly the DP turning away
from Bernie Sanders is another blocking blow by corporate-fascists who will not permit
change. And it seems we’re letting them get away with it.

Bernie Sanders is part of the problem because he is helping cover up this situation by pretending its not there.

They stole our right to do the things he is putting forward. He’s hiding that. He’s diverting peoples energy away from learning the truth. Meanwhile its becoming more and more impossible to reverse. Young people are flling for a cheap trick.

Like the children of Hamelin they are being led into a hole in the ground, never to be seen again…

The outcome will be loss of millions of jobs to third countries’s privileged, the only people in those countries with advanced educations. (The countries we are being compelled by these agreements to turn over a great many quasi public and public jobs to)

  • if they are cheaper, they will get an entitlement if partial subsidies are involved.

Do you think it makes sense to ship our poor people off to other countries for medical care? Then Bernie is your guy because thats going to be the outcome of believing the lie that its still 1991 or 1992, before GATS signed away our right to regulate.

Meanwhile one to two million poor people have died here while our healthcare system has been rigged so it could not be fixed.

To hide this, a lot of effort has been expended.

Yes, single payer is the only way to do it, after leaving the GATS and leaving TRIPS and leaving WTO.

Even blogs have been rigged, and once progressive media rendered totally unable to tell the truth, (maybe they are being blackmailed or something?)

and many many more in other parts of the world- where is our actual investigation into these WTO “Agreements” like GATS (job trading and services) and TRIPS (drugs)


Deals that when they are explained to people, nobody agrees with.

The outcome of this will be loss of the jobs of the next generation. A total defeat. How are they going to have lives without jobs? (Jobs that will be given to the rich’s children from other parts of the world, people who rarely have talent, just enough money to go to college for six years or more and then work almost for free for many years after that, while Americans are required to pay loans back right away.

This scheme is all very well planned out and it can be traced back more than 30 years.

Our young people will be really screwed. And they will blame our politicians and media.

They will end up being frustrated in every thing they do by lack of the key resources.

No matter how smart they are all their best ideas will be stolen by people with degrees and money. The system will get more and more rigged and they will be very angry. But it will be too late.

You must know I am right by now.


zed –

Bernie Sanders has survived two campaigns – and I’ll remind you there was
also a “heart attack” in the last one that I continue to look at suspiciously –

Do you really believe that fighting International agreements now – which I agree
are illegal and damaging to all labor – with a pandemic VIRUS across United States
entering it’s 6th month of destruction here – and with the power to create another
Great Depression –

While Trump continues to enrich the already wealthy among us – and to make even
poorer the already poor among us – their families and their children???

The Revolution Bernie Sanders has created – IF WE COME OUT AND FACE THESE
FASCISTS – would reverse all fascism … not just some of it. The agreements you’re
talking about are fascism. So are all the trade agreements which do harm to LABOR.

You’re also discounting the power of Global Warming to blow us all away – basically any
moment – but certainly we are threatened by “runaway Global Warming” right now.
What is happening is that NATURE’s systems have been displaced, moving us ever faster
into more severe and numerous events of all types.

Right now in NJ, citizens in Northern NJ are still without power –
Many large grocery stores lost electricity and 3/4’s of their frozen foods melting –
and let’s hope quickly passed on to organizations in line to receive food from them.

Bernie Sanders if fighting the equivalent of a new Hitler – I think that’s enough to concentrate
on for now.

It wouldnt take much for Bernie to get people motivated. Just tell the country about GATS and that its been usxed to steal democracy. Bernie could just tell us whatever reason he has had for not telling us up until now. Whatever it is. Not making anything up. Telling the truth is important. It wouldnt take much for him to shine given how dishonest all the others are. He’s also made a huge mistake to not tell the country the truth. A huge and problematic one. Because we’ve been lied to by the biggest con artists ever. They are literally trying to steal the entire world from ite people and give it to themselves and theuir oligarch friends, imagine that. Steal democracy.

He also needs to stop recommending the same things, as he would have had GATS never been created. Because it stole them as I have been saying. It changed everything.

because unless we are pulling out of gats we cant do any of the things he’s failed to tell us dont work unless we are out of GATS first, instead they all become traps that trigger punitive responses from the WTO. Like losing Social Security and Medicare. Read the Annex on Financial Services. Its right at the beginning. Do it now, I’ll wait. Can I have your promise you will, right now? Just search on that.

zed –

What is motivating you except for a dislike for Bernie Sanders –
what have YOU been doing?


AGAIN – when fascism is overturned here – if we accomplish that – ALL fascism
will be overturned.

Trump is fascism – and HE is in the White House –