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As Trump Threatens to Ship Undocumented Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities, Those Cities Say: We Will Welcome Them


The people did not elect Trump. Our flawed election system did:

Candidate Party Popular Votes

Donald J. Trump Republican 62,980,160
Hillary R. Clinton Democratic 65,845,063
Gary Johnson Libertarian 4,488,931
Jill Stein Green 1,457,050



Trump in the past has threatened Sanctuary Cities with loss of Federal Funds if they don’t cooperate with immigration enforcement:



A Confused Disoriented President who does not know how to stop the immigrants is now resorting to desperate measures to show his Base that he is a leader taking action.

The Dimwitted Bigot knows only 1 issue; people who are not pure white must be kept out of our country.

He ran as a Bigot and apparently had a very receptive audience.

It is not Donald Trump that threatens our Bill of Rights, tragically it is the vast number of American Bigots that support this Buffoon.



Time to send big bus loads of Trump’s base to his special hotels and Mar-a-Lago. Make sure lots of booze on the buses. Make sure they are told they are welcome free.



I’m always surprised when I see those numbers how many votes Gary Johnson who I thought came off as pretty bumbling (not in comparison to Trump) got.

If all states had RCV but the EC stayed as is (certainly not my preference, I’d rather have NPV and RCV), then you might wonder if Trump would have still won since Johnson voters would vote Trump #2. If CBS Exit polls ((https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-news-exit-polls-how-donald-trump-won-the-us-presidency/) were accurate, that turns out to not be true:

The question was how would you vote “if there were only two candidates (Clinton and Trump)”:

Johnson voters: 25% Clinton, 15%Trump, 55% wouldn’t vote
Stein voters: 25% Clinton, 16%Trump, 61% wouldn’t vote
(don’t ask me what happened to the missing 5% of Johnson voters)

If you do the math on just Stein voters (I did this in 2016 and I won’t repeat it here), it wasn’t enough to flip WI, PA and MI, but if you add 10% of Johnson voters in these states to the Clinton column, I believe she would have flipped all 3 and then won (of course you’d want exit polling state by state, to predict better, but you can get an idea).

Now it turned out the be the case if you took 100% of Stein voters in these 3 states and put them into the Clinton column, she would have also won. I believe until more accurate counts came out, this wasn’t true, but I had to admit it was true later, but regardless - this is just about the dumbest comment I heard people make after the election fallout was over - so we do this for just Stein voters (of which I was one, but not in a swing state)? Make an incorrect assumption about what they’d do and ignore any other third party voters?

Conclusion: I’ll take RCV state by state even if we don’t get NPV anytime soon - go Maine!



From what I understand most of the women and children have someone here in the US already working. Calif should except the offer and then allow these people to go where they want.



Why are people missing this------TRUMP IS CREATING THE PROBLEM! This is another call for people from these struggling countries to come to the US because you will be placed with friendly people. Just like Trump saying the border is closing-----what happens? people run for the door before it is closed.

Lets be clear- the media allows the TRUMP SHOW to go on----the media play a dangerous game for NOT calling out Trump and his followers.



Yes, that is the ideal. If I am an immigrant, I would do what is necessary to make sure that Trump is not voted into the White House in 2020. So the ideal may have to be delayed in order for that to happen.



But what are you up against----the corporate media gets it marching orders from wall street. Wall street will want Trump re-elected.



Exactly- they probably "love: the migrants more than they do people who’ve lived here all of their lives and lost their jobs. More political theatre.



Disrespectful. Perhaps you should read Nomadland about seniors who lost everything during the recession, and are now living in old rvs. Funny to you?



Also, there is someone in a near by community who was an immigrant ( recent). He now owns two restaurants, and the crowds flock there. No, he is not a gardener.



Corporate media and Wall Street don’t control the power of grass roots voting or how voting consumers spend their money. Due to that and their greed, we control them, not vice versa. Besides, I don’t think corporate media or Wall Street want Russia ruining their capitalist game, which is Putin’s goal via Trump.

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I am one of those people , I’m lucky enough to have a friend that let me put my camper on his property, living on SS with a disability. So ya I think its funny. Lighten Up.

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What a nice friend you have, and sorry for any misunderstanding.



Sometimes we have to laugh , in order not to cry.

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You are so right- !



I read Nomadland by the way- a real eye opener about the seniors and some others who are not living the American Dream. These are real people in the book and real survivors.