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As Trump Threatens War With Iran, 150 House Democrats Endorse Biden Vow to Rejoin Nuclear Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/trump-threatens-war-iran-150-house-democrats-endorse-biden-vow-rejoin-nuclear-deal

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AIPAC works for Israel and, unless you enjoy fighting for Israel, that has not been good for us when it comes to Iraq, Syria, Iran or the Middle East generally.

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When cats or dogs become overly aggressive, it’s real easy to take them to the Vet and get a little “snip-snip” done and there you have it, a new calmer animal.

Worse case you have to end up putting them down.

Man, we really must rethink about how we allow some humans to endanger us all with their insane behavior.

Put a little sleeping powder in his drink, bring in the Vet and “snip-snip” and save the world.

“One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” solution would be better.

It always appeared that Trump must have had a failed lobotomy at some point.

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Perhaps it could be considered a successful lobotomy.

Would we really allow another war of choice.? I would think we are completely fed up with such aggression.

Too bad his mother and father didn’t have a failed sexual coupling that led to his being born.

Turns out, his parents didn’t “make love,” they "made hate."

“Yet more theatrics? Well, it’ll work, too - we’ll string along the Progressives and the new deal will have all sort of baked-in clauses that even Santa Claus himself wouldn’t be able to deliver on … much less the Iranians … ah, don’t ya just love it? The trained monkeys will still be cursing Trump until at least next summer so we’re in the clear.”

Biden / Harris / Sheepdog Sanders / AIPAC / All Members of Congress

It was Biden who was champing at the bit to attack Russia “electronically” for a dubious hacking allegedly carried out by Russia, but that has no pertinent evidence. Democrats voted over-whelmingly to attack Iraq in 2003, with only fabricated evidence of any threat.
Why don’t they stop pretending that there are two parties? Occupy Wall Street/Federal Reserve and shut them both down already!

I’m sure glad you are not in charge…

Your reply reflects the intelligence and morality of the right-wingers.

Here’s a fun fact that will let you sleep better Vociferous, "I’m not."

Merry Christmas.

That is hardly the insightful, intelligent response that I come to Common Dreams for. Please try reading more to improve your brain capacity. I think you can do better than this.

you are wring. The Obama administration joined the Iran nuclear agreement which put verifiable brakes on Iran’s nuclear program, released frozen Iranian funds, eased sanctions. Trump has reversed that. One important reason you should celebrate his defeat is the likely return to that agreement and instead of your silly and foolish false equivalence of the parties, help the efforts of those in Congress to see that it actually happens.

You cite one of the very few peace initiatives of the Obomber administration. Biden’s comment underlines the threat that the Democratic Party poses to world peace. Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election over her bellicose foreign policy stance. I’m sure that Biden is being briefed on the various possible drone attacks right now. The Democratic and Republican parties ARE the same. They have the same handlers, listen to the same lobbyists, and both love their banks and their wars. This is not an opinion.

Let’s put this in language that everybody understands: MONEY.

The U.S. is always having to foot the bill to countries that hate us just so they’ll be nice to us. You would think with all of the issues going on in the United States today that the idiots in Congress would see this for what it is … pandering. So 150 people in Washington DC are willing to put the rest of the country in limbo even further to play nice with Iran? Time to clip the wings of those people in DC.

…and why do you think the U.S. is “hated”? Do you think there might be a connection, there, to foreign intrusion by military or economic aggression?