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As Trump Throws Tantrum for Wall Funding, His Christmas Gift to 800,000 Federal Employees: No Paychecks


As Trump Throws Tantrum for Wall Funding, His Christmas Gift to 800,000 Federal Employees: No Paychecks

Julia Conley, staff writer

In his latest attempt to deliver on his promise to shut down the government if he didn't get money to spend on his deeply unpopular border wall, President Donald Trump refused Thursday to approve the spending bill which passed in the Senate.


So, the man-baby pouts again. I think it’s way past time for the Trumpypoo to spend some time in time out. How about we start with 50 years in Leavenworth’s time out facility? (Maybe they can bring in Stormy Daniels to change his diapers and spank him when he gets too far out of line.)


His Generals gone, the rats scurrying off the sinking ship, the walls closing in, will somebody give Trump a handgun with only one bullet.


Stormy is too classy for scum like him.

Perhaps Melania or Ivanka will visit him for conjugal reasons.


Is his mother still alive?


Federal Employees : Hold Your Head Up…


I see what you did there. Excellent post.


Why we Build the Wall - by Anaïs Mitchell. From the folk-opera “Hadestown” - using a sick twist on the Socaratic Method, Hades instructs his minions trapped in hell as to why they need to build The Wall.

Sadly, for a large number, perhaps half of the USAns who listen to this song, that sick satirical Socratic twist goes completely over their heads and they think that this song is advocating the building of The Wall.


Me too. What a cracker.


Some good music on this thread. Thankyou.


The parts of the government that need to be shut down won’t be because they are funded — offense (DoD) and (lack of) intelligence.

Plus all of the affected employees should walk off the job…


Note that “no paycheck” is literal. Payroll for most of the US government outside of the DOD is done by the “National Finance Center” - which for some reason is in the Dept. of Agriculture. The shut down only applies to some departments, and Agriculture is one of those departments. Saturday is the end of a pay period and payroll would normally be processed early next week (Wednesday in this case because of the Christmas holiday so that pay can be disbursed on Friday or Monday.


Well according to the AP, the House passed the bill with border wall funding at 6:42 pm, eastern time today. Will it pass the Senate, probably. The one good thing, Dem’s held strong, imagine that, but repugs caved to Trump, and it passed along party lines.


I agree! Great tunes!!


I just heard it won’t pass the Senate unless some Dem’s vote for it. Can’t imagine any will after Pelosi and Schumers last stand in the oval office.


Even the great wall builders, the Chinese, knew that a simple wall would not work, they installed post towers. The great walls of history were colossal failures failures. The Germans had the right idea they built two wall with armed towers to shoot anyone who breached them. How many wall mart observation drones would a billion buy?Who is going to man a two million mile wall 24/7? How many mothers and toddlers have to die before we tear the frigging thing down? Millions of migrant farm jobs go unfilled every tear, because settled Americans don’t want to travel from harvest to harvest picking cabbage.


If he wants it so badly, tell him to set up a Go Fund Me account, and then he should make up the difference out of his own pocket. I’m sure that his masters in the Kremlin can come up with whatever he needs.


Hope you’re right, my guess on the Senate vote was based on the thinking that they didn’t need any Dem votes to pass it.


There already is a Go Fund Me for the wall - suppsedly by this triple-amputee Air Force Veteran with a beautiful white Aryan-looking family. . It is crossing $9,500,000 as I type this. The response to it is like nothing Go Fund Me has ever seen. The vile racist USAn people really want that wall.


At 2 min. 24 sec. a picture my car when I was out in Ft. Lewis Wa. all through 1971. Mine was a 55 Crown Victoria, black and white just like this one except mine had the plexiglass half roof. Had a leaky main bearing seal and my clutch would slip on the hilly Seattle streets. A pal wrecked his Comet and gave me the car which had a good 289 c.i. high performance engine and I had it swapped out for my leaky 272 c.i. It never did go the way it should because of the stock 3-speed tranny and rear end.