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As Trump Transitions to Power, 'Cabinet of Horrors' Takes Shape


As Trump Transitions to Power, 'Cabinet of Horrors' Takes Shape

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As President-elect Donald Trump began his transition to power on Thursday, early reporting has opened a window into what the nation can expect as his "cabinet of horrors," as AFP put it, takes shape.


"I love the smell of those emissions."
Sarah Palin



upends my worst nightmares. Woe is to Amerika for the next 4 years and the wider world at large. thank you democratic party for being the most inept folks ever to lead us to this horror.


This will make George Bushs presidency look like to best of times, middle east fiasco and all!
Good Job Brownie!


News Flash!!

President-elect Trump has just announced that, in the interest of efficiency, Monsanto Corporate Person will be the next Secretary of Agriculture.

In other news: Former sheriff Joe Arpaio has been added to the list of candidates for Secretary of Homeland Security.

(Just in case... /satire)


Not that I'm a Trump fan by any means, and I have no delusions about him ever becoming a progressive, but if he didn't opt for establishment Republican names-- at least in the beginning-- they would literally kill him. (It's not like political asassination hasn't ever been used before, y'know.) Leaving, for our consideration...President Pence.

As Mumia Abu-Jamal has preciently stated, "If Trump is the price we have to pay to defeat Clintonian neoliberalism – so be it."

I'm taking a cautiously optimistic approach, because, well, what other choice do I have? Taking the long view, global warming is only issue that really counts, and unless we eliminate capitalism by last year, nothing will be done about that. The future would still be bleak, but I do know that things will not be any worse under Trump than it would have been under Clinton.


That is one insanely F**k-up list of potential misleaders of one massively f**ked-up nation!


Mumia Abu-Jamal is way off on this point. Trump's cabinet is filled with neocons and hyper-capitalists that are way more destructive than neoliberalism which was not started by Clinton.


Read my post again. If he didn't fill his cabinet with established Republican names (in the beginning) they would literally kill him. As in, ASSASSINATION. Wall Street is not exactly happy with him for upsetting their little girl, and the people there are not exactly the friendliest kids in the sandbox. I've got to believe that Trump is on a very, VERY short leash right now.


Probably why he said he would turn over domestic and foreign affairs to his VP (prior to selecting Pence) so that Trump could spend his time making America great again, whatever that means.

Just as Saint Ronny turned his regime over to his band of right wing pirates, and Dick Cheney wore the pants in the Dubya regime, Trump will be a hands off POTUS as he functions as the PR guy to keep the base energized.


Trump's new appointees will be issued large shovels. During the next four years they will dig a hole so deep the light at the top will be barely visible. Before 911, Bush and his cohorts were a laughing stock at home and abroad. He may be forced into another war/false flag to counter is idiocy.


I agree that Mumia ABUL-JAMAL's prescient statement that: "if Trump is the price we have to pay to defeat Clintonian neoliberalism- so be it".


Trump said the Iraq war was a bad idea. Yet he appoints one of the head neo con achitects of the IraqI war to his national security adviser post.



My favorite:

Secretary of State:
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton

But would he be any worse than Madeline Albright or Hillary Clinton?
.. I really don't know .. time will tell ..


Being from Alaska...I can't believe anyone would put her in charge of anything.


These types of appointments are not unlike HRC's desire to see Wall Street executives "regulating" Wall Street because they are the ones that understand financial institutions. As has been said many times by many, Trump AND Clinton were horrible "choices". While the those protesting Trump are out there, they should protest the whole system and the unfair influence/rigging of the Democratic primary that lead to two horrible choices and lesser evil voting.


Clinton's Cabinet wouldn't have been any better... Instead of the unqualified hacks of Trump's choices, we would've had Wall Street executives, Big Pharma, big Ag, and maybe, just maybe, a token Progressive as Secretary of Education or some other useless Cabinet post.

Again - What did y'all expect?


Absolutely right.

Correct. And kudos to Bernie on this one: "The system is rigged."


You are living in a fantasy.

This will be THE most right wing administration in my lifetime, and I'm approaching 60.

Maybe it's what you really wanted.

And I don't need any lecture from anyone about Clinton.

I criticized Clinton on principle, just like I criticized Trump on principle.

And I got a LOT of grief for criticizing the right wing fascist jerk Trump.

Those on the left who actually apologized for Trump, and dismissed the real danger of Trump are still doing so.

It just blows my fucking mind.


Just give them a few months for the reality of the situation to sink in.

Many of the people who facilitated this disaster will be too stupid to realize it when their saviour betrays them. Hopefully the leftist apologists won't be.

This shit is beyond pardody. Ben fuckning grain-silo-pyramids Carson as secretary of education? Jesus wept.