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As Trump Tries to Obscure Anti-Worker Record Ahead of Labor Day, New Report Details President's Actual Worker Agenda: 'Drop Dead'


As Trump Tries to Obscure Anti-Worker Record Ahead of Labor Day, New Report Details President's Actual Worker Agenda: 'Drop Dead'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the week leading up to Labor Day, President Donald Trump's vicious anti-worker agenda has been on full display: In addition to abruptly canceling a modest pay raise for around two million public employees on Thursday, Trump also signed a retirement savings executive order that was denounced as a gift to Wall Str


“Trump has betrayed America’s workforce, sacrificing lives at the altar of industry profits.”

So tell me in what way that makes him any different then the all the rest of these bastards.


“Drop dead.”

That seems to be the marching orders for us all, and dismantling OSHA and EPA are just the tip of the iceberg. The predatory rich have calculated that Earth’s optimum human population is about half a billion (not that I disagree in principle, but their means of getting to that number from our current 7.6-7.7 billion promise to be pretty ugly).

As to Twitler’s commitment to labor, I think P.T. Barnum’s aphorism applies (“There’s a sucker born every minute”).


Foods used to be published in recognition of major negative and positive events. I’m waiting for trump toast. Unlike French Toast, the eggs in one basket, having gone rotten, get thrown rather than added to the recipe, and the heat really gets turned up so that he knows what it feels like to be black.


He has the bully pulpit and the power to pass the anti-worker agenda.


Sort of ironic that those who are so opposed to public transportation are trying so hard to throw the rank-and-file worker under the bus.


Peace, Planet, and People Before Profits.

Green Party Platform.


That’s a perfectly good question. Putting a dancing orange clown in front of us may be a fine distraction but it has little to do with the larger question–are these mediocre, small minded, narcissistic oligarchs worthy of their exalted status? The answer is no.


Stop kidding yourself. He is nothing but a convenient tool for the powers that be. Obsessing on the Orange is foolish.


Difference? He did it with small hands.


I have heard that spoken, actually. And it was chilling. The elite are preparing for a culling and robots are their answer to the question: “Well who’s going to clean the pool?” Their narcissism knows no bounds and having to deal with other human beings, especially the poor, is too much of a burden for their pretty heads. Narcissism does not want to be distracted by–other human beings, or animals, or the planet. It wants to focus on itself.


Pony Boy –

Will Jill Stein still be around – haven’t heard much about the party
since 2018.

Will also be looking at the Dem Socialists and wondering if we have
enough members of either party for more discussion of activities of
both parties – and the platforms?


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, I think that this quote could use a slight addition!
Original As Trump Tries to Obscure Anti-Worker Record Ahead of Labor Day, New Report Details President’s Actual Worker Agenda: ‘Drop Dead’
Updat As Trump Tries to Obscure Anti-Worker Record Ahead of Labor Day, New Report Details President’s Actual Worker Agenda: ‘Drop Dead’, but not before your usefulness had ended!!!’


Hello TowerofBable, Maybe they can be turned into “Soylent Green”! It would take a person with an iron clad stomach to digest them without throwing up but there must be some of them willing to do the dirty work!!! lol


Reminds me of a president that told the conservatives to watch out, he had a pair of comfy shoes in his closet and he wasn’t afraid to wear them.
Which he never found to opportunity to do.



Please find all you need at www.gp.org , about the Green Party and their actions.


Remember his Tax Reform Bill that was being written and easily passed by both Republicans and many crooked Democrats? We knew it would kick us between the legs but did nothing to stop it! Less quality jobs for most of us and nothing for Seniors. Hey who cares right? Trump is still here and every day gets worse. Cook your hot dogs and cheers with your packs of Bud Lite! Happy Labor Day’


No, it doesn’t work that way –

You need people who are actually involved with the party in current times
to discuss here what’s happening in the area the individual is familiar with -
and the leadership and what the individual may know of it –
The agenda of the party, it’s organizing abilities, etc.

We can all log onto Party websites and read their flyers – that’s not what I’m
talking about.


I’m sorry Greenwich. My wife and I moved 4 months ago from a state where we met once a month with other Green Party members in our county and discussed actions and strategies for the future.

While there I was fortunate to see Jill speak once and really fortunate to actually meet Ajamu Baraka.

The state we moved to is virtually all Democrat and Republican. The Green Party doesn’t exist for many miles.

We have been settling in to our new community and haven’t spent a great deal of time involved in anything other than getting to know our neighbors.

My connections right now are through my computer.

Again, I apologize for the lack of specifics you may require.

I have been doing my homework the hard way.

I won’t presume to tell anyone else how to do theirs.


Pony –

OK – and since you did have some involvement with the Green Party, you
were able to give us something of your personal experiences – which is what
we need to know about – and I continue to ask, are there any members/readers
here who are now involved with the Green Party or Democratic Socialists who
can give us some personal view on what is going on?

By the 1980’s … if I recall this correctly, there were many who supported the idea
of citizens running for office, but the reality quickly became clear that the DemParty
was only going to support newcomers who could bring $$$ with them, or monied
contacts/supporters. That’s the kind knowledge we need based in experience.

Others who went through the Green Party also quickly saw that it had been co-opted
by the Dem Party and that it wasn’t working the way it was intended to.
As I was looking for the spelling of one of the next leaders who came in and cleaned
out the Dems from the Green Party … phonetically CA MA O …

I came upon these bits of news, though not as current as we would hope to see …

Former federal Green party candidate faces trial in Germany …
_ www.thestar.com_
_VANCOUVER—A former federal Green candidate disavowed by the party for her anti-Semitic views is on trial in Germany for publishing videos denying the Holocaust. _

_and I lost the search link – _
but a Green Party candidate in 2017 reciting the lack of coverage which ended
his formerly successful campaign.

We can learn some of these things on the internet, but nothing like those who have
personal experiences now telling us … what’s really goin’ on.