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As Trump Tweets He Is 'Bringing Soldiers Home,' Pentagon Chief Says US Forces Leaving Syria Are Shifting to Iraq

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/21/trump-tweets-he-bringing-soldiers-home-pentagon-chief-says-us-forces-leaving-syria

Could this be why:

More than 100 killed so far.


Makes sense to go where you have relocated your terrorist. Without them the meme we are in Iraqi to fight ‘terrorism’ would leave Americans and Ally still looking for weapon of mass destruction. Noted a blip on an alternate news site that the Americans are in process of evacuating ISIS wives from Syria to Iraqi. Apparently a happy terrorist is a good terrorist.


I am sick and tired of reading how DT is anti-war and this is a threat to all Dems. BS. He has brought no soldiers home as he has increased combat troops from one area (country) to another–Syria to Iraq leaving behind millions of dollars of supplies and combat equipment (most destroyed) as they fled the country. The MIC loves that–More profits. US presence in Saudi country delivered bin Laden and 9/11 and the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan (already rubble from previous conflicts), so look for another major attack on US soil and military bases. Iraq wants us out of their country, and that isn’t happening. Afghanistan wants us out, and that’s no happening. The Kurds want to be saved from genocide and counted on the US to do that for the 8th time of betrayal. I doubt they will be that foolish again. The US is not to be trusted and that is abundantly clear globally now. Anti-war? Hardly. Anti-America? Definitely. DT has handed the keys to the MidEast to Russian and Putin. At least Putin understands diplomacy and how to conduct FP which is something DT does not grasp in his infantile brain. All of them are better off without a US presence.


Well that should make the Liberal Democrats happy. They all voted against Trump pulling troops out of Syria.


Nothing new here. Trump says home, Pentagon Chief says Iraq, for all we know, Botswana…

“In war, truth is the first casualty.” -Aeschylus


Definitely nothing new - military used to bolster egos that never see casualties.

To the leaders, who are timeless
As they flaunt their warlike ways
Flying endlessly o’er the wasteland
Seeking praise
Seeking praise

                    S. Miller - "Journey From Eden"

The Democrats and the National Security State don’t have a problem with Trump because of his fascist polices, but rather that he’s not leading US Empire the way they want.

"As Donald Trump responds to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry by seeking to whip up far-right and fascistic forces, the Democrats and their allies in the media are promoting dissident elements in the military command that are publicly denouncing the White House’s decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria.

The extraordinary intervention of high-ranking retired generals is a breach of the core constitutional principle of the subordination of the military to civilian authority. It highlights the right-wing and antidemocratic character of both factions in the political conflict in Washington and the immense dangers facing the working class if the resolution of the crisis is left in the hands of the warring factions of the ruling class.

The open intervention by sections of the military also underscores the issues of US imperialist foreign policy that are at the heart of the Democrats’ opposition to Trump. Echoing the statements of the Democratic Party and its media mouthpieces such as the New York Times , military critics of Trump are focusing on Trump’s abandonment of Washington’s Syrian Kurdish allies and his green light for Turkey to invade Kurdish areas near the Syrian-Turkish border. They are accusing Trump of creating a security vacuum that is being filled by Russia and Iran, weakening US influence in the Middle East and undermining US credibility internationally.

n other words, the endless wars of the past 30 years must be continued into the indefinite future and expanded into new regions of the world, and the lies about fighting “terrorism” and defending “democracy” and “human rights’ must be upheld to contain and defuse popular anti-war sentiment.

The political furor over Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from Syria (not to bring them home, as Trump promised, but to shift them to western Iraq) has become the central driver of the Democrats’ impeachment effort. Despite the mutual mudslinging between the Democrats and Republicans over the various investigations of the White House, the majority of Republicans have joined with the Democrats to condemn the withdrawal of troops from Syria, demonstrating the fundamental agreement between the two parties on the use of military violence in the attempt to establish US hegemony over the oil-rich Middle East and the Eurasian continent."


Dipshit alert.

Nice rant.

Factually dubious, however.
Not all Afghans want us out.
There will be no genocide.
The Kurds were not counting on us – they’re not that stupid.
Trump merely has to claim to be anti-regime change war to compare favorably to many Dem candidates.

But I heartily agree with this:

All 225 Dems who voted supported the resolution condemning Trump for shifting troops out of Syria.

Do you support an ongoing illegal presence for US troops in Syria, where they were on the basis of never having been approved by Congress in the first place? Yes or no?

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What I find disturbing in the insidious game of musical chairs is that in NONE of the articles are any of the troops IDENTIFIED!

Question: Why is the US public NOT informed about which of the “troops” are private armies; which of them are US army; which are special forces…

The reporting is too facile / shallow and making the depth of controversial elements “a done deal”. NOT !!

ABSOLUTELY NO PASS for the satanic machinations of ERIC PRINCE and the stunningly shit-in-your-face re-naming of Blackwater to Academi - as his sister tries to suck US public education dry with her smarmy f!~!**#$$ stupidity masquerading as ‘official’… the brother and sister cover the feudal pyramid injection with all things toxic
Please, someone prove me wrong.

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[quote=“Tom_Larsen, post:8, topic:69117”]
“dissident elements in the military command that are publicly denouncing the White House’s decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria.”

Tom, if they are retired they are not in the chain of command anymore.
Some may think they are still running the show:
example is Gen’l Keane of Fox News glamor
who along with Bolton did clamor
for war and a bit more war.
especially surges and into Iran.
I ain’t his fan.
So I wrote this pan.

Any active duty officer who would go public protesting the commander-in-chief decision must resign immediately - if this even occurred.

yes, it is our job to lie in wartime!
loose lips sink ships
kilroy was here
also still apply

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Ah, the many faces of murder. We are afraid to pull back the covers of the bed of deceit we embrace. There are likely more bed bugs than that of a Doral honeymoon suite.

“Regime change war” seems to be the new “centrist” Democratic talking point. It is fine to fight wars of imperialist conquest and colonization, it is fine to fight wars to confiscate and control resources, it is imperative to fight wars against terrorism even if that means taking down a sovereign government. But wars for “regime change”? Bad; very bad.

According to the New York Times. roughly 10% of U.S. factory output is weaponry and arms. 36% of U.S. exports are weapons and arms. The U.S. is far and away the world’s largest supplier of weapons of war. If that came to an end, our economy might not immediately collapse, but it would take one hell of a nosedive.

Corporate Democrats no more want to see an end to wars than the Republicans, and that’s a fact.

Currently, one of the darlings of the progressive movement is Tulsi Gabbard, running on her opposition to wars of regime change, while simultaneously touting her active status in the Hawaii National guard, her two combat tours in the Middle East, and her opposition to Islamic terrorism, which presumably must be destroyed by making war on other countries, but not by changing regimes. (Her past anti-LGBTQ comments are also catching up to her now, but that’s a different topic.) If this is not hypocrisy then there is no such thing. Either you are anti wars of aggression, or you are not. You don’t call yourself anti-war while looking for excuses to conduct a war.

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By default, I’m forced to support Tulsi’s stance on its relative merits.

And much to the discredit of Bernie and Liz, their stance isn’t that much different than their centrist counterparts: We need to bring the troops home…someday…whenever…after the region is safe.

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And yes, the US military is a jobs program with bipartisan support.

Which puts the lie to the common refrain from Repubs, in this case Michael Steele:
“Let’s get this notion out of our heads that the government create jobs. Not in the history of mankind has the government ever created a job.”

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I listened to Cenk’s interview with Maryanne Williamson yesterday, She’s down with morality, to her our saving grace.

Although altruism is common in nature, life is amoral. For us morality is codified by the powerful to keeps the peace. Once we exceed our carrying capacity, peace is no longer supported and attrition accelerates.

Our species has overpopulated the biosphere, and is causing species extinctions. We have greatly upset the balance of nature. Trump, conservative and neoliberal killers seem to be nature’s response.

We’ll just have to agree to disagree on Gabbard and her anti-Islam views.

As for Liz, I’ll continue to see her as a corporate Trojan Horse. I just don’t believe her. I didn’t believe Obama, and I was right.

I had several discussions with an online acquaintance before the last election. He was opposed to Sanders from the left, something that most people would find mystifying, considering his socialistic domestic programs. One of his objections was that, as he saw it, Sanders was not anti-war so much as he was anti-U.S. involvement.

It was my friend’s position (as I understood him) that Sanders wanted to pull us out of the Middle Eastern wars but simply turn them over to the local factions and their benefactors. Presumably we would still take sides, but without becoming involved in the shooting. I wondered along with him if that was a true anti-war stance…

My own concern about Sanders was his undying support for the F-35 debacle. While I could understand his support for a home-based operation, this was a weapons system. There is no purpose for that except in war.

We both voted for Jill Stein.

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Just two minutes ago.
I thought - why the opinions and comments on tv, internet, etc.
Kurds are small potatoes?
American army soldiers are even smaller, according to some citizens.

Because we do not have reporters there.
The last guy i saw was four days ago on msnbc.
Richard Engler passed along 80% lies and BS.

News cut off is OK.
I do not want the GI to pay
For what a studio hack may say
Turning off tv for another day.

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