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As Trump Tweets Threats, Warnings of His Team 'Working in Lock Step to Lay Groundwork' for War With Iran


As Trump Tweets Threats, Warnings of His Team 'Working in Lock Step to Lay Groundwork' for War With Iran

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Following weekend reporting that key members of President Donald Trump's cabinet are leading a campaign to "foment unrest" in Iran, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's warning that a conflict between the two countries "would be the mother of all wars," Trump turned to Twitter late Sunday with a message for Rouhani:


Bush/Cheney thought they could blow through Iraq killing Sadam, taking the oil fields and then Iran. Their disaster hurt their friends the Saudi’s and Israel. Trump the chump was put in the White House to fix the mistake and control Iran. That may be why Obama not only made the treaty but made sure it was signed by much of the world. How the US thinks they can now take Iran with the EU in hatred of Trump does not make sense.


Iran Just Accused the West of Engineering Drought for the 2nd Time

For years, Iranian leaders have been painting a picture of geoengineering over the Mediterranean. They have described technology being used to make the rain clouds passing over Iran not fall. They seem to be describing a situation in which the skies are sprayed just West of Iran over the Mediterranean, and then the rain does not fall in Iran, until it skips the country and rains or snows further East.



I have a feeling that Trump’s meetings with
Putin is designed to get Russia onboard in the event of Iran war. Putin must know full well that Russia itself will be next should the US prevail in Iran. However he might agree to a limited bombing similar to Syria to save face with Trump.


Pense’s comments comparing Iran’s government to the mafia is the most accurate description yet of the USA’s current administration. As for Trump’s inflammatory tweet, I wonder what would happen if someone were to direct such a message towards him? If it is legal and acceptable for him to issue such threats, it must be legal and acceptable for others to respond in kind.


This seems similar to the crazy stuff he was tweeting against North Korea. The main difference is Iran does not have nuclear weapons. I would assume Russia wants to keep Iran as an ally and would oppose any US intervention. I believe Russia has equipped Iran with sophisticated antiaircraft defenses. I doubt if Trump could ever get enough support to send in US troops. I would get guess his main military option is missiles, bombing, drones, and special forces…


Ever wonder why all elected Republicans are supporting Trump?

Putin has threatened every last one of them.


My words exactly not just for this administration but going back several administratoins. Both the US and Israel have been behaving like the mobsters of 1920’s and 30’s.


There are fools within the US establishment who think a limited nuclear war with Russia is winnable and then there are those like many on CD who think let us live and let live in peace.


Good insights on the new Axis of Evil and the push for war on Iran at Trump’s New World Order as well as who pulls the puppet strings (and it ain’t Putin)…


Not sure that’s quite possible knowing that geoengineering has been a catastrophic failure even over the US skies. Besides Iran can counter/reverse the situation and make it rain again.


Iran’s leadership may be hypocritical holy men, but here is the problem: THEY ARE NOT OUR HYPOCRITICAL HOLY MEN!


Another Republican Campaign War. Disgusting!


Take away his twitter account. This has served the purpose of blowing
" treason" off the front pages, and out of America’s mind.


Western oil corporations have for years heavily invested in the exploitation of the Caspian Sea’s rich natural gas-and oil resources. The investors are itching for their returns. The same applies to the US MIC…


It is definitely a lot harder living in a world full of guns, than one with none.


Mr. pompous, Pompeo must have never read War Is a Racket by General Smedley D. Butler, because that is exactly what General Butler called the US leadership.

" During those years, I had as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents."


Trump is quickly proving to the world that he poses an existential threat, not just to the US, but to the entire globe. Here’s hoping that his behavior will provoke the E.U. to join diplomatically with Iran and the U.N. to slap the oblivious bully with something a lot more substantial than a copy of Forbes magazine.


Steven, there are so many utterly mad and destructive/predatory schemes by the US government and military, and hidden spook cabals that its’s hard to keep-up with their depravity and evil - all largely, or totally, hidden from the people they ostensibly serve. They hide spending in the hundreds of billions as a pastime to fund their profits and mad adventures. They are an affiliation of madmen and frank evil dedicated to their own power, profits of the “defense” industry and war-machine, and secret madness such as geo-Engineering…everything they do is more than evil and destructive…power-madness…

Your dedication to disseminate the truth of Geo-Engineering and its deadly consequences to potentially all life on earth and weather systems should be lauded and appreciated, even if it may sometimes seem a broken record one-trick pony. To assume “its all BS” or that “there’s no proof” is self-destruction and blind ignorance - we must not turn a blind-eye to the crime because it seems so extreme and thus far-fetched - that is their MO to hide truth. The same people who orchestrated and carried-out many assassinations, false-flag ops, fomented and began numerous wars and/or regime-change coups around the globe are more than capable of, and powerful enough to maintain and grow this conspiracy and evil to manipulate Earth’s weather and climate. Nothing is beyond their madness, crimes and treason!


Trump Team ‘Working in Lock Step?’ It’s more like Goose Step…