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As Trump Twists Warning of Election Night 'Red Mirage' to Suit His Narrative, Advocacy Groups Vow to Make Sure Every Vote Counts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/02/trump-twists-warning-election-night-red-mirage-suit-his-narrative-advocacy-groups


Make no mistake, Trump will do anything, to stay out of prison in NY, after the election lose.

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It’s not enough that he’s emptied our treasuries, now in order to avoid arrest and conviction in January, he’s attempting to steal another election.

Although his GOP enablers have decided to bank their futures, and the future of this nation on this radically disturbed Reality TV Show Host and Presidential Impersonator, we as a nation must send a clear message to these political criminals by assembling dozens of guillotines and placing them appropriately around Washington DC as well as in front of some of the most monstrous criminal Congress and Senate slime balls.

With a sign stating, "Prepare For Your Future."

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Here in WA state, we have had straight mail-in ballots for years, with no significant issues. I can mail my ballot (or drop it off at conveniently-placed boxes, like the library). I can also go online to the SOS website to confirm it was received and counted. I just heard today that the GOP and the Trump campaign have filed a lawsuit in MT targeting the governor’s order allowing straight mail-in balloting in November. 40 of 56 counties have signed on. And they are suing, because they know how bad the results will be for them.

Add that to the letter from the CDC asking states for their COVID plans to make “vaccine centers” open for business… on November 1.

They are running scared, and people need to pay attention.

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As I commented on the NY"Times" to Tom Friedman’s inept column:

Tom, the Black Community is the most politically conscious in America — and if the white lumpenproletariat understood what all blacks understand, that it is the Empire which is oppressing, tyrannizing, and killing them — then having the “Common Sense” that Thomas Paine has would enable working class whites to understand, as expressed by Gene Hackman near the conclusion of “Mississippi Burning” — that his old pappy was “so full of hate that he didn’t know that being poor was what was killing him”.

When poor whites know what the Black Community thoroughly understands — that Empire is what is killing them — and they get together to confront this damned Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire, it will finally come to its well deserved two millennia end.

Trump has announced a " suspension of federal funds " on Oct. 1, 2020 to 4 cities including Seattle, Portland, D.C. and NYC. Enforcement by AG Barr’s DOJ.
We’re heading for a federal v. state military-type standoff. " Gov. Cuomo stated, " Trump will need an army to come in to NY. " The big boys are flexing.
Push is coming to shove in less than 60 days.