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As Trump Whines and Gaslights, Here's a Reality Check: He Got His Ass Kicked in the General Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/12/trump-whines-and-gaslights-heres-reality-check-he-got-his-ass-kicked-general


You are definitely no Sally Field, Donald.


Concise analysis:



Change 200k votes in a few key swing states and Trump wins. In a world where covid does not exist, Trump would have beaten Biden in a landslide. Had Trump passed another stimulus bill, he also likely would have won.

Democrats were thoroughly repudiated in the House and Senate. Should Trump decide to run again in 2024, once voters see that no help is coming from team Democrat, that is, he will completely wipe the floor with Biden or Harris. Indeed, ANY GOP candidate, regardless of how the media spin it, will be the odds on favorite to beat whatever milquetoast, lackluster, uninspiring candidate Dems run.

Dem strategists have one job, apparently - to convince the public that if Democrats perform poorly in an election cycle, it’s because voters are just too dumb to appreciate how great they are. To pretend otherwise, to pretend that the Democratic party doesn’t need a complete makeover from top to bottom, is misleading and courting disaster.

Gaslighting, you say? This article is a master course in it.


Nearly every piece touting the contrast with Reagan in 1980 fails to acknowledge that there was a significant third party challenger that year in moderate Republican/Independent John Anderson, who took 6.6% of the vote.


Call a Lie a Lie. That’s it

That’s the job of an Ethical Journalist

And you are LYING

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Couldn’t agree more. The title of this article should be corrected. “Trump got his ass kicked?”
71 million people voted for a reality TV show host who cut taxes to the rich, while himself pays $750 in taxes, who did everything in his power to take away health insurance and who drove thousands to Covid deaths, who can’t put two sentences together…and on and on and on. Trump may not have won the pathetic (s)election, but he has won a cultish followership of 71 million americans. And meanwhile, let’s not forget that those extra millions Biden got, were not really about Biden (who offered next to nothing), but were basically “nose holding votes” against Trump. That is chilling, and there is not much room for celebration, really. George Montbiot had a really good analysis yesterday at the Guardian.


Even more embarrassing is that Trump is pretty much the only Republican to lose in the 2020 election. It’s embarrassing for the Democrats, of course, but you don’t see them using it to panhandle - they’re happy with ten more years of gerrymandered legislative districts, and Schumer wants to stay Minority leader so that he can avoid all of the cat herding that a Majority Leader has to do.



“What we have witnessed since the election is the worst moment in presidential history,”

So he won. He created the biggest, most scandalous splash in American history. Donald wrote his name in the blood of his constituents all over the orderly execution of the norms and customs of the greatest republic in the world. He literally won history, in the most bent fashion possible, which is beautiful, as far as he is concerned. His name will be uttered as an example of…something, as long as there are Americans to utter it. That’s all he cares about. His ego is fed by the notoriety he generates, not the moral character of his actions, for he is amoral. The beast devours. That is purpose enough.


That is in fact perfect for Democrats. This way they have an excuse to do nothing and have someone to blame. By the way, no word about Russian interference this election?


“That’s the way it appears, at least, from the scores of fundraising emails his campaign has sent out since the election,” Milbank continued. “He seems to be asking for funds to challenge the election, but the fine print shows that the money could let him line his own coffers. The tin-pot-dictator routine looks more as if it’s about passing the tin cup.”

And the sad and pathetic thing about this is that those who are still giving him money are not concerned that he is lining his own pockets WITH THEIR MONEY. Sad little whiny baby.


I’m sorry but I cannot accept the premise of this article. While Trump should have been utterly devastated in this election he was not. Out of all the Americans who turned out to vote, the majority of white voters still voted for Trump, even white women. A significant Number of Latino, black and Asian Americans voted for Trump as well. This was the worst president in all of American history that we’re talking about now, who lost by a margin smaller than most other elections in our history, and whose platform was one based on hate, racism, sexism, and the systemic dismantling of our democratic institutions. His overriding policy has been toward destabilization, and indifference to the needs of the American public. Any normal candidate who ran against him should have defeated him by the largest margin in US history, except perhaps in the case of George Washington, who nobody ran against. Unfortunately Trump did not get his ass kicked, not by a long shot, and it remains to be seen if the narrow margin of Biden’s victory isn’t overturned soon by disqualifying a relatively small percentage of Biden’s votes in the US’s kangaroo courts. The fact is that Biden is the one who got his ass kicked, because any one worth their salt would have had at least a 75% majority when running against such an obviously incompetent, corrupted, and amoral candidate as this one. Also,…yes the rest of the winning candidates in the election, (it’s not only a presidential election), were largely republicans; republicans who stand behind Trump and everything he stands for. No the fact is that while the MSDNC and the rest of the corporate media like to spin this as a victory for democracy, (and unfortunately Common Dreams too), the inverse is true, Biden is already coordinating with democrats and his republican allies to decide how our future can steer farther to the right as soon as possible under the umbrella of “cooperation” and “working together”.


Let us hope that he doesn’t start a war in the coming months – Iran, Venezuela, confrontation with China, in a desperate attempt to stay in emergency power. His “purge at the Pentagon” might make more sense in that context.

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I have been saying this all across the internet, but this drumpf administration is too incompetent to do anything that requires any amount of forethought or planning. They see an opportunity, they will take it, sure, but to plan out any type of strategy is beyond their intelligence.


You keep believing that and I, and 10’s of millions of disaffected, demoralized or otherwise disenfranchised voters will continue to vote 3rd party or not participate in the farce of electoral politics at all.

The fact is, this election cycle was a complete disaster for Dems and had it not been for covid and Trump shooting himself in the foot every day, Trump would have been re-elected with control of the Senate and gains in the House.

Tragically, for all of us, Dems, who are paid to learn all the wrong lessons are in charge and setting the nation up for a worse Trump, a competent Trump.


they only interfere when the Dems lose. I think that’s pretty well established by now, right?


"Got his ass kicked". Really? It was pretty damned close for all the harm he has done over the last three plus years. He SHOULD have gotten a REAL ass-kicking by much more than he did.


As Trump Whines and Gaslights, Here’s a Reality Check: He Got His Ass Kicked in the General Election



The writer of the article cites John Nichols who has always been a DNC insider rather then a journalist.

You are quite correct. Bush lost this election but it was hardly a trouncing as evidenced by the fact it took several days after election night to call. Key swing states that were still counting could have went either way and if you look at the margin of victory in those states it came down to a few thousand votes in each.

Again the overall percentage does not matter as the US uses the Electoral college method.

Trump should have been defeated handily. It should have been a cakewalk and instead it a near thing and this due to a number of factors none of them good.

As reported elsewhere racism and white privilege still played a huge role with Trump garnering the majority of white voters. In spite of his incompetence Trump still got 70+ million votes, which was more than Obama at his best. Biden/Harris barely squeaked by which shows they were really not that appealing to the voters in spite of them winning by more then Reagan did.

Reagan won with an electoral vote of 489 to 49. He carried 44 states. The vote was called early on election night. There no way taking a percentage and comparing it to the Reagan election suggests Biden did better then Reagan.


Though I am no Trump supporter, nor Biden supporter, If you believe the vote count, it looked pretty close… And it seems like the AP called it, for Biden. Not sure why the AP is allowed to call it… AP, the Associated Press…