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As Trumpcare Protests Grow, GOP Senators Duck and Dodge Determined Voters


As Trumpcare Protests Grow, GOP Senators Duck and Dodge Determined Voters

Julia Conley, staff writer

As the Republican Senate leadership aims to push through a deeply unpopular healthcare bill, GOP senators across the country are spending their July 4th recess clashing with their constituents—or avoiding them.

Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Susan Collins of Maine, and Dean Heller of Nevada were all met with impassioned protests when they arrived at Independence Day parades and gatherings on Tuesday.


This is not some abstract thousands of miles away issue - bombing another wedding party somewhere in the mid east for example - this is up close and personal. Similar to Vietnam protests where being drafted meant two years of pure life threatening hell, this is up close and personal. Nothing motivates like the fear of losing all and losing health care in this society is a death sentence.


When faced with two choices always choose the third: Improved Medicare For All!


If a candidate or office-holder doesn't support Medicare-for-All, I'll work to defeat them.

If it's a R versus a D who doesn't support Medicare-for-All, I'll vote Green or leave that part of the ballot blank.


After many years of public apathy it's time that 'the people' get off their duffs and go out and be heard. Congress works for all folks not just their buddies in big business that insist on even more ridiculous tax breaks and such. The ACA was a good start but it needs improving, instead of killing it just so they can sip martinis at their fancy clubs smoking fine Cubans. Really. People are fed up with the growing lowering of living standards and seeing more neoliberal economic nonsense lowering life's inequities yet again. Get on the phones and fill their voice-mails to the hilt. We need single payer period.




The Duck Dodge is now the rage at the more conservative dance clubs.