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As Trump's Chief of Staff, Mulvaney Reportedly Pushing Deregulation and Building 'An Empire for the Right Wing'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/15/trumps-chief-staff-mulvaney-reportedly-pushing-deregulation-and-building-empire


Anyone looking to purge a number of broken human beings from the land of the living, needn’t look any further than the Trump administration.

The swamp is overflowing and nobody’s even attempting to turn off the spigot.

"Lord, now would be a good time to wreak vengeance on the wicked that have infested Washington DC with their corruption, thievery, hatred and violence against humanity."


I needed that laugh. Thanx.

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Happy to oblige.

WaPo sources sez:
“Mulvaney spends less time with Trump than his predecessors … did, and doesn’t always know what’s going on with Trump’s foreign policy …”

No need. His job is to do to the U.S. what Bolton is doing to Iran & Venezuela.


Oh dear–so many moral monsters and so few prison cells. Any day he may just start showing up in his office in his traditional South Carolina white uniform…

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There is so much that needs to be undone by the next Democratic administration, assuming that enough of our democracy still works to get another Democratic administration in. It will be a very long time, if ever, that we can recover from this reign of horror.


My biggest fear

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i don’t know if Trump is a Russian tool or an outright traitor and maybe it doesn’t make a difference. Trumpazees, racists, evangelicals, fascists and the hate media will never support a Democrat president and liberal agenda even for the good of the whole country. However we must try and the DNC must put the needs of the whole country before the wishes of their VIP donors.


This guy seems to be the type that makes Karl Rove and Dick Cheney look like part-time amateurs. He, McConnell, and that poster boy for the Waffen SS, Stephen Miller, are the ones running the White House these days. Old pickle-brain, Trump, is busy tilting at windmills-and rallying the Neo-Nazi’s to hate on dark skinned folk…


Pony you have this maladministration pegged. They have no intent on vacating in the event of a loss in 2020. Heck at least you could ski out of Germany. I guess me and my amigos from Mexico need to fire up the brass knuckle factory.

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Hey Pony…I know you dig rock n’ roll so one more just for you. Some killer pickin’ by Jimmy Page…White Summer/Black Mountainside Live…

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Mulvaney is the living breathing example of the Peter Principal at work. He’s so goddamn stupid that he will never be a threat to anyone above him, yet he’s enough of a toady to be an effective bagman.
This Trump debacle is not without precedence, as any one who works for a Fortune 500 company can tell you, this is exactly how big businesses are run in the 21st century. Upper management at most corporations are now filled with either company sycophants that do what they are told, or evil little profiteers who are there to bleed as much cash out of the place as possible before it collapses.
We are at the “smash and grab” portion of this presidency. When the Trumpettes are finished all the silverware will be gone, there will be towels the windows in place of the curtains, the toilets will be clogged, the floors scratched, and piles of beer cans will be left in the corner of every room.
We are about to reap the full rewards of this white trash presidency.


Ouch - that rings all too true!


So these criminal and prominent men who are appointed by Trump
to the Cabinet are willing to be shoved around by Mulvaney and
have demands they don’t like put on them … because why?

How much does a Cabinet member make that they’d be so willing
to work for Trump?

What are the other rewards we’re not aware of?

where corporations can begin to truly act like a US Gestapo – even in
taking over our town meetings and preventing citizens from speaking.
See: PBS program on “Dark Money” –
See: Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right
by Jane Mayer

THIS is the power behind what is bringing down our own nation –
and the power that is putting RIGHT WING in charge all over the world.
This is Koch Bros/John Birch Society/Dealey Plaza

And because these corporations are seeing even the resistance among
these men to carry out their “Wish List” the GOP is seeking candidates
who are even further to the right to carry out the demands of the Elite/

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Long list and short list for Don T’s enablers to spend some time on Guantanamo. He belongs on one of them.

Might I add, the version of “No Quarter” on “The Song Remains The Same.” Keeps building, doesn’t run out of ideas.

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While most of the Congress sits and watches.

good post as Trump’s racist tweets get attention while the right wing more quietly seeks permanent rule by deregulation, packing the courts, voter suppression, gerrymandering, undermining the press, and doing what they can to divide Democrats. 2020 may be the last chance to head this off, but if not if the extremes of the Democratic resistance (Biden supporters who wouldn’t vote for Sanders or Warren or Warren/Sanders supporters who won’t vote for anyone else) insist on ideological purity. Trump and his coalition of 1%, white nationalists, religious fanatics, misogynists, polluters, gun nuts, will win again.

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“They have no intent on vacating in the event of a loss in 2020.” Definitely looks that way.