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As Trump's Conflicts of Interest Pile Up, Dems Roll Out Legislative Solution


As Trump's Conflicts of Interest Pile Up, Dems Roll Out Legislative Solution

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Senate Democrats are gearing up to introduce legislation that would force President-elect Donald Trump to divest from any financial conflicts of interest and place his assets into a blind trust—just as Trump appears to be blurring the line between his personal life and public office more than ever.

The bill would also consider any ethics violation cause for impeachment, The Hill reported.


Yes, Donnie, it isn't complex at all. You can either divest all of your holdings and put the cash into a blind trust, where hopefully it will be invested in US Treasuries earning about 2% a year for the next four years, and thereby mitigate, but given your family's holdings, probably not entirely eliminate the conflict of interest. Or you can hold on to it and be the most corrupt president we've ever had (though you may get that title anyway). See? It's pretty simple!


Trumps "clarification" of how he will divest and/or end his numerous conflicts of interest are in the same place as his tax returns....nowhere! He clearly intends to stonewall and delay until other issues intrude and he can slip-slide. He has not responded to the GSA finding that he must totally divest his 60 yr DC hotel lease property owned by the Federal Gov. - "That lease bars any “elected official” from being “admitted to any share or part of this Lease or to any benefit that may arise therefrom”

Divesting from his ego-crutch business playground is not in his narcissist nature, or character, so devoid of moral compass. Releasing his tax-returns that likely show other conflicts, lies regarding his wealth, failure to pay taxes like ordinary Americans must, illegal or falsely claimed charitable donations, manipulation of regulations for personal gain, and unknown or hidden holdings, offshore accounts, etc.

There are smoking guns that may be impeachable sooner rather than later, and/or indictable offenses this despicable creature has committed - that he certainly wants to remain hidden from public view!


There was a clip of an interview, wherein a reporter was asking either Donald, Jr. or Eric what the plan would be. The young Trump said he and his siblings would "take over" their Dad's businesses. The reporter replied, "that's not a blind trust," and the reporter and younger Trump went back-and -forth several times about this, each time the reporter saying, "that's not a blind trust, that's not what a blind trust does." and the younger Trump just prattled on. The impeachment hearings should be a total gas.


Let's hope the Democrats have enough sense not to vote for impeachment. Mike Pence as President is just about as scary as it can get.


It is a shame that we can't just impeach the whole cabinet. Just redo the election and give Bernie another chance. Yes it is against how elections are done in the U.S. but that hasn't stopped those in power from breaking the rules of the election.


I remember Trump Neo Leftists referring to Trump as "the anti-corruption candidate". the "anti-Establishment candidate", the "anti-Wall Street candidate", and even the "anti-MIC candidate".

Just where have all the Trump Neo Leftists gone?


Yes, I'll bet it's not complex at all in his little brain. "I'm here to make money" and so is his cabinet. Is Tillerson going to divest from Exxon?
These people are people of the lie, the con, the deal. That's all they know. To think there won't be a shit storm over this is crazy.
Naturally, Dem's are slow on the uptake. This stuff is illegal period. Now Salon has an article, sorry didn't get the link, about how Trumps team has found a loophole to having Ivanka and hubby in the West Wing. They won't stop until someone or something stops them.
Get on it Dems!


Very true. And behind Pence in the line of succession is Paul Ryan. Those two are enough to scare most Americans with some common sense.



Most Americans do not vote, and are too busy with their own lives- they could care less about politics. That is how we got here in the first place.


Dems remind me of little sissies and cry babies.


Trump seems to have confused (the misguided) notion of running government as a business with running government as his own business.


My thought exactly.


They are still there with their heads up their ass delusional as usual.


Well, i get why his children are going to all these meetings. Trump is setting them up to know what to do when he tells them to something for their business. He wont say anything publicly, call his punk ass corrupt children to do something, and nothing will be done illegally. Fuckin traitorous Corporatists.


Even though I do agree with you, POTUS or VP, Pence will have a lot of influence to exert his agenda and be able to take advantage of his vacuous boss, just like Cheney did with Dubya