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As Trump's Threats Spark Fear of Nuclear War, Russian Newscast Urges Citizens to Prepare for Conflict


As Trump's Threats Spark Fear of Nuclear War, Russian Newscast Urges Citizens to Prepare for Conflict

Julia Conley, staff writer

As President Donald Trump sent mixed messages about his plans for possible military action in Syria this week, Russian state media advised citizens to take his warnings from earlier this week to heart, and prepare for war with the U.S.

On the country's state-owned media channel, a news anchor on Wednesday explained to viewers how to prepare for a potential war by stocking a bomb shelter—while images of nuclear explosions were shown behind him.


And people STILL believe there is a GAWD?! I don’t believe in a GAWD as the guy-in-the-sky but I do believe in something MUCH GREATER and that something is in “neutral”, allowing all the insanity that humans can concoct and, BOY!, are they concocting it now!!!

ALL of this recent insanity is about gas/oil and GREED. There is absolutely no other reason, except, possibly, the illusion of REAL power and EGOS!!!


The U.S. was probably in cahoots with whoever implemented that chemical attack. A “false flag” to stoke fires and insure the steady beat of war drums. That’s why Trump won’t listen to reason. He put the match to the fuse that blew up the dynamite.


Your post reminds me of a thing I read where this very wise man was asked: " is there really a hell?"



Future headline, that I hope we never see: TRUMP TELLS AMERICAN CITIZENS TO PREPARE FOR NUCLEAR WAR.


I doubt you’ll ever see that because when it happens he’ll be on the twelfth hole at his course…of course.


Where are all the little automotons screeching it was Bloody Hillary who was the REAL War Monger to lead us into War with Russia and Poor Loveable Putin

Not Trumpy Bear


They took away the li’l Jimmys’ schools.
They took away the li’l Jimmys’ fallout shelters.


Hillary needs help finding those weapons of mass destruction.


Its just taking a little longer with tRump, With hillary it would have been #1 on the list, then tax cuts for corps.


I saw the scariest 2 bumper stickers yesterday in a car window. The top decal read “Trump”
And right below it “In God we Trust”

Phucking psychos out here. . .


“No one in Russia or America needs to worry about any “WW3” that would affect them directly.”
How does he know this? Why is it that so often, people say with absolute certainty, things they can’t possibly be certain about?
I’m so tired of hearing people, in the media, (and in my life!), making statements with absolute sureness, that are impossible to predict or to really be sure about.


Boy are you in denial of HRC’s war record. We’d already be in WWIII if she were in. And how about the fact that it’s the very weapons she negotiated for Saudi Arabia(who is on our DO NOT SELL TO LIST) in the biggest arms deal in history, that are falling on Yemen and Syria right now? If you want any credibility don’t support an ARMS DEALER when comparing war mongers. God help us if the sociopath Hillary Clinton got in and got her no fly zones and the attack on Iran she wanted.


So the vast majority of Russians have an assigned bunker in case of war. Everyone has a job to do in the bunker so you need to be in place when the bombs start to drop.

All the leaders and 1% of our nation has a place in a bunker. Where is your bunker? Where are you going to go when crazy orange man pushes the button because he thinks the Russians have bigger peckers than him?


I have no bunker. Good grief. Now, I have to eat crow because the preppers were right?


Russian news channel Vesti is now telling Russian citizens to do exactly as your future headline.


I can certainly relate to that. So many of us have become like echo boxes, repeating nonsense we hear on MSM news and ridiculous sitcoms. No one thinks anymore. It’s really pathetic.


Sorry we lived thru her record and it don’t look at all like idiot in chief.

All the hyperbole about this… woulda been…we would all be dead by now…she is such a war monger… her record is so terrible.

You know she wants WW3 with Putin…puke…

Really gotta get off the deam meds, cause Tumpy is at the helm and
this is REALITY…not dreams of what may have, could have, should have…been.
The Crazy Guy really does have access to classified…OH SHIT

PS lived in Seattle, its not so rainy, we just get rain instead of snow…


Jaysus! The whole damn world is phucking nutz!
Twitler is well and truly off his rocker and he’s acting out like a cornered critter.
The R’s enabling his let’s-start-a war-policy by phucking tweet, for gawds sake, are just as bad.
The msm is gleefully adding to this toxic mix by not even examining whether or not the Syrian chem attack is a big fat false flag.
What a massive damn shit-show.

*I am really sick to death of hearing about HRC-war-blah blah blah, woulda probably already war blah blah blah. She isn’t the president, the orange blob is.
And no, I am not a Hilbot by any stretch of the imagination.


I can agree with that, on the condition that I don’t want to hear anyone speak along the lines of “Hillary would have been better” because then we just get stuck into this argument we are sick to death of again. I’m not accusing you specifically but it is a trend I have been seeing online a lot.

In either case we need to make a clear message that we want peace, not war. Sadly I don’t think such a message can penetrate the thick mire that is Washington D.C.