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As UK Follows US Model of 'Droning Its Own,' Condemnations Follow


As UK Follows US Model of 'Droning Its Own,' Condemnations Follow

Jon Queally, staff writer

Human rights advocates and legal experts are raising alarms in the wake of Monday's admission by Prime Minister David Cameron that missiles fired from a UK-operated drone were used to assassinate two British nationals the government claims were fighting on behalf of the Islamic State (or ISIS) in Syria several weeks ago.

"Make no mistake – what we are seeing is the failed U.S. model of secret strikes being copied wholesale by the British government." —Kat Craig, Reprieve


Isn't it nice to know that in time, these drones will be used inside our own borders?

Just like the other sins that having an empire returns to the homeland. frowning


They already are. North or South Dakota has approved drones to be used by the police. They can be equipped with rubber bullets and tear gas. Real bullets will most likely not be far behind.


It is high time for a real huge financial collapse. The West has gone insane, led by the USA. Nothing and no one is able to stop that insanity except some super duper crash. Voting and a few protests are no longer going to do it.


Anything can be made legal, but not anything can be made moral.


You do realize I hope that were there to be a crash that the first thing that would happen would be a take over by the hard core fascists even if they didn't declare martial law (which they probably would do). A crash would definitely change things but not likely for the better. In fact with a major crash (world wide no less) the west would devolve into chaos and as a response to that, the hard core fascists would make their move under the auspices of a need to restore order. A new order that leaves them in power (to better ensure order is maintained) and that will be the end of that.

Before you get rid of anything, you'd best take a look at what will replace it before you do.


Coming soon to your neighborhood, drones...and they will not be from Amazon.com!


Is this some kind of internal political gesture? Or a gesture to the US? There are hundreds of Brits in ISIS, apparently. Killing 2 of them isn't exactly going to stop anything in its tracks.


In essence there are no citizens of empire - just those scripting and fleshing out the power-mongering oppression and then the unwashed masses that must be kept in check with it. Yes, terminal cancer it is; the veil will fall soon enough and the merciless violence shown to the middle east can and most likely will manifest against those within the perpetrating countries.
But, is there and should there be any significance concerning the national identity of the victims of empire? Constitutional perhaps, moral no.


Morality is no longer in the US legal lexicon. Ethics is a very profound and sustainable legitimization of a scenario that in ethical consideration will leave people as they are, ignorant apathetic and even worse uncaring. That is until what would be considered bad is considered OK. But only OK until it is your turn, the social construct is well documented and researched by the ethical guidelines in the federal research repositories. You had better hope your credit score meets with the standard required to exist. The thesis called 'The Nature of rent, is the Bulwark of the federal reserves argument for existentialism. Read it yourself, the document is called Wp630, Fiscal population control. The methods and means are in plain sight and viewable from within, but not the data or research stating the required agents, catalysts and state funded agencies. It has far reaching conclusions and will if read without error provide an epiphany based on ones empirical worldview. Brown and Black lives it appears are worthless in value but that only works for a while. The document explains much on its future and continuous targeting needs and if the reader is really good they will understand that the soft targets are only a means to an end. The script is actually hijacked from the monumental scrivener new world order protaganist Antonio Gramsci, in his work he describes exactly what the federal government needs to do to secure 'The long march through culture. After all one cannot now pass go without the correct standing or credit worthiness in US jurisdiction. Which is slowly extending its purpose and reach throughout the globe and starngely enforced by the citizenary holding secured title. Slowly everyone bar none must identify themselves or face problems and the soft introduction of ID systems is ever so pervasive that no one may conduct any form of liason or transaction without uncle sams prying tentacles. These are social constructs using some pretty powerful consumer targeting social and psychological tools to normalize the behavior in an inter generational manner as prescribed by Gramsci. Essentially a simple political script of divide and conquer over time. Is it working, it sure is, the US has becme quite proficient at masterminding some pretty heinous acts and then by virtue of the concept of no dissent is consent.


What is the difference between the RAF using a drone to kill someone fighting for ISIS and the RAF's use of the rocket-firing Hawker Typhoon in June 1944 period to kill those driving German tanks on the way to the Normandy beaches?

What would have been the legality of Maggot Thatcher using drones to kill members of the IRA in Belfast, or even in London or Brighton (where they planted bombs), had drones then been available?

Where and how does one draw the line? The only difference between a drone and fighter aircraft is that the pilot of the former remains safe, and it is cheaper to use a drone. And that drones can be used all too easily against civilians going about their legitimate business in one's own country


Go ahead and ask to see the proof/intelligence this hit was based on, and you will be told that that information is classified, to prevent the enemy from figuring out the methods by which they come by their intelligence! Just more everyday industrial strenght, government bullshit, as George Carlin would say!


The West has not gone insane. The blueprints started long ago when the Industrial Revolution took hold. What is happening today is an unavoidable development. I am very afraid.


US and UK governments are sociopaths? OK. Assad is a benefactor of humankind and so is Putin?


I learn something every day!! I did not realize that Putin and Assad were not white, or that Obama was. My mistake.


Change can only come from within, I believe the self fulfilling prophecy rumored to be made by the Russian emissary long ago when he took off his shoe and banged the heel of it on the podium to determine a rhetorical fate. The historical fate is not necessarily a forecast but a seemingly a historical determination for lack of common sense that befalls all cultures and social arrangements, that will repeat history. It is recounted within historical documents and treatises purporting to record it, even those of the lay and commoners who lived during those periods recounting their daily thoughts, purposes and grievances. These documents would serve well many who live today to understand that the modern human is not necessary a better human but certainly better equipped to serve. History records many events and of course those many events have a version that suits the popular opinion of the day. A one and only form of democracy that is true to its creed, this form of democracy is one that was adopted through stealth and delusion. The US is run as an elective franchise and this can be determined very simply by reading each states preamble and acceptance to ascension into the federal union. This form of elective franchise is misunderstood and wrong at all levels while a true democracy has yet to be attained but we may certainly see the blue print in the form of its aspirational words. These mission documents have risen to public notoriety as a mission statement and in a form that is consistent with its purpose. They have yet to achieve any such form of such governance as it appears historically people generally prefer to have all the details and heavy lifting taken care of by the power brokers and revolving door system that has been the governance we have determined is the best. The truth is as you have stated we have regularly the token gesture of the greatest kabuki theater on earth in regarding who does what to whom, but it is not without purpose and those purposes are determined by secretive congressional and CFR committees who have powers of statute or municipal powers carrying the weight of predetermined law interpreted to achieve revenue and long term socialized controls. Certainly not freedom. True history will record the doctrine of potency in determining the WWII and post industrial growth into modeled corporatism. Were it not for more international Westphalian legal doctrines even the Australian aborigines,and likewise the native American would not have waited until the late sixties to be recognized as a form of human, instead of resource and fauna. Ironically the fact that US citizens identify is critical to understanding the historical fate of such a mindset determined by the federal reserve as not only a human resource but also one that is of a collective 'Lockean' mindset that needs the coercive controls and acceptance of a monetary system to determine its fate and that of its individuals. After all no commoners of real socio/political acumen are necessary in US democracy. Just the necessary wealth and attributes that lead one to conclude that money is everything. As a persoanl footnote to the level of thinking regarding historical events, I turn to a favored study regarding the Emperor Caesar Nero. In his time and with the dire economic situation not dissimilar to that of the US, he did not go mad, he as the omnipotent simply chose to practice the art of decimation, taking it to new level of popumation, by burning out his local metropolis and cutting down on the states need to keep its deadwood and unproductive populations draining the states entitlement to the revenue coffers. As a top heavy society the US despite is vast resources and technology is unable to sustain the burden and nmay too choose to manufacture destruction to offset the costs. The Lockean mindset and the popualtion formulation of control using the simple PAreto formulation applies so well and aptly. Peace does not generate fiscal growth. Chaos does.