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As UK Lawmakers Call Out Facebook Execs as 'Digital Gangsters,' New Zealand Moves to Tax Tech Giants

As UK Lawmakers Call Out Facebook Execs as 'Digital Gangsters,' New Zealand Moves to Tax Tech Giants

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As U.K. lawmakers called for strict regulations "to curb the worst excesses of surveillance capitalism" following the release a damning report that details an investigation of Facebook, New Zealand's Labour Party announced Monday it is pursuing tax reforms to require multinational tech giants "to pay their fair share."


I dont facebook. But, duh, RT is a Russian publication. NYT and WSJ are US publications. China Daily is a Chinese publication. BBC is a British publication. All coordinate with their home country a great deal.

So what were saying here, now, is that facebook is an American-ONLY publication. Watch out, BBC!

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Tax all companies operating in your area.


I see why the united states destroys every democracy it can.

But, on the other hand;

Why does Russia seek to discredit democracies?

(I don’t waste time with facebook because it algorithmically decides my interests and who my friends are etc).

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Zuckerberg defending his business model and lying his way through an op-ed with European media:


I read RT and one of its sisters, sott.net, everyday. I see some clear attempts by Russia to give the other side of the coin on issues important to them. I also see a lot of American writers looking for an English outlet outside the US to provide important news that the US MSM will not print.
I do not see RT making any random attempts to discredit the US.


Out of the big 5 tech giants – Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook – the latter has to be the easiest to not use. So just stop.


Russia’s leaders certainly throw a lot of support behind the growing global neofascist right-wing - from Trump to LePen to AfD to the Polish PiS to Orban to Bolsonario to Nigel Farrage. And RT’s coverage is reflective of this.

Let me suggest Al Jazeera for good coverage of the US from an international perspective


Thank goodness I was wary of FB and so never joined. Yes folks…just stop!


“Just stop” with Facebook is a lot more difficult that it sounds. About 5 years ago, I created an account so that my brother could send me recordings of his music from Belize. I used it only that once, but it took at least two years to get rid of it. Even now I still get Facebook announcements in my e-mail. As far as I’m concerned, Facebook is a predatory organization that ought to be dismantled.


Very well said, thanks for your reply!

My nephew who was so disgusted that he moved to New Zealand after the Iraq war, would agree with your post.

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I also do not see Russia as either angelic or attempting to destabilize the US or democracy in general.

As for support of right-wing neofascist, it seems to me that Russia faces that threat in both Ukraine and Syria.


In their search for the red-baiting “disinformation and fake news” [itself fake news] on Facebook" NZ discovers Facebook’s real business model: surveillance. That’s what these tech giants do, they track everything that you do online - and sell it. They also therefore collaborate heavily with the National Security State. If NZ persists in taxing these companies, “we” may have to engineer regime change…

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If you didn’t vote in 2016, then you are partly responsible for the tapeworm in the White House. And if you are still on FB, then you are responsible for Fuckerberg’s theft of your private data. You can still use email to send your baby pictures to loved ones. You don’t need FB.