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As UN Calls for Haiti Aid, Many Champion Local Groups Over Red Cross


As UN Calls for Haiti Aid, Many Champion Local Groups Over Red Cross

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As Haiti begins to recover from Hurricane Matthew, one of the worst storms to hit the Caribbean nation in decades, concerns are growing over public health risks and the ways in which foreign aid may interfere with relief efforts.


There is the problem in a nutshell. Terrible to consider.


Do whatever you all want as far as help and donations go, just keep the Hillary Clinton Foundation out of Haiti.
The Haitian's need the money that is donated to them to be spent in their country. They don't need it going into the HCF to make Hillary, Bill and Chelsea even more wealthy.
Work with Sean Penn instead.


What the hell is


And how is "Sean Penn" a local Haitian group?


NEVER GIVE MONEY TO THE RED CROSS. A trusted place to send help to Haiti which will get into the hands of the people who need it - HAITI EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND. Google it and then send as much as you can spare. I have sent my money to this fund in the past and ongoing as I can. Thank you for whatever you can do and please share this information with all your contacts everywhere.


I am the inventor of the bamboo frame $9/square foot house €92/square meter. The Red Cross rejected all this because there is no money in it for anybody.

http://ferrocement.com/Shelter-2009/bamboo-frame-09-1.ht.html Haitian version

Also the 5¢ joint wrap

My neighborhood invented the flycatcher compost toilet
http://ferrocement.com/Compost_Toilet/compost-toilet-elements.en.html English
http://ferrocement.com/Compost_Toilet/compost-toilet.ht.html Haitian

Rainwater is in chapter 14 of the ferrocement.com tank construction manual
http://ferrocement.com/tankBook/ch14.en.html rainwater
Haitian version http://ferrocement.com/tankBook/ch14.ht.html